Immortal Demon

A spiritual legacy that will continue for many years. A divine genius is born, God's help is no longer needed. In a world where fate determines talent, an idiot who has spent 6 years sitting around doing nothing, a waste of life in the eyes of many, finds a book of life-changing proportions. His soul is repaired, he becomes immortal, and takes his rightful place on the throne as the supreme Lord God.


10. Wind thunder

No one is optimistic about Ye Han.


Not only Xu Tianchong, Xu Ruoran, but even the other disciples who came to the teacher under the test bench, are not optimistic about Ye Han, such a young man.


As Xu Ruoran thought, if Ye Han’s talent is outstanding, he should have already found a martial art to get started. Why wait until the age of fifteen?


"Hey, there are not a few disciples who want to fish in the water every year, but in the end, this is also the embodiment of the heart of the military. Even the old cabinet owners will not say anything more..."


"On the contrary, the Qinglian Swordsman is the one who understands many people who are arrogant, so it is not like the other martial arts, setting the age threshold."


"You can only say that this is a bad boy named Ye Han, offended Xu Tianchong, Xu family's people..."


Xu family!


Muhafu Fucheng is a famous family. It has a congenital master sitting in the town. The forces are all over the entire Mubei government, including the Muwu House, and there are people from them.


Just like Qinglian Wuge was established in just 13 years, so it is better. If it is in other martial arts, Ye Han dares to offend Xu Tiantian Xu Tianchong, I am afraid that even the chance of testing is gone!


In the midst of a decline, Ye Han slowly came to the middle of the test bench.


Many complicated inscriptions form a small array method, which is the magical array of heart testing.


The so-called heart, refers to the heart of the martial arts, the will of the martial arts.


A strong man, only an undefeated will can achieve an undefeated life.


Heart test illusion, five-fold, fame, power, beauty, hell, heaven, which almost covers all the desires of the world.


Pursuit of fame and fortune, greed for power, hobby, fear of hell, heart to heaven...


Under the eyes of everyone, Ye Han’s test began, and a layer of shining light like a gold coin flashed, representing the beginning of the fame and fortune.


Under the stage, Dai Xiaozi muttered: "This damn fantasy will change according to people's preferences. My name is so close to see a lot of bear dolls. I almost fell into a trap. I don't know what the fame and fortune in my big brother's heart is? ”


However, no one knows that Ye Han sat in the illusion, and he just gave birth to a fantasy.


The next moment, before he could feel the illusion, in the soul palace of Zhongdantian, the grass of life shook, and a green and clear stream rushed to the brain.


So, Ye Han woke up.


At this time, there were a lot of discussions in the audience, and all the people who have already been assessed have said what their fame and fortune is, and what is the scene of the power illusion...


On the test bench, the gray coat deacon whispered softly. In his opinion, such a bad mud leg as Ye Han, I am afraid that even the fame and fortune can not pass.


"I have never seen anything in the world, but I still want to worship Qinglian Wuge."


I was planning to look at the indulgent expression of Ye Han’s deep illusion, and suddenly there was a voice that made him disgusted: “This deacon, can you declare that I passed?”


"Through? What?"


The gray coat deacon responded subconsciously, and immediately, his face immediately showed a shocking color, incredulously turned to look at the test center.


I saw that he was judged to be a mud-leg that could not pass the fame and fortune, and he was already out of the heart test!


And on the test monument on the side, it shows the results of Ye Han:


Three interest through the heart and mind, the mind is as firm as a rock, nothing to stop! Broken Qinglian Wuge 13 years record!




Under the test bench, everyone also saw the changes on the stage.


"Is it blind? The boy named Ye Han, ending his assessment of the heart... so fast... how is this possible!"


"Three interest rates, three interest rates? Is it a problem with the test phantom? How can the three interest rates end, and even the five illusions are not enough time?"


"Breaking the record! Breaking the record!"


"Wu Ge has regulations, but if there are a record-breaking record in the three assessments, then as long as you have a martial spirit that can be practiced, that is, regardless of the other two achievements, you can directly enter the Wuge!"


"What do you mean?"


"The meaning is that among all of us, the first true Qinglian Wuge disciple was born!"


The crowd is in awe.


No one expected it, everyone looked down, mistakenly thought that the black robe teenagers who drowned the fish were so quiet, and broke the record of heart test!


The gray robe deacon was so stunned that he was still in a dream at this moment, until Ye Han rang again with a cold voice: "I, have you passed?"


The gray robe deacon suddenly woke up, and immediately he realized that he had made a huge mistake!


Shouldn't listen to the words of Xu Tianchong!


Of course, Xu Tian is a genius of the descendants of Xu family. He has the responsibility to defend him. He can serve as a deacon in Qinglian Wuge. It is Xu’s waste of countless manpower and material resources to bring him in. If he had done what he had done before, he was known by the senior staff of Wuge. , the consequences...




Definitely expelled!


After all, if Ye Han is a waste material, the act of the gray coat deacon can only say snobbery, and if Ye Han is a genius, that is, he is unclear and has no eyes!


Qinglian Wuge will never allow such a person to be an introductory assessment deacon!


Xu was on the 16th test bed, and the elders who supervised the test were also aware that he was wearing Tsing Yi and drifting.


"Three interest breaks the record? This boy..."


The elders of Tsing Yi looked closely at Ye Han for a long time, and smiled and said: "Although the age is too big, but the heart is extraordinary, as long as the martial arts is good, the future will be able to post-production, step by step! Good, good, so genius, I am green The Lotus Wuge will be a big hit!"


Immediately, he waved his hand and said to Ye Handao: "You, I am sure you will take the lead in the first two assessments."


On the test bench, the gray-clothing deacon was sweating, he understood that now he can only pray for two poor test results after Ye Han!


Otherwise, his end will be very miserable.


Once expelled from Qinglian Wuge, Xu family did not dare to ask Xu Tianchong such a genius, but he would not be merciful to him, and he must be severely punished!


"Remember what I said before? After a while, don't swallow this sentence..." At this moment, Ye Han turned his eyes to him.


At the same time, there is the doubtful look of the elders of Tsing Yi.


Soon, the discussion under the audience has made the elders of Tsing Yi understand the passing of things.


He looked dull, but simply raised his brow, but let the gray coat deacon stunned.


In the end, Tsing Yi elders did not say anything more, with Ye Han moved to the second test, the savvy test area.


The gray coat of deacon is as ruined as he is, and he is not willing to follow him. He knows how his future will look at Ye Han’s test scores.


The elders of Tsing Yi did not punish at the moment, because the weight of Ye Han is not heavy enough!


In the crowd, Xu Tianchong looked embarrassed. This arrogant teenager, since the end of the leaf chill test, his face was like a slap in the face, very shameful.


If he did not intervene in secret, Ye Han would still line up like other people. Now, he not only failed to make Ye Han lose face, but helped him to become famous and let him enter the eyes of the elders of Wu Ge!


"This waste material is quite old, and the experience is definitely more than me. When the mind is mature, it is not surprising that the illusion is so fast. The latter two, the latter two will not work." Xu Tianchong comforted himself.


"Yes, yes, I still have a chance..." The gray coat deacon listened to Xu Tianchong’s words, and immediately gave birth to hope in his heart!


Ye Han’s age is fifteen, but he did not go to Wuge. There must be a reason, and a heart test is not enough to explain anything. As long as he is unsatisfactory in the latter two, he still has a chance...


A group of people came to the savvy test area.


The savvy test tests the comprehension ability.


The methods of assessment each year are different. In previous years, many subordinate martial arts were used to allow many new disciples to enlighten and determine their achievements with comprehension.


This year, I don’t know where the Qinglian Pavilion owner got a scroll of fish. It turned out to be a special array. Many new disciples were enlightened, and all the talents were outstanding.


At present, the best results are Xu Tianchong and Xu Ruoran's two great days.


Xu Tianchong learned a red fire enemies from it, can help to practice the infuriating fire, and cooperate with his black fire martial arts, which is quite precious.


And Xu Ruoran is even more impressive. He even realized that a technique of leeches can create a water vapor, and it is an extremely rare auxiliary martial art!


"I don't know what this leaf cold can comprehend in the fish map..."


"It depends on how martial arts he is. It is said that this fish chart is a five-line map, with thousands of changes, including the five elements of the genus. According to the close attributes of the martial arts, the entrants have their own income!"


"Your news is still not comprehensive enough. If it is a normal five-line map, it is a precious anomaly for me, but it is nothing to the main person of Qinglian Pavilion. The reason why the old cabinet owner used this map to test us. Because this fish-fishing figure is a picture of the seven genera of the golden wood, the fire, the wind and the thunder!"


"Heaven, this fish chart also includes my wind and thunder genus? What kind of genius can the wizard create?"


"It seems to be the case. You see that there are twelve fish in the fish chart. Different colors represent different genus. Except for the ten fishes of the five elements, there seems to be a green and a purple fish."


"Yes, that is the fish that represents the two genus of the wind and thunder. Only by seeing the two fishes, can you get the most precious secrets in this fish chart!"


The time passed slowly, and Ye Han calmed down and the spirit was so intense that he concentrated on observing this fish, but like many of the introductory disciples before, he could only see the ten-tailed fish that represented the golden wood and the fire. .


Just as he was anxious and ready to give up the last two small fishes, the soul of life began to move in the Zhongdantian Soul Palace.


This plant represents the grass of life of all hopes of Ye Han, only a little nail-sized shoots, but when it shakes and releases a jade green clear stream, Ye Han feels that his senses are strengthened ten times in an instant. Times.


The light wind, like the electric thunder, crossed the heart.


In an instant, Ye Han heard the thunder and witnessed the wind.


After the tenth, Ye Han suddenly blinked and looked at the test bench. He was looking at his elders in Tsing Yi, and his mouth was lightly chuckled.


"Hey elders, disciples from this fish chart, comprehend a footwork."


"Wind and thunder, practice to the extreme, body and wind thunder, I do not know can be considered a savvy test?"


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