Immortal Demon

A spiritual legacy that will continue for many years. A divine genius is born, God's help is no longer needed. In a world where fate determines talent, an idiot who has spent 6 years sitting around doing nothing, a waste of life in the eyes of many, finds a book of life-changing proportions. His soul is repaired, he becomes immortal, and takes his rightful place on the throne as the supreme Lord God.


3. Why not?

"Ye Han young master, Generation Lord Welcome!"


"A Tsing Yi servant came to the back of the mountain, shouted a few times with a thick voice, and the leaves on the dwarf were cold, even the eyes were not open." Unlucky



Tsing Yi Minions, the name of the cold, how loud the idiot, he in Yejiazhai for a few years, how can not know, let him to call Ye Han, completely is the implementation of an impossible task! "Tube him, can not be called, anyway Greenie girl so beautiful person son with him this idiot is also a waste, still better return Willow home do two miss!" How unrestrained, how happy Ah, heard Willow home ready to marry a mu North Wu Ge disciple do concubine! This is a high branch!



The Tsing Yi servant envied himself.


Fall Yuncheng in Mu North House is just a small town, fall Yuncheng, can enter MU North mansion other three big Big Big Big pavilion, are burned Gaoshan of the beautiful!


Moreover is the Munus Pavilion, is called the mu North House the MU North house the first big Big Big Big Big Pavilion, the practice Holy Land!


In the view of the Tsing Yi Minions, people go to high places, water to the lower flow, green son girl even to the Mu North House a disciple to do concubine, also than follow Ye Han this idiot strong! "Ye Han Young master ...


Ye Han young master, on behalf of the Lord Welcome ...


And pretend to shout a few, Tsing Yi servant see short peak of black robe Juvenile still no response, so turn around and leave!


Just at this moment-- "You said Willow home to take green son back?"



A slightly hoarse voice came, as if for a long time did not speak, seems a little dry. The Tsing Yi Servant never replied: "Is this news to ask?" Which one of us leaves home do not know which knows? This is green son girl's sister Liu Yun son set, Miss Liu Yunle now can also be MU North mansion GE's disciple!


Otherwise, his Willow family in the past few years with what in front of my leaf home high air ang ... Tsing Yi servant Voice stopped abruptly, suddenly turned, revealing a ghost of expression: "You ... You......


You ... "


Saw, the short peak of the black robe when the teenager did not know when appeared in his eyes!


Juvenile Jiang star, Nose aquiline, slightly delicate appearance but because of the cold of the forehead and appear some stranger not near, that a pair can if the stars black MoU, deep if cold pond, it is daunting! "Ye Han young master!" You...... You, you ... Are you awake?


"Tsing Yi Servant Eyeball son stare eldest brother, completely do not know how to describe the heart of shock!"


Idiot for six years, never said a word of the leaves of young master openings!


And look at this posture, what kind of idiot looks like? "I ask you, what you have just said, can there be falsehood?"


Ye Han again.


Tsing Yi Servant This just remembered, he just seems to have said a lot about leaves cold bad, this ye if idiot ok, but now this appearance ... Tsing Yi Servant hurriedly kneel down to beg for mercy: "Master spare, master spare, villain just didn't intentionally!"


” "Answer my question!"


"Leaves cold not resistant to the road. "Yes, yes.


” See Ye Han No dispute the meaning, Tsing Yi servant Busy Way: "The villain said, dare not have half false, Liu home five elder Liu Tian now in the hall waiting, if the green son is determined to see the leaf Han young master You last side, I am afraid the green son Miss is they took away!"


” "What exactly is the situation, speak clearly!"


The cold voice of the leaves was colder. "The villain is not very knowledgeable, just hearsay," said Tsing Yi's servant. Miss Green's sister Liu Yun son in the Mu bei fu ge Practice, worship of the master is a foreign court elders, he has a rather lascivious son has made winter, is Liu Yun son of brother, Liu Yun son to please master, make Willow family will be green son miss marry once make winter concubine! After all, Miss Green's beauty, but few people and.


” "Did Liu's family agree?" The leaf cold looks more Leng.

The Tsing Yi Servant felt a chill, radiating from the soles of the feet to the skull, "trembling way:" Willow home now Liu Yun son as the hope of family rise, to her request always have no, let alone, Liu Yun son to green son miss such a half sister, always have no affection ... " "What a selfish bastard!" said the man.


” Ye Hantia in cold light such as electricity: "Take me to go, I want to see, have my leaf chill in, who can take green son to leave!"


” Is Is!


The Tsing Yi servant nodded like a garlic.


Ye Han a face cold heel in the rear, thoughts, can't help back five years ago!


At that time, he, the cultivation of "the Magic of Life and death" only one year, the first glimpse of the path, and the end of the blood Emperor's inheritance, is absorbed into the key when!


In that year, since childhood with their own doll Kiss Liu Yun son, because awakened not to their own golden Lion Wu soul of the demon snake Soul, so he and Liu family together to leaf home Tuihun!


Reason, Nature is Ye Han from waste Golden Lion Wu Soul, not only became a wreck, now more is an idiot, not worthy of her Liu Yun son ...


Ye Han Although the mind has been invested in the blood of the emperor's inheritance, can not respond to the outside world, but see, hear but not a problem.


Liu Yun son to Tuihun, he does not care, also did not feel disgrace, after all, the soul of 21st century, let him to this kind of arranged marriage is more resistance, retreat on the bar.


Just, at that time Liu Yun son too overbearing, not only a mouthful of waste, an idiot to call himself, even his parents and her parents engaged in a little gift want to go back!


At that time Yejiazhai did not find Betrothal ceremony, also was her a burst of cynicism, the final leaf cold grandpa leaves light, not only no return ceremony, but will green son to stay down! The reason is also very simple, Liu Jia want to Tuihun book, can!


A woman for a woman!


In this way, only nine-Year-old green son, so stay in the leaf home, take care of Ye Han for five years!


Five years, Ye Han will be young girl to his care to see in the eye, occasionally listen to the girl chatted in the Willow family Things, Ye Han also know, the girl in Willow home very poor.


The mercenary family, more stringent than the Yejiazhai, green son because is the birth of a handmaid, plus congenital mute, Wu Soul is not awakened by this hidden danger, so in the Willow family's position is very low, her half sister Liu Yun son, the basic treat her as a slave!


Leaf cold this has been in cultivation for several years, unable to comfort the maiden, but he has already vowed in the heart, once the perfect work, broken cocoon into butterflies, will let the maiden happy!


Today, Liu home to dignitaries, or ready to marry a girl a color embryo to do concubine, thoroughly angered the leaves cold! "The Magic of Life and death," the building of the foundation, has been nearing completion, next, is my time to advance by leaps and bounds! Willow Home, if you are good, not gooseberry, as I six years, Blockbuster stepping Stone bar!



Leaves cold forehead micro-coagulation, murderous one to blossom.


...... "Greenie Miss, the old man take you back to reason, presumably you also heard?"


” In the hall, Liu Tian Smile Harmony: "The family has arranged for you a good marriage, the other side is Mu North House Pavilion a son of the elder, you married him, if you can get his favor, maybe still can let that elder find ways to cure your dumb, then, you can have no defect! may also be able to awaken out of the soul, is also a person.


” Liu Tian picked Good said: "To say that your husband has made winter, he was seven years old to awaken the ice Wu soul!" 10 years old after the end of the foundation, the practice of the ice rapid, now 15, but the day after the five heavy repair to!


You go back with me, after a few days, we will send you sent to the Mu Bei Mansion Pavilion ...


Liu Tian words have not finished, a cold voice has been heard, resounded throughout the hall! "Old bastard, since that once made winter so perfect, Liu Yun son that the cheap how does oneself not to give?" ”


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