Immortal Demon

A spiritual legacy that will continue for many years. A divine genius is born, God's help is no longer needed. In a world where fate determines talent, an idiot who has spent 6 years sitting around doing nothing, a waste of life in the eyes of many, finds a book of life-changing proportions. His soul is repaired, he becomes immortal, and takes his rightful place on the throne as the supreme Lord God.


6. Twin martial arts

The night is as cool as water.


Ye Jia was on a high court, and the evening breeze blew up the hair of an old one, and also confuses the two people's moods.


After a long time, Ye Qinghong took the lead to open: "Ye Han, do you hate me?"


Ye Han is silent.


Of course, there is resentment in his heart.


In recent years, he was disappointed by the acceptance of Shura's blood emperor, and his family was disappointing. As his grandfather, Ye Guanghong and other Yejia people were generally indifferent, which undoubtedly made him deeply ill.


"I know."


Ye Guanghong once again said: "I don't care what you think. I am a family member who has never settled in Yuncheng for a hundred years. Although it is only a small family, it also has its way of survival. Six years ago, your father provoked an enemy. It hurts me that Ye Jia lost the most outstanding pride of the sky, which made me lose my old age, and white hair sent black hair..."


When the old man spoke, the tone was a bit bleak.


Ye Han knows that the arrogant son of the loss he refers to is not someone else, it is the father of Ye Han!


In fact, the old man is still worried about his mysterious mother!


If it weren't for her, her father's talent would be good, and she would be able to lead Ye Jia to the peak in Luoyun City. Although she looked at the entire Fengxue dynasty, it was still a small force that was not worth mentioning.


At least, it can be stable.


Wang Zicheng and his descendants are safe.


In the eyes of the elderly, the latter is undoubtedly more important.


And my mother's mystery, strength, is far better than the father, but this is a blessing is not a curse, in the end, but to provoke a strong enemy, the harm of his father fell.


Although Ye Han knew that his father died without regret, the old man understood his son's mind, but as a father, the old man could not relieve it.


I am afraid, because of his hatred of his mother, he has something to do with himself.


"However, he is my son after all, and you are his only blood. He is wrong again. It is not wrong to die."


Ye Qinghong coughed, and the old body seemed to tremble.


Ye Han cultivated "Life and Death Magic", how sensitive his senses: "Grandpa, your injury..."


Yes, Ye Guanghong did have injuries. Six years ago, the strong enemy took the mother of Ye Han, and the palm of the hand killed the father of Ye Han, and the palm of the hand, so that Ye Guanghong could not heal for six years!


Otherwise, Ye Guanghong has already broken through the innate in these six years, and why can't he stay closed for years!


"I can't die for a while."


Ye Guanghong waved: "I only ask you, your golden lion martial arts, is it abolished, or not?"


Even with Ye Guanghong as the old man, I can't help but pick it up at this moment.


Tianwujie, Wuhun is respected, possessing Wuhun and no Wuhun, completely different levels of life.


Wuhun, a powerful warrior, improve the speed of practicing the warrior, absorb the efficiency of the aura, and the combat power at the time of the battle...


All kinds of benefits, countless benefits.


Innumerable years, no one can break the iron that Wuhun decided to achieve.


Ye Han was a blockbuster in the Chamber of Deputies today, naturally letting Ye Guanghong look forward to his cultivation prospects.


Seeing Ye Han did not answer, Ye Guanghong asked: "You dare to agree with Liu Tian after a half-year battle with Liu Yuner. I must be sure to rely on it? Could it be that the Golden Lion Wuhun was not abandoned?"


Ye Han was silent: "To let Grandpa down, my innate golden lion Wuhun, was scrapped six years ago!"


"This, this is impossible..."


Ye Ziyun was struck by lightning and could not be channeled: "I have heard Ziyun say that you are in the Chamber of Deputies, clearly showing the Golden Lion Wuhun."


"That is just the appearance of my use of some means, to shock Liu Tian, ​​to let Grandpa disappointed." Ye Han face is still calm.


Ye Guanghong still couldn't believe it. He directly reached up and held the leaf in the Dantian area, sensing the soul ring of the Wuhun.


Ye Han did not stop, let him apply.


After a while, Ye Guanghong was stunned and unable to say: "The soul ring of the Golden Lion Wuhun has been broken, and the Wuhun has been abolished, unless the master is strong, otherwise it is unable to recover... Ye Han, how do you want me to say you? ”


"Say me? Grandpa has this time?" Ye Han did not taunt.


Ye Guanghong's complexion instantly became white, and he knew that his grandson could not be relieved!


In the past two years, he has not been able to retreat for years, and has never paid attention to Ye Han. It is indeed a grandfather's default, but only he knows that his injury has been difficult to return and he has to close his death!


Ye Guanghong did not care about the slamming of Ye Han’s words. He said: “The martial arts have been abolished. You dare to fight with Liu Yuner for half a year. Is it to fight for a sigh of relief? You really have nothing to do with your father... ”


A heavy sigh, Ye Qinghong seems to remember his son who died young, and the whole person looks old.


Ye Han couldn't bear it. The inheritance of Shura's blood emperor was a major issue. He was guilty of his sin. He was deeply aware of the two worlds.


However, the matter of inheritance cannot be disclosed. It is possible to show a little confidence but it is ok. If you say it, Ye Guanghong and his blood are close to each other.


If the father is still in the world, do not want his son to be incompatible with his father?


At the moment, Ye Han’s expression eased a bit: “Although the Golden Lion Wuhun has been abandoned, I have another opportunity to not let Grandpa down.”


“Another opportunity? What opportunities are more important than Wuhun...”


"Wait... no, it is a twin martial arts." Suddenly, Ye Guanghong seems to think of something. He has been through the world and heard some rumors.


Legend has it that some geniuses, both sides of the soul, have two kinds of martial arts.


These genius twin martial arts, because of the level of talent, awakening to varying degrees.


Particularly prominent, the innate twin martial arts, the two martial arts naturally innate awakening, once cultivated, the strength will cover the same generation.


The second category, only the awakening of the weaker Wushu, but the more powerful Wuhun, but because of lack of physical fitness, can not wake up, until the cultivation to a certain extent, will wake up the second Wuhun.


Compared with the first two, the last category is undoubtedly the most special.


This kind of genius, because the second martial art is different, you need to bury the soul to awaken!


The so-called burial soul is to abolish the first martial arts, as a nourishment, to awaken the second martial!


“Is it a funeral soul?” Ye Guanghong’s gaze was cast on Ye Han. He knew that the mother of Ye Han’s origins was extraordinary and his blood was also very deep.


The awakening of Wuhun has an unpredictable mysterious relationship with the blood of the ancestors!


Ye Han’s father has a vein, and the ancestors have been the hero of the dragon and lion martial arts. The blood of the generation has been diluted, and the chill of the golden lion is awakened by Ye Han.


The mother of Ye Han, the old man, did not know, but only knew that the woman who was kind and loving, the strength is amazing, it is the entire Mubei government, I am afraid there are few people!


With this kind of life experience, Ye Han does have a great chance to awaken the second Wuhun!


If this is the case, then all this will be explained.


Ye Han has been intelligent since childhood, and maybe all things are the arrangement of Ye Han.


Six years of stupidity, used to confuse others, take the opportunity to quench the flesh, waste the first Wuhun, awaken the second Wuhun!


With the early wisdom of his grandson, it is not impossible!




Ye Han was still somewhat unclear. So after listening to Ye Guanghong’s explanation, he was a little bit smirking.


This brain hole is really not big!


However, I have to say that this is indeed a good excuse to cover up the truth about his practice of "Life and Death Magic".


Therefore, Ye Han will default to it, and Ye Baohong's performance is like an old child, only jumping up and down.


Ye Han couldn't help but feel sour in his heart. In fact, he knows that Ye Guanghong always remembers how can he forget the hatred of six years ago?


Only he has no power!


Now, he estimates that he is putting his expectations on himself?


The twin martial arts, has always been synonymous with genius, especially the law of burial, very special, the second martial soul awakened, extraordinary.


In Ye Guanghong's eyes, at this moment, I must have the possibility of revenge.


"Grandpa, you have a wide range of thinking, you can use this information to think about it, but you still want to smash it, far underestimating me! Underestimating the true wisdom of a worldly arrogance..."


Xiu Luo blood emperor, against the heavens into the emperor, squatting into a god, overwhelming an era, the history of the Qing Dynasty left an immortal name, leaving the martial arts high and low, his great wisdom, beyond the ancient and modern!


And "Life and Death Magic" is a summary of his life wisdom.


Life and death are reversed, and the body is transformed into a god, and the ultimate will be to destroy the gods and become gods!


When this method was created, Shura’s blood emperor understood that if there was no body of martial arts, the speed of cultivation would overwhelm many geniuses of martial arts, and it would certainly cause doubts.


Therefore, he left a wonderful idea in this exercise...


With the power of life, condense for the soul; with the power of death, condense into the soul of death.


The combination of life and death is the life and death of the devil, with the devil devour the world, and eventually become a god.


Whether it is the soul of life or the soul of death, in the eyes of outsiders, it is just a strange martial art, enough to cover up the truth of the practice of "The Death of Life and Death".


"After six years of hard work, condense the soul, just tonight. After the night, I will use the "soul" as my second martial art, just as there is a grandfather's inference as an excuse."


After a long talk with his grandfather, Ye Han got up and said goodbye, ready to condense the soul in the thick moonlight tonight, the first "Life and Death Magic"!

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