Immortal Demon

A spiritual legacy that will continue for many years. A divine genius is born, God's help is no longer needed. In a world where fate determines talent, an idiot who has spent 6 years sitting around doing nothing, a waste of life in the eyes of many, finds a book of life-changing proportions. His soul is repaired, he becomes immortal, and takes his rightful place on the throne as the supreme Lord God.


13. The second day of the day

From the elders of Wei, they received the identity card of the foreign disciple, and also received the first three special rewards with outstanding performance, three quenching Dan.


This kind of medicinal medicine is made up of ginseng antler and other big supplements. Although it has not become a treasure, the value is hard to buy, and it is extremely rare.


The most important thing is that Quenching Dan is only effective for the early days of the day, and has just entered the martial arts. It is the most needed thing for Ye Han.


After leaving the quiet room, Ye Han’s eyes were indulged. He was not confused. Some of the actions of Elder Wei were obviously not normal.


"Exempting my fourth competition, I also gave me the martial arts to exchange tokens, and there are not many places in Wu Jianbei's enlightenment. The benefits are too much. It seems that there is no formal ceremony. They are all done privately. This old guy, is there a granddaughter who can’t get married? Want to rely on me?”


The malicious speculation for a moment, Ye Han can not guess the key, simply do not think too much.




Ye Han left soon.


"Wei elder."


In the quiet room, an elder who is also dressed in Tsing Yi is reporting to Mrs. Wei: "I have already reported to the Cabinet Presbyterian Church, the elders of the cabinets, and I have a strong trust in the vision of Elder Wei, exempting this Ye Hantai competition. And it is no problem to approve him to observe the sword."


Elder Wei is not surprised by this result: "That's good, go on."


The elder of Tsing Yi slightly hesitated: "The old man has something to know, I wonder if Elder Wei can solve it?"


The elder of Tsing Yi surnamed Hong, and the elder of Wei as the elder of the cabinet, but the elders of Wei were repaired, even though the majority of the cabinet red elders were slightly less, and he was the chief elder of the cabinet, the authority was quite heavy, so Hong The elders are so respectful.


"Hong Laotou, do you know why the cabinet trusts me so much? But the other elders of the cabinet, including you, will not be like this?" Elder Wei did not answer.


Honor Hong respectfully said: "This is naturally because of the strength of Elder Wei."


"Wrong, it is because of decision!"


Wei Elder is dissatisfied: "Which leaves are cold and soulful, how are the geniuses? And the understanding and the heart are not the top generations. Is it because he was not a wealthy family, he ignored him?"


Elder Wei knows that if a family member of a family like Xu has the talent of Ye Han, I am afraid that the benefits given by the elders are more than him!


The elders of Hong have been silent for a long time. They said: "We are misunderstood by Wei Elder. It is only the third test monument. It can only test the effect of Wushen's absorption of Reiki, but it does not necessarily represent the other advantages of Wuhun. It must be known that Tianwujie is after all. It’s the world of martial arts, fighting for strength. Sometimes, the combat power is more important than the speed of cultivation...”


The elders of Wei said indifferently: "According to your opinion of the elders of Hong, the master of the Qing dynasty, Qinglian Swordsman, is a martial artist who has no help for the fighting power. He should not be able to stand in this martial world. ?"


Elder Hong was shocked and consciously lost his words. He said: "The elders of Wei red atone for sin, it is the old man's ignorance!"


Qinglian Jianzong is not only the belief of the entire Qinglian Wuge, but also the first master of Mubeifu, a legend!


He is a young man with a Qinglian martial arts. He does not stand out for his fighting talents. However, the swordsman's ambition is higher than the sky, creating a Qinglian sword slogan, Wu Qingmu Jianyi, a sword, and shocking the world!


These people, the elders of Hong are not in awe, how dare to argue!


When Elder Wei saw it, he thought about it: "Ye Han, this child, I am very optimistic about him... I think he has such a chance, on behalf of my Qinglian Wuge, to fight for the number of places in the competition!"


"Hundreds of places in the competition for the martial arts?" Hong elders stunned, I don't think Wei Elders valued Ye Han so much, even if he only said that there is a chance for Ye Han, but that is the hundred martial arts competition!


How many geniuses did you have? How many pride?


Fighting with these people, even if there is only a chance, is something to be proud of.




at dusk.


Ye Han, who successfully completed the entry procedure, officially settled in Qinglian Wuge.


Ye Guanghong, who is accompanying the Qinglian cabinet, can't help but sigh that the back door is different.


At this moment, most of the disciples who came to worship the teacher are still waiting patiently. Even the quasi-disciples who have passed the first three assessments are no exception. They need to wait until the fourth stage of the competition to become a disciple of the cabinet. settle down.


"Well, grandpa, go back, half a year, I won't let you down after half a year."


Separately, it is coming.


However, Ye Han successfully entered the Qinglian Wuge, and his performance was so outstanding, and even received special treatment. All of this made Ye Guanghong feel bitter.


Therefore, his mood is excellent.


"Well, Qing Er Shantou will stay here to take care of you. She is alone with you for five years. If I go back to Ye Family with me, I am afraid that I am still uncomfortable."


When Qing Er heard the old master's words, he suddenly became red-faced.


This can be different from the past. The current Ye Han brother is smart and strong. When he thinks about the solitude of a lonely man and a woman in the future, Qing Er will be a little scared. He will panic and squat and hurry into the house. Packing up, tidy up.


Ye Guanghong caressed and laughed. After a while, he sighed again: "This girl is a bitter person, Ye Han, you have to treat her well, at least, can't make her a tool for Liu family."


Ye Han silently.


Qinger, this stupid girl is almost the most important existence in his life, and he will never allow Liu Jia to play with her fate!


"Half-year, Liu Yuner, just look at what you have to do? Perhaps, you don't have to wait for half a year... It's not my style to wait and see, let me fix it up, first step on the Liu family and clear you!"


With the departure of Ye Guanghong and his party, the small courtyard assigned to Ye Han suddenly recovered quiet.


Even if it is Qinglian Wuge, there is no doubt that there is a privileged class.


This small courtyard, where Ye Han is located, was originally prepared for some children of the family. Because Ye Han has the appreciation of the elders of Wei, Wuge specializes in the exception of the chores of the chores, and gave Ye Han a room, which also made Ye Han even more Clearly recognized the rules of practice.


The winner is respected, the weak meat is strong!


If he is not good enough, how can he appreciate him? How can this small hospital get him to live?


"Nature is the cost, strength, is the basis for survival!"


Taking a deep breath, Ye Han understands that if you want to be free from bullying and even maintain the excellent treatment of Wuge, you must speak with strength!


"In the past six years, I have learned "Life and Death Magic", swallowing the world and being angry. At this moment, the flesh is strong enough. One night, it is a matter of course to step into the day after tomorrow. With the three quenchings Dan given by the elders of Wei, the day after tomorrow You can also try it again."


After the night, Qinger had already slept, and Ye Han put out a boxing fist and officially began to practice!


The day after tomorrow, the weight is nine, the body starts, and the temperament is cultivated step by step until the ninth heavy Dantian is like the heavens and the earth.


The day after tomorrow, the name of the body, as the name suggests, is only a stage of initial grinding of the body, this heavy cultivation, rough fists can be achieved.


This kind of fist and foot is purely influential martial arts, and the whole Tianwu world abounds.


Ye Han's cultivation is the Ye Jiazu Chuanquan method "Back to the Wind", barely close to the next martial arts, for the day after tomorrow, it is quite good!


Fist out like an arrow, exhale like a wind!


Ye Han let go of his fists and feet, only to feel that his body and mind are refreshing. After ten passes, he feels warm and warm, and his muscles are hot.


This is the symptom of getting into the body after a day.


Make persistent efforts, Ye Han directly swallows three quenching bodies, and between moments, the enthusiasm of boiling such as torrents bursts inside the body...


In an instant, the potency is suppressed and the digestion is done.


This is naturally the magical effect of the soul of life that has been practiced in "Life and Death Magic"!


Today's third assessment, Ye Han relies on the soul of life to shine, then he will understand that the soul of this life grass is a kind of existence, can swallow all things!


Any martial arts, I am afraid that it can not compare its absorption speed!


Aura, potency, Dan effect, the power of heaven and earth... Anything that can strengthen the soul of life can be swallowed up by itself and turned into oneself!


After an hour, the leaves of the cold bones rang, the bones burst like beans, but it has already broken through the second day of gravity, and at this moment, the potency of the quenching body is not finished...


Until the moon is in the sky.




Ye Han exhaled and received the work.


The second day of the day, the third heavy move, only one step away!


"This speed, although it is aided by medicinal herbs, is really incredible..."

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