Immortal Demon

A spiritual legacy that will continue for many years. A divine genius is born, God's help is no longer needed. In a world where fate determines talent, an idiot who has spent 6 years sitting around doing nothing, a waste of life in the eyes of many, finds a book of life-changing proportions. His soul is repaired, he becomes immortal, and takes his rightful place on the throne as the supreme Lord God.


18. The elders of Wei’s beat

Until the day three times.

When Wei Elder, who was in Tsing Yi, yawned and walked out of the house, he seemed to see Ye Han outside the courtyard at this moment. He was surprised: "The kid came very early!"

Ye Han hate the teeth itch, this old man is stupid and full of first-class level, he called the door for a long time, he did not react.

Wei Changla smiled and said: "I heard that you have been making a lot of noise in the past few days. It is also an unusual path in the Tibetan Buddhist Scriptures. You chose the unfamiliar martial arts of the "Bronze Eight Laws", and it is in front of the contribution hall. I beat Nie Beichuan’s younger brother, and the days have passed. I thought you would not adapt to life in the Wuge, but it underestimated you."

Ye Han also heard this in the past few days. Although the elders of Wei were in Tsing Yi, they were not ordinary cabinet elders.

The origins are mysterious, and they are real strong figures. They are ranked in the entire Qinglian Wuge, and they are temporarily in the position of the chief elders of the cabinet!

In his position, it is simpler to inquire about Ye Han’s every move.

Ye Han frowned: "Are you beaten Nie Beichuan's younger brother? It's really a clever tongue! Upside down right and wrong! Is it that the cabinet genius Nie Beichuan complained to the elders?"

"You have this temper, too strong! Nie Beichuan's talent is not bad, the entry time is not very long, and now it is the fifth master of the day after tomorrow, a mind to be won in this year's cabinet ratio, with the first capital , enter the cabinet!"

Elder Wei shook his head: "He and other people have never only bullied others! You beat his brother, no matter how wrong or wrong, you can't escape from him. Just, I will help you down this time, you Be careful with yourself. If you meet him, he insists on fighting with you, and I am not good at it."

To practice the world, you will inevitably fight for me.

Although Qinglian Wuge is a place to cultivate disciples, but does not want to raise flowers in the greenhouse, the whole Wuge, the wind of the fighting is prevalent, and the disciples compete with each other, as long as they don’t make too much trouble. It is normal.

Ye Han stunned and nodded: "Thank you for the elders' love, but the soldiers will block the water and cover the soil. If Nie Beichuan thinks that I am a soft persimmon, it can only disappoint him."

Elder Wei loved and hated Ye Han for such a temper. After a moment of silence, he said: "In the past few days, I sent people to inquire about your origins, six years of silence, and presumably have your story. I will not go deeper. But you will eventually have less than a few years of cultivation time, and you should keep a low profile when you are low-key!"

At this time, Elder Wei looked at the expression of Ye Han.

This handsome young boy has no waves, and the black squat is deep in the cold pool. In addition to occasionally revealing a little boy's feelings, most of the time, he has made Wei Chang feel that he is not young.

Even if it is Elder Wei, I can't guess the thoughts of Ye Han at the moment, but he has his own plans.

Young people, especially those who have experienced a lot of talents like Ye Han, naturally have their own pride!

However, as long as he sees more geniuses, he will understand that the wings are converged, sometimes to fly higher.

Wei Changlao said: "The new disciples of this batch of entry assessments, one hundred before the competition, have already observed the Jianjian monument yesterday. Ye Han, you know why I don't let you with them, but give you another Choose a time to observe the Wu Jianjian monument?"

"I don't know this, please ask the elders of Wei." Ye Han is honest.

Elder Wei lightly said: "You come with me, you will understand later!"

The two walked out of the courtyard and went to the cabinet. The elders of Wei chose some secluded paths. Plus, at noon, they did not encounter other cabinet disciples along the way.

About half an hour, the two came to a seemingly ordinary hospital.

However, Ye Han’s senses are sharp, and he clearly perceives a very repressed atmosphere, covering the entire courtyard. It seems to be true and true, and it seems to be illusory.

Then, Ye Han felt the breath of life, and it was much more powerful than the ordinary cabinet disciples, such as the wild beasts, the power of blood and blood, it would be awesome!

This abundant and vigorous blood and force, there are a total of six shares, one of which appears to be very erratic, even if it is Ye Han, some can not grasp.

However, only the other five blood, it is enough to compare the cabinet disciples encountered in the third floor of the Tibetan Classics before Ye Han, can not be underestimated!

The soul of life gives the same talent as Ye Han, and it is used to perceive the blood and vitality to estimate the strength of others!

"The six bloods are six masters! Is it true that the elders of Wei will let me observe the swords with the cabinet disciples?" Ye Han could not help but guess.

"come in."

Elder Wei took the lead in pushing the door.

As soon as he entered, Ye Han knew that he had guessed wrong. He only saw six teenagers and girls in the courtyard. They were only twelve or three years old. They were all disciples who were not long-term, and they all wore blue shirts.

One of the most striking is the girl who stood alone in the northwest corner of the yard.

She holds a broken knife, with a cold color, a brow like a pen, her eyes are like a cold star, her nose is quite awkward, a pair of thin lips are slightly stunned, such as Dan Zhu embellishment, to that stop, just like a peerless fairy figure, It is beyond reach.

At the time of the entrance examination, the appearance of the silver-haired girl Xu Ruoran was considered to be a national glory. However, compared with the girl in front of her eyes, she still had to be somewhat temperament!

Ye Han is determined to be a good person, only looking at one, just let go of the girl's look, pay attention to other things...

Immediately, Ye Han found that he could not see through the cultivation of the girl!

It should be noted that the soul of life has the power to perceive all life. Through 30 feet, he can judge the strength and weakness according to the life of foreign objects!

Especially in the realm of the day after tomorrow, the practice of the flesh is the main thing, and there is no innate instinct to conceal its own breath. At this level, Ye Han almost sees a standard.

The people of the full house, although the other five young girls are strong, but Ye Han can detect a little bit of eyebrows.

But this beautiful girl, the feeling brought to Ye Han is like the elders of Wei, unfathomable!

"Look at the age of this girl, only about thirteen years old, so young innate, naturally impossible, there is only one other possibility, this girl has a powerful Wuhun, can cover up his own strength! Qinglian Wuge, really I What I am seeing is only the tip of the iceberg!"

Ye Han took a deep breath, without any sorrow, only a cavity of blood, faintly boiling in the body!

This is interesting. If it is a disciple of Wuge, like Nie Fan and Liu Xiong who met before, he feels boring!

He is full of secrets and has a big hatred of his parents. His eyes will never stop at Qinglian Wuge, nor will he be confined to a small house in Mubei!

If there are not enough outstanding geniuses to fight each other, how can it break out of the glory of endless glory!

When Ye Han looked at the disciples in the courtyard, several teenagers and girls in the courtyard, after greeting with Elder Wei, looked down on him.

Although the courtyard is full of disciples in blue shirts, but this is only because of the rules of Qinglian Wuge, anyone must start from the cabinet!

They were specially recruited into the Wuge, and they were quite proud of their talents. They knew that the cabinet was just a passing scene and the cabinet was the real stage for their glory!

Genius has the pride of genius!

Before Elder Wei summoned everyone to observe the Wujian sword monument, there was a statement that the comers were the same as their arrogant sons, juvenile Junjie!

Just when Ye Han came out, they felt disappointed!

The area is three times the day after tomorrow, look at the age, a little bigger than everyone else, this talent, also with others and others side by side?

Say it's hard to hear, waste!

Just at this time, Elder Wei said: "Before entering the cabinet, this is probably the last time you watched the Wu Jianbei monument, and the cabinet genius is like a cloud. It is more difficult to compete for the qualification of the sword. It is an opportunity this time. You have to take good care of it!"

"The rules are as follows, the battle is the same, the first one, enlightenment Wu Jianbei an hour, second and third, half an hour, the rest of the people, each quarter of a quarter."

"Because there are new people joining this time, you need to suppress the repairs to the triple of the day after tomorrow. The winner is the king. It has always been the iron of the Tianwu world. Let's start."

Wei Chang’s voice just fell, and the eyes of the people in the courtyard fell to Ye Han for the first time, including the pretty girl who had been indifferent in the corner.

The sound of the wind seems to be one of the moments!

Elder Wei showed an old fox-like smile and looked at the scene with satisfaction.

Fight, at the touch of a hair!


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