Immortal Demon

A spiritual legacy that will continue for many years. A divine genius is born, God's help is no longer needed. In a world where fate determines talent, an idiot who has spent 6 years sitting around doing nothing, a waste of life in the eyes of many, finds a book of life-changing proportions. His soul is repaired, he becomes immortal, and takes his rightful place on the throne as the supreme Lord God.


17. Ten days

Qinglian Wuge is in a quiet small courtyard.


A teenager was bare-chested, wearing only a pair of black shorts and immersed in a bucket of reddish-colored liquid. In him, the roots of the blue veins are like a dragon, and they look very embarrassed.


The juvenile's complexion, twisted and distorted, and the facial features wrinkled together, showing that he is in extreme pain...


In the barrel, the red liquid medicine kept bubbling around, like a hot magma, so that the skin of the teenager's body was smashed into a red flame.




The boy screamed in pain.


Not far away, a handsome girl with a handsome appearance, staring at everything silently, looking at the appearance of the child's pain, her palms, tightly clenched into fists, good-looking brows, wrinkled into a ball.


I do not know how long it has been……


The liquid gradually faded away, and the young man’s body suddenly slammed like a dead man, and he was soft in the barrel. After a quarter of an hour, he opened his eyes and seemed to recover a bit.


"I really can't live because of it..."


This is called for a long time, like a teenager who lost half life, naturally it is Ye Han.


During the day, he robbed the contribution points of Liu Xiong and Nie Fan, and he received two hundred points from his contribution hall.


So, he was only going to redeem him, and his mind began to work...


The "Bronze Eight Laws" he chose from the Tibetan Buddhist Scriptures is a top-notch martial art. He is smelted into a large body like a bronze cast. He is as strong as a tiger, and the body can crush the same order, so that Ye Han is very valued.


It is not easy to cultivate this method. It is not only painful to cultivate, but also takes a long time.


The fundamental point of this is that the "Bronze Eight Laws" need to deepen the flesh, and the aura of cultivation and absorption should be used to repeatedly refine the film, flesh and blood, and strengthen the body.


In the realm of the day after tomorrow, it is impossible to run the practice of practicing Qi, relying on the faint aura that is unconsciously absorbed when practicing martial arts.


The most important role of these auras is to accumulate the Tongmai. Only by opening the meridians can Dantian be opened up, thus opening up the Dantian gas sea and promoting it to the innate!


At the beginning of cultivation, any aura that absorbs into the body is extremely important. How often is it used to quench the flesh?


For this reason, the "Bronze Eight Laws" will be so difficult to cultivate!




There is no shortcut. The "Bronze Eight Laws" contains medicines, which indicate the method of medicinal refining, combined with medicated bath washing, can shorten part of the cultivation time and reduce the consumption of quenching aura!


Of course, the material of the medicated bath body is also affordable to most people, and the degree of pain is also rising, like being peeled and baked.


"It’s really a pit, it’s a terrible pain, it’s a waste of life...”


Two hundred contribution points, can be exchanged for twenty quenching Dan, but the material of the medicated bath can only be exchanged for three, then a few extra heads, and two cold quenched Dans for Ye Han.


But these three medicated bath materials seem to be too useless. Today is only the first time that Ye Han has practiced the "Bronze Eight Laws". At only one hour, it took a medicated bath material!


"The poor and the rich, the world is working hard for money, and the outsiders are rushing for the spirits. We, the disciples of the Wuge, the lucky ones in the eyes of outsiders, must also smash their heads for contribution."


Shaking his head and sighing, Ye Han saw the younger child not far away. This girl’s eyelids were slightly red, obviously it was just tears.


Seeing Ye Han saw her, she hurriedly turned into the house.


Ye Han heart is warm.


This girl's face is thin and dying. In fact, his concern for him is that his grandfather Ye Guanghong can't match it. Only when he is medicated and bathed, he is so sad that this girl is also very sad.


However, Ye Han knows that this girl has been resentful for her own six years of idiots. Although she still takes care of his clothes and food for the past two days, she does not care much about him, so the ordinary method is afraid of attracting the attention of the girl. force.


So Ye Han pretended to have a painful look, and the dead fish eyes turned straight, playing the way of dying, but there was something like it: "Hey, hey, it hurts me..."


Sure enough, I saw the young child who just turned into the house like a gust of wind, quickly rushed out, the speed, even the leaf cold with the "Ben Lei Bu" can not help but swear.


Ye Han quickly closed his eyes and called for more pain.


Qingerkou couldn't speak, and eagerly explored in Ye Han. At this moment, she also forgot the suspicion of men and women. Only one heart was tied to Ye Han's danger.


Ye Hanzheng is preparing to tease this Nizi, and he feels that his face has a moist feeling. At the moment, he no longer dares to pretend to die, and hastily grasped Qinger’s tender hands.


"Stupid girl, don't cry, Ye Han brother is fine..."


"Oh..." Qinger cried even louder, like a full-fledged grievance, unable to pour.


At this moment, this girl forgot to blame Ye Han for lie to her, but also forgot all the shame, just pounced in Ye Hanhuai, bursting into tears.


Ye Han was at a loss, only felt inexplicable in the chest, and hugged her.


Feeling a little cool body temperature on the hoe, Ye Han's thoughts, suddenly a little heavy.


Qinger was born to a prostitute. She was a dumb ill and was cold-eyed by the Liu family. She never felt the warmth of family. As a 14-year-old girl, her suffering is self-evident.


"What she needs is not Liu's apology, but care... but I can't ignore Liu's apology, Qing's fairness, I have to ask for her, and her matte, there is always a way, definitely. ”


After this night, Ye Han’s cultivation heart became more and more firm.


If Ye Han is sufficiently prominent, the ability to press a group of disciples in the cabinet, causing the attention of the Qinglian Pavilion, let this master master shot the Qing's dumb, it is not impossible!


The pain of the "Bronze Eight Laws" cultivation seems to have faded a lot under the obsession, and the remaining two liquids were consumed by Ye Han in the next two nights.


At this time, taking advantage of the soul of life to swallow the speed of the heavens and the earth, Ye Han's "Bronze Eight Laws" also barely entered the door.


The three levels of "Bronze Eight Laws": entry copper, small into copper, Dacheng copper.


The skin of the copper skin, the skin is like a copper film, and the sword of the ordinary sword is hard to hurt. At this stage, Ye Han can already be a common warrior!


And his cultivation is fast, if the elder of the Tibetan Buddhist scriptures learned that he was only surprised to find a few beards.


This is the only speed in the 13-year history of Qinglian Wuge!


Subsequent cultivation speeds gradually slowed down. The "Bronze Eight Laws" was difficult to enter into a small one, and Ye Han did not insist on seeking to practice "Wind and Thunder".


Until the evening of the eighth day, the high-level body was cultivated to the realm of Xiaocheng in one fell swoop, and the speed was higher than the previous days.


Ye Han has an intuition. At this moment, even the master of the four-day and five-fold day after tomorrow should be able to suppress him at speed.


"Wind and Thunder" is definitely the leader in the superior body, and it is difficult to catch up with the general body!


ninth day.


With the help of two quenching dans, Ye Han broke through the three times, which made him very satisfied.


After all, although the soul of life is incomparable, it is not completely formed, or a seedling, which requires a large amount of heaven and earth aura to grow and metamorphose.


If Ye Han uses all the aura absorbed by it to improve his cultivation, it is undoubtedly a kind of behavior that encourages the seedlings, which is unwise.


It is a miracle that it can be started in less than ten days and cultivated to the day after tomorrow. This speed is already a miracle!


Time flies, and the blink of an eye is the ten-day period agreed between Ye Han and Elder Wei.


In the ten days, the examination of Qinglian Wuge’s entrance to the cabinet was completely over. Ye Han inquired about it. Many of the disciples who passed the fourth assessment and ranked 100 in the competition have gone to observe the monument. Only him Walking the back door, it was a step late.


However, this day finally came. Ye Han had long been waiting for the Wu Jiange, which was left by the Qinglian Pavilion. Therefore, in the early morning, he could not wait to rush to the residence of Elder Wei.


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