Immortal Demon

A spiritual legacy that will continue for many years. A divine genius is born, God's help is no longer needed. In a world where fate determines talent, an idiot who has spent 6 years sitting around doing nothing, a waste of life in the eyes of many, finds a book of life-changing proportions. His soul is repaired, he becomes immortal, and takes his rightful place on the throne as the supreme Lord God.


11. Strong black horse

"Wind and thunder, practice to the extreme, body and wind thunder!"


The stage is like a dead silence.


Everyone does not know what the wind is, and does not know how this martial arts and other orders!


However, Ye Han’s short and short breaks, this savvy test, not to mention, must have passed!


On the test bench, the elders of Tsing Yi were shocked, it was him, and did not expect that Ye Han actually realized the most precious wind thunder in this fish chart!


This is a superior martial arts with the wind and thunder. If it is cultivated to perfection, it is even close to the innate martial arts!


What is congenital martial arts?


That is the precious martial arts that the masters of the innate realm are not necessarily able to obtain. Even if the Qinglian Wuge is sitting in the town with a master of the master class, there is not much congenital martial arts.


Qinglian Jianzong used such a precious fish chart for entry testing. First, because of his amazing strength and status, he did not care about the precious maps in the eyes of others. The second is that even Qinglian Jianzong did not think about it. There is an introductory disciple who will understand the wind and thunder in the fish picture!


Such a savvy, simply enchanting!


Some elders in Tsing Yi were unbelievable and asked: "Can you be sure that it is a wind and thunder?"


Ye Han is not clear, so: "Why should the elders ask me? Can I still lie, and on the side of the savvy test monument, according to what I have just learned, will it not automatically show the results?"


The elders of Tsing Yi suddenly realized that they turned their heads and saw that there was a three-foot high savvy test monument. The blue and purple two colors penetrated, and the momentum was like a rainbow. The line of characters was full of thunder.


"The palm of the hand, this is the first."


No matter whether it is the heart test monument or the savvy test monument, it is not a common thing, but a treasure that can be refined in the congenital realm!


With a variety of magical effects!


The savvy test monument shows that it is the first to directly list Ye Han as a savvy test!


In the vertical and then there are other introductory disciples who have not tested. It can be seen that the situation of Ye Han’s leader has been stabilized.


"In a short period of time, I realized that there is no way to surpass the wind." Tsing Yi elders muttered to himself, suddenly throwing a wood token, which was written with a silver painted silver hook. word.


"This is the entry and exit token of the Tibetan Buddhist Scriptures in Qinglian Wuge. With this order, I can receive a martial arts practice. Regardless of the grade, in addition to the innate command, it is the highest level of authority."


The elders of Tsing Yi looked at Ye Han to take the token and explained: "Although there is still a final assessment that has not been carried out, no matter what the outcome, you can get started, you can use this to enter the martial arts building to choose martial arts. An extra reward for you."


Ye Han was overjoyed.


It should be noted that although martial arts is not as good as inborn martial arts, it also has high and low points. It is a high-level martial art of Feng Leibu, which is infinitely close to innate martial arts. This is the joy of accident. Now the elders of Tsing Yi have given him another one. The opportunity of martial arts!


This is a big good thing!


Ye Han quickly thanked: "Thank you for your elders."


"My surname Wei, you can call me Wei Elder, let's go, let's go to the next test." Tsing Yi elders, they must lead Ye Han to the third test area.


However, at this time, Ye Han spoke:


"and many more."


Wen Yan, the elders of Wei can not help but sigh, this boy, is really a fierce fire, there is a hate than the newspaper!


Followed by the cold clothes deacon of the leaf, Xu Tianchong is also an instant to understand, this boy, to be difficult!


Just how dare he?


Elder Wei obviously wants to watch the results of Ye Han’s third assessment, and see how his Wuhun is in the end, so that he can make a response!


However, this boy does not want to wait any longer!


Just finished the first two assessments, he can't wait to export!


"Don't it be that this leaf cold heartful understanding is good, but there is no Wuhun that matches it?" Xu Tianchong passed through the sinking.


"Also, if this leaf is cold and has a great martial arts, I am afraid that I have been robbed by other martial arts. Why do I wait until the age of fifteen to come back to Qinglian Wuge? It seems that he is in the limelight. Wuge’s emphasis on the martial arts is relatively light, so I thought about it in the Qinglian Wuge!”


Xu Tianchong’s face sneered: “Childish idiot! Look at me today, I can’t kill you! There is no good martial arts, even if it’s savvy and heart-warming?”


In a short while, Xu Tianchong can think of it, and Wei Elder can naturally think of it. His brow is slightly wrinkled and he has not spoken for a while.


The gray coat deacon under the stage seemed to have seized a life-saving straw, and immediately shouted and shouted: "Wei elders redeemed the sin, the things that are only talented, are subordinates with no eyes, no identification of Ye Han is a rare talent! But Although there are mistakes in the subordinates, it is also a sincere heart, all for the development of Qinglian Wuge!"


Xu Tian rushed out of the box: "Wei elders, later into the younger generation Xu Tianchong can prove. The deacon is a person, can only say that the quick success is a little better, there is no big mistake. Ye Han is too old, and the Wu Hun item is not tested, not enough to prove talent The deacon is just trying to clear some of the people who are squirting fish and rectifying the order of assessment."


Ye Han looked at the fire in all these holes, and turned cold when it turned.


A good reorganization of the order of assessment, a good-natured Xu Jia genius!


In a few words and two languages, the despicable behavior of the two people has become a just move, all for the consideration of Qinglian Wuge!


Ye Han took a deep breath and took the same fist. However, he ignored the deacons and Xu Tianchong, and stared at Wei Elder: "Dare to ask the elders, I have collected the disciples, and I have been in the cabinet for thirteen years. What are the guidelines for pursuing?"


Wei Changsong said: "This should be the commonality of all the martial arts, the admissions guidelines, naturally can not let go of a talent."


He evaded the importance of this, and easily circumvented the so-called "teaching and no class" of Qinglian Wuge. It is clear that he did not want to use Ye Han's speech trap.


However, he did not know, this statement is the middle of the cold.




Ye Han’s look was cold, pointing to the gray coat of the tortoise, and said: “This deacon, when I did not conduct any assessment, took the lead to conclude that I was a waste, not only insulting, but also I took the lead in assessing and deliberately martyrdom. How can such a person be a deacon?"


"He treats me like this today. He will certainly treat other geniuses like this. How can such a person not let go of any talent? If there is a peerless genius, he will be brushed down by this means. Presumably, There must be hate in this person's heart! This hate is not only for the gray coat deacon, but also for the entire Qinglian Wuge!"


"Because this kind of person, Qinglian Wuge may even suffer from the lack of hatred, it will also be criticized by the world! Therefore, Ye Han is daring here, please ask the elders to expel this gray coat deacon!"


A word of speech, justified, is that Elder Wei is also speechless and can't find a reason to argue.


Hearing the words, Xu was obsessed with sweat, and he came out to ask for mercy. He wanted to boast a sympathy. As long as Elder Wei did not expel him, let him stay, and later he had the means to deal with Ye Han.


But all this, the premise is that he must stay in the martial arts, otherwise, people go tea, who cares about him being a deacon!


Thinking is running fast, and the deacon is as dead as it can be, and I can't think of a solution.


At this time, Xu Tianchong jumped out again: "Elders Mingjian, for an unintelligible outsider, expelled from the martial arts industry, there is no merit and hard work, but I am afraid that it will cause dissatisfaction with other deacons in the martial arts! It is the person of my Xu family, Xu Tianchong is daring here, please ask the elders not to listen to the words of Ye Han."


"The elders forgive me! This leaf chill will be more, killing a lot, and he is so old, did not worship any martial arts, saying that it is not a distorted person, now his martial arts is undecided, not enough to explain Before the subordinates, what they did was wrong! It is a loyal loyalty to the martial arts. It is also for the sake of the martial arts. It wants to kill the chickens and monkeys, and to drive away some people who are in troubled waters, so as not to be judged and become a farce!"


Xu deacon was instantly awakened by Xu Tianchong, and things have developed to this point. He simply tore his face, and this leaf cold today is eager to take him away, nothing more than the first two assessments.


But the Wuhun test is still not fixed!


The hand of the deer is still unknown!


"It’s too mean, it’s obviously wrong, and it’s still threatened with a third assessment!”


Under the stage, Dai Xiaozi looked at all this, angry and straightforward hair, the meat tossed the little face, the tender meat dangling.


The silver-haired girl Xu Ruoran is silent.


The third assessment, absorb the efficiency test of aura!


In the end, it is nothing more than a martial arts test that changes the law. Everyone knows that only the martial arts are strong enough to absorb the aura quickly!


When Ye Han interrupts the third assessment, he must first punish the deacon. I am afraid that he knows his own martial arts is not good. After worrying about the test, the elders’ minds have changed.


On the test bench, Ye Han was also angry. He stared straight at Xu Tianchong. There was no more cover. He said, "I just ignored you. You have troubled me twice. From this. The martyrdom of the deacon, the threat to the present... Well, I will meet you, after a while, if it is the third test, you will still be stepped on by me, not only the deacon will be expelled, you, Xu’s famous genius, Xu Tianchong, who thinks that the pride of the sky, stretches over your face, let me slap a few slaps!"


"You, is this giving me a gamble?" Xu Tianchong also raised his eyes, and Han Mang appeared.


Tianwujie, practicing the world, strong martial arts, fighting, fighting, all kinds of trials emerge in an endless stream, even if it is Wei Elder, will only encourage, will not stop this test.


The grievances of Ye Han’s previous experience, how could Wei’s elders not know?


But he has his own considerations, Ye Han is a rare talent, but Xu Tianchong is not bad, the most important thing is that Xu Tianchong Wushen is outstanding!


Coupled with the power behind the Xu family, even if it is the elders of Wei, we must also measure the amount.


The martial arts token that was previously given to Ye Han in the Wuge Tibetan Buddhist Scriptures was not only a reward for the two test results of Ye Han, but also a compensation for changing the law. However, this young character is really strong and chose to continue to entangle. Go on, let things develop to this point.


Elder Wei was about to speak, but he saw Ye Hanluo hold a fist and walked quickly to the third test bench.


"The elders are proof."


I saw that the boy who was identified as a bad martial art, one hand pressed on the test stone on the third test bench.


Immediately, I saw Jinguang as the first day of the big day, shining through the mountains and rivers!


On the test stone, the star pattern that absorbs the speed of aura flashes rapidly, one, two, three... nine...


Soon, it surpassed the 87th of the most prominent geniuses of Xu Tianchong and Xu Ruoran until they reached the summit!


Ninety-nine stars are full!


However, this does not seem to be the limit. I saw that the test stone is shining, but because the stone is so limited, it cannot be further.


Silent all over the audience!

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