Immortal Demon

A spiritual legacy that will continue for many years. A divine genius is born, God's help is no longer needed. In a world where fate determines talent, an idiot who has spent 6 years sitting around doing nothing, a waste of life in the eyes of many, finds a book of life-changing proportions. His soul is repaired, he becomes immortal, and takes his rightful place on the throne as the supreme Lord God.


12. Special talents should be treated specially

"Xu Tianchong, stretch your face!"


The silence in the field was broken until a cold voice sounded.


"Wow, the ninety-nine stars are full, and the sixty-star stars are qualified! This big brother is so powerful that the original Miss Dai underestimated the eyes of Miss Dai..."


Followed by Dai Xiaozi is the cheer of the big nerves.


Elder Wei has a lot of serious expressions.


It represents the third test of the strength of Wuhun, which no one can ignore!


It can be said that the outstanding test of the two tests before Ye Han, under the glory of this item, has been extremely sublimated, such as the hot sun, very incomparable.


"On the test stone, fifty stars are the first-order martial arts, seventy is the second-order, ninety-eight is the third-order... Xujia is a double-skin, this time there are two infinitely close to the third-order martial arts. The genius of the soul, this is amazing enough. But this leaf cold, ninety-nine stars full, still have spare power, obviously not the ordinary third-order martial arts, is it the fourth-order martial arts? No, the fourth order should be impossible, should It is a third-order high-end Wuhun."


The elders of Wei are in a noble position, and of course they know some insider.


In fact, the entire Mubei government, generally will not put the rank of Wuhun on the table to discuss.


Mubei is located in a remote place. It is only a small house in the Fengxue dynasty. Even the third-order martial arts is known as the existence of the true soul genius. In the environment where resources such as Mubei is scarce, the future may not become Master master.


But no matter what, the strength of Wuhun is the most important evidence to determine a person's future achievements in addition to resources.


The third-order true soul of Ye Han is the most prominent genius at present, except for the hidden enchanting inside the Wuge, the entire Qinglian Wuge, no one can.


Genius, genius treatment.


With this in mind, Elder Wei finally made up his mind and looked cold and indifferent: "The deacon, who was supported by the martial arts, did not know that it was considered for the martial arts. It was a crime to use the identity and suppress the new disciple of the martial arts. It was a sin. Still holding the heart of luck, this is the second sin. At this moment, both sins are punished and the Qinglian Wuge is expelled. However, before this, the living sin is inevitable, and the ice scepter is responsible for one hundred, so that it is effective!"


From the end of the third test of Ye Han, the deacon in the state of being sluggish was struck by lightning. The whole body began to tremble. He fell to the ground in an instant and shouted for mercy.


"Ye Han, Ye Handa's young master is forgiving. Even if I want to go out to Wuge, I will recognize it. Can you ask Ye Handa to pay tribute to my grandfather and avoid my cold ice stick!"


As he spoke, he even climbed and flung to the foot of Ye Han, crying out for mercy.


The ice stick is responsible, but the master with the ice martial arts condenses the ice into a stick, and falls on the body, not only hurts like ice, but also leaves behind the trouble, may be immersed in the marrow, and later the lower body!


At this moment, Xu Deacon knows that Xu Tianchong can't save him like this genius. Only Ye Han, only Ye Hanxin is soft, he has a way to live!


Half-length, in this martial art world, it is better to die.


"Be yourself, don't live..."


Ye Han was indifferent. On the day six years ago, he knew the cruelty of the world.


Moreover, the previous two tests, Xu deacons have the opportunity to apologize, but he does not die in the heart of the Yellow River, still holding the luck, and repeatedly licking his nose.


"Now admit mistakes, too late." Shake his head, Ye Han live and learn to use, the wind and thunder step by step, people have drifted to Sanzhang.


When Elder Wei saw this scene, he nodded.


In a short period of time, the wind and thunder step into a good beginning, into the door, it seems that this leaf cold is not only a rare martial arts, savvy is also a top-notch one, in the future some permission can become another enchanting talent of Qinglian Wuge, Participate in the 100 Pavilion!


Such a gift, for him, even if you offend Xu family does not matter!


"And you, Xu Tianchong, the gambling covenant, the old man is a witness, it is your own willingness, then now, you can not regret it."


Elder Wei first explored it, and he was really condensed, but he was a congenital master. He was so innately out of the air and easily brought Xu Tianchong to the stage.


Xu Tianchong’s face is ugly, and he said: “The elders made atonement. Although I promised the gambling, I did not raise any punishment for the failure of Ye Han. Now that Ye Han has succeeded, he has not set a penalty for failure. Therefore, this gamble The fight can't be counted."


"That is your previous miscalculation, and the old man."


Wei Chang's suffocating into a lock, the green and infuriating to the leaf cold is very close to the feeling, it should be the wooden attribute Wuhun, the infuriating is the wood.


The elder is not only repaired to reach the innate state, but also manipulates the innate instinct. The slightest movement of the fingers, the infuriating will become a chain, constraining the body of Xu Tianchong, let him struggle, and can not get out of trouble.


This hand makes Ye Han look hot!


Congenital, there is such a means in nature, then become a master?


According to the legendary sect, there is also the title of Wuhou in the entire dynasty!


"If I am the title Wuhou, I am afraid I can also report the killing of the father, and win the hate of the mother!"


Between the heart and the flickering, Ye Han came to Xu Tianchong, and the front of Xu Jia’s face, which was still high above, was very blue and red, obviously it was very shameful for the present situation!


"Is it shameful?" Ye Han said with a chuckle.


Xu Tianchong bites his teeth and cuts his teeth: "Ye Han, you are better at knowing something. I am a Xu family. Do you understand Xu? A slave can make you die without a place of burial. My family has many in this Qinglianwu Pavilion. The genius of the younger generation, you dare to slap me today, and when you come to the martial arts in the coming day, you must also get out of the gray face!"


“It’s really young and full!”


Ye Han smiled louder.


Even if you have a strong power, how about your team?


Now, I want to fan you and fan you!


"Pa pa pa pa pa pa pa……"


Ye Han's hands and hands were displayed in a chain, almost illusion of a light and shadow, in the blink of an eye, on the face of Xu Tian Chong white, leaving a few purple red palm print.


"This little guy, it’s really awkward..." Elder Wei looked at some toothache, and Ye Han was really unrelenting.


Look at the speed and see the force...


The powerful body of the congenital martial art, under the slap of this slap in the face, also has a nose and a swollen face, not to mention the Xu Tianchong who just stepped into the cultivation!


After a while, Xu Tian’s entire face could not find a trace of the past, but I was afraid that it would be their baby son.


Ye Han also smoked a little tired, the most important thing is hand pain!


I am planning to take a break and make persistent efforts. Wei Chang can't stand it anymore: "Cough, Ye Han, almost on the line, you have dozens of slaps."


Xu Tianchong whispered and uttered an unwilling accusation: "Nothing (wrong), long (old), he violated the gambling contract, obviously only said a few slaps..."


Speaking of the latter, it is about his own vital interests, and he speaks smoothly.


Ye Han couldn't help but laugh, it was a naive boy.


So, under the gaze of Wei’s eyelids, he took a few more slaps...




In the end, under the tough intervention of Elder Wei, Xu Tianchong survived and was not taken out by Ye Han.


The consequence of this incident is that many of the new disciples who watched this happen in the audience have a concept for Ye Han.


This older brother is a little bit irritating...


In the future, try to see him go around.


In any case, the entry assessment is followed in a well-organized order. When Xu Tianchong left, he left a sinister look, which means he would not be so good.


Ye Han is naturally fearless, a little boy...


Not sensible at once, pumping!


Two times do not understand things, that is to find death!


Immediately, he and the elders always supported their own mushroom heads wearing Xiao Zi, saying that they followed Wei’s elders to a quiet room.


"After the first three tests, all the disciples who passed the test will conduct a test of the downfall and decide the top 100. This one hundred, have the opportunity to enlighten the Wu Jian monument left by the owner of this cabinet. This is the fourth entry. The item is also an item that has no influence on entering the martial arts."


Elder Wei took a moment to open his mouth: "However, the old man’s reading in your first three results is really outstanding, exempting you from the last competition, and then ten days, when the entrance enrollment is over, then you come alone. I, I will take you to observe the Wu Jianjian monument... Now, you are the cabinet disciple of the cabinet."


Ye Han is not clear, but I thought about it but said: "Thanks to the elders, but the new disciples are mostly quenched children under the age of ten. Although Ye Han has not officially entered the cultivation for many years because of some things, but in this group of younger brothers It’s still a sure thing to win the top 100 in the hand. You don’t have to leave this back door.”


He didn't mind paying attention to things, but he had already given the elders of the Jing dynasty martial arts to exchange tokens, and now he has another benefit, only to make people feel unhappy.


Why can you trouble others if you can fight for yourself?


The elders of Wei have burst into tears. You also know that the new disciples are mostly in the quenching period and have not entered the realm of heaven! Then you still beat Xu Tianchong so badly!


If you are not worried that Ye Han will encounter some embarrassing family members in the test, he will not be too distracted, and Wei Elder is too lazy to lick this drowning.


It’s just that the black robe boy is very unconscious. He doesn’t know what kind of trouble he is...


Elder Wei can only say: "Special talents, of course, must be treated specially. You are five years younger than other disciples. It is quite late to start, and you can't delay it."


Ye Han’s heart is stunned. The elders saved time for themselves. They immediately thanked them: “Wei elders are so considerate of their younger generations, Ye Han has no teeth to forget!”


Elder Wei: "..."



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