Immortal Demon

A spiritual legacy that will continue for many years. A divine genius is born, God's help is no longer needed. In a world where fate determines talent, an idiot who has spent 6 years sitting around doing nothing, a waste of life in the eyes of many, finds a book of life-changing proportions. His soul is repaired, he becomes immortal, and takes his rightful place on the throne as the supreme Lord God.


7. Qinglian Wuge

Ye Jiahoushan, quiet and no one.


Like thousands of nights in the past, tonight, a normal night.


But for Ye Han, this night is not extraordinary!


"After tonight, the name of the six-year idiot that was added to me, the smoke disappeared!" Even though the two worlds were human, Ye Han spent a small quarter of an hour to calm his heart.


Immediately, as in the past six years, he sat on the short peak.


"The source of life, the masculine masculinity, the melting of a furnace, the achievement of the truth..."


The soul of "Life and Death Magic" always reverberates in the brain, and the leaves are cold and light, and they are swallowed up and the grass is angry, and the power of life between heaven and earth!


Life and death magic, life and death.


Plants, humans, beasts and even powerful monsters, the power of life and the qi of life in their bodies can be swallowed by themselves, and the ‘the soul of life’!


However, although "Life and Death Magic" is strong, it also has a basic stage. At present, Ye Han's "Life Soul" has not yet condensed, so it can only absorb the unconscious grass and plants!


Moreover, in the past six years, even though he is fascinated by the powerful soul of the two worlds, he has gradually swallowed the world and became angry, but the soul of life has not been completed, and it is only a small test.


At this moment, in the ‘Soul Palace’ in the Dantian area, a circle of faint golden lion heads is almost broken. In the depths of the lion's head, a little green and green cyclone is constantly fluctuating!


Dantian in the human body is also known as the Soul Palace, the Palace of the Souls!


The broken golden lion head is the soul ring of the golden lion martial art that he abolished. Today he is in the Ye Family's Chamber of Deputies, showing the golden lion head. It is a secret method in the inheritance of Xiu Luo Xuedi. Broken soul ring!


In the Soul Palace, the green cyclone hidden in the depths is the biggest reliance of Ye Han, the foundation of the soul of life!


Tonight, his only task is to catalyze the foundation and condense the true soul of life!


"The soul will eventually condense, but the soul of death, the soul of death..."


Ye Han spit out a sigh of gas, "Life and Death Magic" in the name of the devil, Xiu Luo blood emperor is a killing, therefore, nature is not what orthodox!


Whether it is to condense the soul, to devour the anger of all kinds of life, or to kill the soul, it is destined to be a bloody road!


Full of killing!


"I am in a hurry, I will concise the soul first, as for the soul of death, I will say later..."


Many miscellaneous thoughts flashed one by one, and Ye Hanxin Lake gradually subsided and entered the state of cultivation.


The Zhongdantian Soul Palace, the broken golden lion, gradually spreads into sporadic light spots while Ye Han continues to devour the power of the heavens and the earth.


With the growth and condensing of the green whirlpool in the depths of the Soul Palace, the speed of the golden lion's first dissipating is rapidly accelerating. Since the leaf was broken six years ago, the golden lion has been in a broken state and has not re-agglomerated. It has not completely disappeared.


But tonight, it dissipates at a speed visible to the naked eye.


This is the hegemony of "Life and Death Magic", the price of condensing the soul!


The ‘the soul palace’ hidden by the martial arts soul, except for the two souls of life and death, cannot allow other things! This is also the reason why Ye Han must be self-destructive.


Because, with the martial arts, the soul palace is occupied, the two souls of life and death, there is no habitat.


The night is thicker and thicker.


At the time of the moon in the middle of the moon, within the Yehan Soul Palace, the traces of the golden lion’s head have not been seen. This means that he was once regarded as the basis of genius. The golden lion martial art disappeared completely...


In the future, even if there is a strong man, he will not be able to restore his martial arts...


In contrast, it is a green seedling that breaks out of the ground within his soul palace. Soon, it stretches out a leaf.


Ye Han looked forward to six years, and cultivated the soul of more than 2,000 days and nights, but it was just a grass that had just sprouted.


It seems that a fierce wind can blow it off.


But Ye Han is not disappointed.


The blast only knows the grass.


The grass of the soul of the name of life is that any wildfire is burned, not to mention the wind between heaven and earth.




One night is fleeting.


On the early morning of the next day, Ye Han appeared early in front of the Yejia Gate. The younger brothers who had been practicing early and noticed him, and they were shocked.


Last night's fermentation of the whole night, Ye Han’s blockbuster things in the Chamber of Deputies have already made a lot of noise.


If it is a normal child of Ye family on weekdays, it is amazing to see a black horse.


Ye Han is different. His every move is too legendary, and people should not pay attention.


In the past six years, Ye Han has seen too many strange eyes, and has heard too many ridiculous words. A heart has long been stunned.


For the eyes that were numerous or examined, or explored, he was indifferent, but the girl who was holding the little hand next to him was tweaking and trying to get rid of his palm, making him slightly dissatisfied.


"Not allowed."


Ye Han frowned, and immediately saw the oysters on the girl's face, and could not help but smile in his heart, could not help but ridicule: "In the past, you didn't take my hand and refused to let it go, now it's good..."


Qinger was a little pissed off with a small mouth. If she can speak normally, she must tell the bad guy: "You lied to me for five years, and now I still have a thick face and my hand is not here, do you know shame?"


Before I went to see Ye Guanghong before Ye Han last night, I would have already prepared the good words and told the girl.


Naturally, he will not mention "The Magic of Life and Death", but Ye Han also confessed to the girl. He has been practicing a mysterious practice for many years. He can't speak but can't speak, but the senses are no problem.


Afterwards, I explained that Ye Han couldn't use it at all, because when the girl heard this, she thought that she would wash him for five years, dress him for him, and watch him all over, and he, all know... ...


At that time, the girl was paralyzed, and there were only three big characters left in her mind: What should I do? How to do?


Nothing can be done, shame is unbearable, the girl used a trick, stunned.


Let Ye Han save the explanation after the next.


Now Ye Han once again mentioned the relationship between the two of them in five years. When the girl brushed it, she thought of a wide dress, taking a shower...


The face became blushing and red, and the right hand, which was clenched by Ye Han, broke off again and again.


Ye Hanzheng is not clear, but fortunately, Ye Guanghong is finally late, this old man did not rest well last night, but his face is full of red light, so-called people happy things, this is no more than this.


"Ready to go!" Ye Guanghong waved his hand and the horse was ready. The groom went down and prepared to meet Ye Han and Qing Er.


Ye Han bowed, but did not immediately enter the carriage, but looked at a position in the city of Luoyun.


There, there are many high-rise buildings and magnificent buildings. It is one of the three major families in the city of Luoyun except Ye Family and the City Government.


Taking a deep breath, Ye Han no longer said more, holding Qing Er on the carriage.


Go here, Qinglian Wuge!


One of the four major military martial arts in Mubei, in some respects, even if it is the spiritual pilgrimage site of Mubeifu Pavilion, it is slightly less than.


Qinglian Wuge, the owner of the Qinglian Jianzong, a wine and a sword drunk in the world, and the world is known as the wine sword fairy, is the master of the sword master.


He is willing, free and easy, free to teach, no disciples, do not ask the origin, just look at the strength!


Sending Ye Han to Qinglian Wuge is a consideration made by Ye Guanghong after a deep thought.


How much a person's achievement depends on the people around him.


There is no doubt that Qinglian Wuge, such a platform, will enable Ye Han to rise rapidly. Squeeze the greatest potential...


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