Immortal Demon

A spiritual legacy that will continue for many years. A divine genius is born, God's help is no longer needed. In a world where fate determines talent, an idiot who has spent 6 years sitting around doing nothing, a waste of life in the eyes of many, finds a book of life-changing proportions. His soul is repaired, he becomes immortal, and takes his rightful place on the throne as the supreme Lord God.


4. one move

"Old man, Liu Yuner, why don't you stick yourself?"


A cold word, vibrate.


Hearing the words, Liu Tian’s thin old face was sullenly sullen. He served as the elder of Liu Jiawu for more than ten years, and he has not been so called!


What's more, the comer even dared to insult even his Miss Liu Jiada!


"Who is it?" Liu Tian's eyes turned to the door of the hall.


There, a thin black robe boy with excellent posture, extraordinary temperament, dark scorpion, revealing the indifferent color, the more obvious.


"Ye Han?"


Liu Tian has not recognized who it is, and Ye Ziyun’s shocked voice is the first to come out.


In this sentence, the entire conference hall will be lost!


Whether Ye Jia knows Ye Han or not, Liu Jia does not know Ye Han, and looks at this clear-eyed black robe boy, all of which are shaking hands!


Ye Jia’s famous big idiot...


Six years ago, I was hailed as the genius of Luoyun City in the past 100 years. It seems... awake!


The most shocked, non-green children are the ones who took care of Ye Han for five years. Every inch of this boy is very familiar with her.


From the initial shame to the later habits.


Qinger almost made Ye Han a dependency. Although the boy has been stupid, he will not dislike himself and will not curse himself...


Qing Er’s feelings for Ye Han are very special, and she is beyond her ability to describe herself.


She thought that in her life, she would spend so mundanely, taking care of this boy to die, and she will grow old.


Unexpectedly, today Liu family suddenly wants to take her back!


The sorrow and grief of her heart suddenly came out. The first thing that came to mind was the boy who had never spoken to her.


Therefore, in the case of rebellion, she still wants to see his last side.


Did not expect...


On the last side, this is the case!


The black robe boy in front of her makes her familiar and strange.


Familiarity is that the clothes on the juvenile are all made by her, and the appearance is even more so that she can draw her eyes.


Unfamiliar is that the eyes of the teenager are clear and deep, and there is no numbness in the past...


"Ye Han?"


The elder of Liu Tian finally reacted. After a brief shock, he regained his calmness. "Look at it, do you seem to be awake?"


"So good, let Miss Qing see the results of her work in recent years, the idiots return to normal, I think she is more satisfied, now, she can safely follow me back to Liu family."


The elder of Liu Tian is indifferent. Although Ye Han’s name was very loud six years ago, he was praised as the first child prodigy in the past 100 years, and the genius who can be famous in the future!


But, for six years, you can change everything.


The genius of the past became a famous idiot. The innate golden lion martial arts had been abolished, and even the Liu Jia's Miss Liu Yuner did not match his shoes.


Liu Tian didn't look at Ye Han's eyes, his eyes fell on Qing Er's body: "Let's go, people see it, it's time to go back..."


At the entrance of the hall, Ye Han couldn't help but smile: "It seems that my voice is not loud enough. Old man, can't you understand? Qinger, you can't take it away!"


The look of Liu Tian suddenly became cold, and the six generations of the day after tomorrow were spread to the audience, and the atmosphere was stunned. "The little beast, you know, who are you facing?"


Ye Han glanced at the savage Qinger, and his expression was cold: "Is it bigger than anyone? Or is it because I am a thin body of Ye Hanyi, can't it be shocked? That's good... How about this?"


A golden glare of light shines from him in vain, in the bright glare, behind the leaf cold, a golden lion king emerges!


This golden illusory lion is as high as three feet, standing behind the leaf cold, like the ability to hold up a piece of heaven, majestic, solemn!


The lion roared in the sky, the voice of anger, deafening!




"Moreover, Qinger is my Ye Han person, no one can take her away, old man, you can't!"


With this madness of the lion, the cold voice of Ye Han seems to have a different, overbearing, can not be opposed!


"Golden Lion Wuhun?" Ye Ziyun, who sat in the first place, suddenly got up, a light and waveless face, full of surprise.


"This is impossible! Six years ago, you have already abolished the Golden Lion Wuhun, this is impossible!" Liu Tian is a pair of ghosts.


"Wu Yong feels that everything is impossible, and the world of genius, everything is possible!" Ye cold laughed, step by step to the front of Qinger, holding the slender palm of the girl.


"Well?" The girl made a nasal sound, and some shyly pulled away from the tender hand.


Ye Han smiled: "Now I know shy? In the past five years, where have you not seen it?"


The girl is limited by the congenital hidden disease, but the delicate face is brushed and pink pink...


Liu Tian’s face was gloomy and dripping. After a while, he returned to normal. He said coldly: “Ye Han’s child, although I don’t know that you were crazy and sold silly six years ago, you didn’t waste Wuhun, or you have another adventure and you have recovered Wuhun. However, this is not the past, now you, six years of silence, has long been different, Miss Qing is the name of my family, the lady who wants to bring back! Married, is the son of the elders of Mubeifu, not you Ye Jia's children can point to the finger!"


"Wang Yuner named the person?"


Ye Han has a word, and the golden lion behind it overlooks the audience: "She is a monk, what qualifications are there to name me? With her scum-like demon snake martial arts?"


"Roll! Want people, let Liu Yuner come over!"


I heard that Ye Han was so insulted, Liu Tian was furious and took the case: "Small beast, you are arrogant! Today I will replace you Ye Jia, teach you lessons!"


The voice did not fall, Liu Tian explored it with one hand, and under the eruption, the figure was almost as lightning fast. In an instant, he was deceived, and he took a shot toward Ye Han!


Originally, Liu Tian’s old man was not so arrogant, but Ye Han’s remarks were inferior, and the dignity of his superiors was trampled on, and the lion’s dignity was again applied. Soul, his heart is deeply taboo, and at this moment, he is also taking the opportunity to test!


If it can be unexpected, it will be a good time to abolish Ye Han again.


Liu Tian practiced the martial arts for decades. Although he did not use the martial arts at this moment, the six-year-old cultivation was quite amazing. In addition, he was wounded and wounded, and Ye Ziyun, the owner of the Ye family, had no time to react.


"Liu Tian elder, you are too much!" Ye Jia people were furious and shocked.


Hiding behind the leaves of Ye Ziyun, a pair of water is so large that the worried expression is almost written on the face.


"Old dog, wait for you!"


Ye Han’s lips evoked a sneer. What he had done before was to anger Liu Tian. Otherwise, with his six-year idiot’s reputation, Dabe Ye Ziyun would not wait to see him. I am afraid that it is difficult to retain Qing Er today!


And Liu Tian violently wounded in front of everyone in the Ye family, or an Ye Jiaxuan system, will arouse the same enemy of Ye Jiazhi, and he is in the middle of his arms!


"However, the six palms of the day after tomorrow are not so easy to deal with. Fortunately, this old man failed to break through the seven..."


Want to create a truly complete shock, the next step is the key to the key, Ye Han deep breath, the six-year-old "Life and Death Magic" suddenly broke out!


In a flash, the light in the eyes is blown up!


A sly life concept, to protect the guilt, and the opposite of a death mood, condensed into a little cold, broke out between the two fingers!


Break the face!




After a loud bang, Ye Han figured out and flew out, but the crowd was full of stunned eyes, incredulously looking at the black robes of the lips and bloodshed!


Liu Tianyi palm, Ye Han defeated, and even suffered a minor injury, but he did not die!


How can this be!


Although Liu Tianyi’s palm is not doing his best, even the three-day warrior of the day after tomorrow can only kill himself!


Ye Han, actually resisting not dying?



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