Immortal Demon

A spiritual legacy that will continue for many years. A divine genius is born, God's help is no longer needed. In a world where fate determines talent, an idiot who has spent 6 years sitting around doing nothing, a waste of life in the eyes of many, finds a book of life-changing proportions. His soul is repaired, he becomes immortal, and takes his rightful place on the throne as the supreme Lord God.


8. Older teenager in the entry test

Seven days later.


Outside Qinglian City, Ye Han looked at the dilapidated city wall. It seems that compared with Luoyun City, the city where the Qinglianwuge is located is not too big.


However, contrary to it, far more than ten times the flow of people in Luoyun City, but let Ye Han recognize the influence of a master-level powerhouse!


The Wuge and the dynasty gave orders to the world, and the genius of the dynasty was a major feature of the Fengxue dynasty. It was also an excellent means for the Fengxue dynasty to absorb talents.


Mubeifu is not a prosperous government in the dynasty. Originally there were only three major martial arts. However, 13 years ago, a young robes that appeared suddenly, holding a sword and a jug, rushed to Mubei, challenging contemporary Mubei government owner, three swords to win.


Then, Mubeifu will have the fourth Wuge, Qinglian Wuge!


It was built by the Qing dynasty swordsman who won the three swords and won the battle. In just 13 years, Qinglian Wuge grew rapidly and is now well-known.


If there is not enough information, I am afraid that every time the enrollment day will be popular, even the Mubei House will only be able to look back.


"Go in, though, because Qinglian Jianzong once sinned the head of Mubei, the genius disciples who came to the teacher every year, a small number of them will be intercepted by Mubeifu for various reasons, but this is the characteristic of Qinglianwuge... ...not to force, not to stay strong! Moreover, Qinglian Wuge is a relatively fair place, no matter what kind of genius, we must start from the cabinet, all treatment, speak with strength!"


Ye Guanghong took a deep breath and led Ye Han into the city.


Compared to the dilapidation of the city wall, there is no doubt that there is a lot of prosperity in Qinglian City. A few people, looking for a long time to find an inn with empty rooms.


After a rest, the next day, the group rushed to Qinglian Wuge.


"Good performance, Qinglian Wuge entry test even if the performance is strong, although they can not directly enter the cabinet, but if the entry test can get good results, there will be a chance to observe the Wu Jian in the cabinet, that is the Qinglian swordsman inscription There is no sword on the sword. It is said that many geniuses have realized the strong swordsmanship from this. This is an opportunity that can be met, Ye Han, come on."


Ye Guanghong and Qing Er stopped at Qinglian Wuge. Due to the few days of entry, the Wuge was overcrowded, so all outsiders were prevented from entering.


At the end of the entry, you can bring one or two unaccompanied family members and servants to take care of the disciples in the cabinet.


Qinger can't talk, just red face, pinching the palm of the hand, and these days, the shyness of the girl is gradually reduced.


After all, Ye Han is the person she has been caring for for five years. It is the most important person for her not long life.


"Stupid girl, will not let you down, wait, half a year later, I must let your vicious sister, repent of you!" Ye Han is not tempted, waved goodbye.


As the root of the prosperity of Qinglian City, Qinglian Wuge has occupied half of the Beicheng District. The area is large, so it is dozens of Yejia, and it cannot be compared.


Ye Han has come all the way, and there are people who are responsible for enrolling students to guide the route. Otherwise, he may even get lost in the martial arts...


However, I felt a lot of strange sights along the way, and Ye Han’s sad reminder found one thing...


It seems that he is the oldest new disciple within three days of getting started!


This is not, just asked the two martial arts servants to finish the road, Ye Han left the foot, and then they heard that they were there.


"It’s so big, I’m still coming to Qinglian Wuge for evaluation... Although my Qinglian Wuge is not like other military martial arts, it is strictly limited to the age of ten to get started, but it’s a bit self-aware.”


"If the talent is outstanding, it has already been collected by other martial arts. The boy seems to be fifteen or six years old. Is it still a lucky one? I thought that Qinglianwuge is a waste shelter?"


"Oh, whisper, the boy seems to have heard it. Looking at us, the owner has rules that prohibit us from talking about the introductory disciples..."


"As for him, the first assessment will be brushed down."


Ye Han is quite troubled. Any bad words can be heard far away, and it is not a good thing.


However, he did not care with the two attendants. For him, the best response is no more than true results.


"I can't look down on me... then I will let the dog's eyes see people with low visibility, and older people can also be geniuses."


After a small quarter of an hour, Qinglian Wuge’s performance martial arts finally arrived. At this time, the performance of the martial arts field was already full.


After Ye Han condensed the soul of life, the ears were clear, and far away, they saw the four major items of the entry assessment. Each had a huge signboard, and the many teenagers who came to the teacher were divided into four parts.


Getting started with four items:






Absorb the efficiency of Reiki!


And the last one, the competition.


"Heart, understanding is not difficult to understand, absorb the efficiency of aura? Isn't it the change of the law to assess the Wuhun? Oh." Ye Han smiled.


In the end, even the owner of Qinglian Wuge, such as the outstanding figure of Qinglian Jianzong, advocated that there is no class, but for Wuhun, he also has to pay attention.


After all, Wuhun is the foundation of the Tianwu community!


Such as the Shura blood emperor, these eyes are detached from the secular people, only one year.


"First conduct a heart test, this should be my strength." After thinking about it, Ye Han went to the northeast of the military field.


"Look and see, there is a young boy who is developing very well. Look at this height, two or three heads higher than me..."


When Ye Hanyi appeared, it caused the excitement of a little girl with a mushroom head and a round face. Looking at her age, she was only about seven years old. Even in the entry test, the youngest is the smallest one.


Next to her, a girl with a silver hair, her eyes faintly fascinating with light, she looked at the face of the cold for a moment, revealing a mocking expression.


"I thought it was a martial art with a strengthened physique. It turned out to be a waste material with a bone age of fifteen years old. It looks like it is a fish in the water."


The silver-haired girl's tone is disdainful, but the speech is well-founded and extremely precocious. After saying this, she is not looking at Ye Han.


In the heart of Ye Han’s heart, Tianwujie is a world of practice, and even a generation of talented people who can speak. Therefore, the girl’s performance is not mature, and it does not surprise him, but the girl’s eyes are obviously light. The special Wuhun, who could see his bone age at a glance, made him quite vigilant.


It is his greatest secret to practice "Life and Death Magic" and replace the Wuhun with the soul of life that has been cultivated. Once it is known to the world, it will definitely cause a great uproar.


Ye Han did not dare to care about it, and quickly converge on the breath, hiding the seedlings of life in the Soul Palace.


At this moment, the silver-haired girl looked at him again: "No, I can't feel his martial arts..."


Just as the silver-haired girl was ready to condense her mind, there was a voice coming from the side: "Xu Ruoran, you are a disciple who passed the three assessments of the Qingqing Wuge, and even a 15-year-old waste material that came to Lishui to fish Through, I see your silver martial arts, but it’s just a name..."


In the martial arts field, all the young people are eager to check the results, and few of them are easy to face, except for the teenager who speaks.


He is tall and tall, only slightly shorter than Ye Han, but it is obviously different from Ye Han’s fifteen-year-old. He is the type that developed early in the mouth of the mushroom head girl.


His name is Xu Tianchong, and the same is true for the silver-haired girl Xu Ruoran. However, there are many different comparisons. They are only the first three assessments. The two are not in the same position. The fourth assessment requires all the first three items. After the assessment of the disciples, the assessment will be unified.


So for the time being, he still can't compare with Xu Ruoran, and the appearance of Ye Han has undoubtedly made him find a way to suppress Xu Ruran.


"The old waste material... Look at what you see, it is you, I am the three sons of the Xu family in Mubeifu City. Now I ask you, what kind of martial arts do you have in the end?" Xu Tianchong walked proudly to Ye Han. It seems that he can say a word to Ye Han, and it is already an honor for Ye Hantian.


Suddenly, Ye Han had a sense of sight that my dad was Li Gang. To be honest, it was the first time that he was alive for more than a decade.


"It seems that no matter which world, there is such a arrogant madness that the world revolves around him..."


With this in mind, the expression on Ye Han’s face is fun: “Little kid, my brother is not free to play with you now, and he will give his brother a long way to go, otherwise... my brother may have a spanking.”

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