Immortal Demon

A spiritual legacy that will continue for many years. A divine genius is born, God's help is no longer needed. In a world where fate determines talent, an idiot who has spent 6 years sitting around doing nothing, a waste of life in the eyes of many, finds a book of life-changing proportions. His soul is repaired, he becomes immortal, and takes his rightful place on the throne as the supreme Lord God.


16. No Fear

Contribute to the church.


A tree-lined path, many old disciples embroidered with swords on the chest came and went.


"Hey, every time I work hard to finish the task, I will be exploited two points. It’s really annoying!" A young disciple who was getting started for a year was full of faces, not far behind him, two teenagers holding cold fists Vision, looking at his back is a bit contemptuous.


If Ye Han is here, I can certainly notice that one of the two teenagers is a Liu Xiong who wants to exchange his martial arts exchange order in front of the Tibetan Buddhist Scriptures!


"Let's say a few words, our talent is the lowest level of the martial arts. It is only one year after the entry, and we don't rob us of the robbery. If we don't overdo it, even the elders of the martial arts are just one eye." What can you do?" Next to the young disciple, a fat man pulled him.


Saying, from time to time, I carefully looked back at the back, for fear that the two teenagers who had just robbed heard it.


Among the trails, other violent cabinet disciples are silent. This is the potential rule of Wuge, and it is also a shortcut to quickly obtain contribution points.


There are people and places where there are rivers and lakes. In the cabinet, there are many alliances created by talented disciples.


A strong league will complete some large-scale tasks, so the contribution of each harvest is quite rich, and it will not rob the bottom disciples here.


However, some of the Central League will not, and they only ask for one or two points at a time, but they are not excessive. Instead, they will stimulate other disciples to work hard, so the elders of the Cabinet also acquiesced in this behavior.


The tree-lined path in front of the congregation is considered a fixed robbery site. Several NMCs allocate monthly time slots and queue up in order.


In general, most of the leagues will only rob each person of the contribution, and today the alliance will be more greedy, they have only two people, one named Nie Fan, one named Liu Xiong.


It stands to reason that the two men were repaired as one after another, and one who had just stepped into the day after tomorrow, was unusual and unqualified to be robbed here.


This Nie Fan, who can't stand the two people, has a good reputation. His brother Nie Beichuan founded the 'Blood League', which is a top-level middle-class league with a few backgrounds of cabinet genius. Many old disciples who were robbed by two people, though in the chest Unwilling, but the strength of Nie Beichuan can only be bitten.


"Hey, it’s a group of poor ghosts. When you rob two points of contribution, you cry and yell at the mother..." At this moment, Nie Fan and Liu Xiong, who were hated by the disciples of the cabinet, seemed to be somewhat unhappy.


"A silver wood martial arts exchange order worth five hundred points. If it is such a robbery, the monkey year can only be picked up! The puppy in front of me dare not swear at me, I don't know what kind of superior martial arts he has changed!"


The willow bear looked at the haze, remembering that the previous words had hit his leaf cold, his face was very ugly.


Nie Fan Laoshen is here: "Reassure, as long as he is a new disciple, he will come to the contribution hall to receive the contribution points. No matter what martial arts he has, in the end, it is ours... a new disciple, no eyesight, no matter how The martial art world of the jungle is alive? We will teach him what to do when he bows his head!"


"The new introductory disciples have ten months a month.... According to the rules, we can't rob him, but the rules are dead, people are alive... This kid, I not only want to rob, but also humiliate! Let He knows that no one can offend anyone!"


Liu Xiong has recognized Nie Fan as a righteous brother. He has hardly been humiliated. A new disciple who has just started to introduce his face and make him deeply angry.


Nie Fanli nodded and said: "Don't make a life."


Liu Xiong is preparing to pick up the words, but at this moment, a cold voice came over. "Oh? Don't make a life trip?... Is that true?"


Then, it was the leaves of a blue shirt that quietly went out.


"Puppy, are you coming very fast?"


Seeing the situation, Liu Xiong was overjoyed. If Nie Fan stopped it, he couldn’t help but teach Ye Han before the Tibetan Buddhist Scriptures. Why wait until this time!


Nie Fan frowned, and behind him there was such a big brother Nie Beichuan. The knowledge was far better than the Liu Xiong. It was seen that the leaves between the leaves and the walks were silent, but suddenly appeared, and even the three major repairs were not noticed. I am afraid that it is not as simple as I imagined!




The two of them robbery is not by virtue!


With a reassuring color, Nie Fan said coldly: "When you come, just look at what you haven't let us wait for a long time. Let's let you go today, hand over the martial arts that came from the exchange, and then squat. Contribute half of the contribution points, I will let the bears put you in the horse!"


Ye Han smiled and asked: "How do I hear that the Alliance is robbing, and at most two contributions?"


Nie Fan gave a laugh, but explained that he didn't want to explain: "I don't know what to do! I still want to bargain!"


Liu Xiong snorted: "Puppy, don't you know who is behind us? Did Nie Beichuan know? The introduction is only two years, but it is already the top genius in the cabinet! I Nie Fange is his only younger brother. What he said is the rule, let you pay half of the contribution, just give it to me!"


After all, he shook his head and his fist squeaked: "I don't want to talk nonsense. Now let's hand over the superior martial arts. This is a gift for Beichuan's big brother. You can make this contribution. It’s a great blessing, don’t be blessed in the blessing!”


Nie Fan also showed impatience and urged: "Hurry up! After you have finished the superior martial arts, go to collect the contribution points and hand over half!"


Ye Han blinked: "The robbery said that it is so fresh and refined, but it is only seen in life... If you want to rob me, you will see if you are qualified!"


"Qualification? I will let you see, what is qualification?"


When Liu Xiong heard this moment, he couldn’t stand it any longer. When he was in shape, he walked on the ground, his movements were lightning fast, and the tiger rushed to eat.


"Give me a lie down!"


Halfway through the crowd, Liu Xiong sneered, holding the palm into a fist, a straight fist that went straight straight, brought a strong wind, and suddenly screamed!




The air is shaking and it sounds like the roar of the tiger king!


"This is the martial arts tiger screaming and punching. The fists are like the wind, the leaves are flying, this martial art has been trained by the bear to the realm of Dacheng!"


In the tree-lined path, disciples who are concerned about the situation are exclaimed!


Huxiao Changquan is a kind of martial arts that is widely spread in Qinglian Wuge. The cultivation is moderately difficult. However, like Liu Xiong, there is not a few people who have trained to Dacheng’s Huxiao Changquan.


Any martial arts, cultivation to Dacheng has extraordinary power, this kind of means, usually the second day of the day, is not the opponent of Liu Xiong, let alone the leaf cold just getting started?


"This boy is too strong, offended who is not good, offended these two guys..."


The willow bear character is sullen, and he will report it. This fist does not leave any spare force. Obviously, he wants Ye Han to leave a profound lesson, instead of simply robbing him of his harvest!


Faced with the punch of this force, Ye Han brows slightly, but he did not immediately counterattack, but held his breath.


"This boy, isn't it silly? Can't match, even hiding will not hide..."


The young disciple who was previously robbed by Liu Xiong and Nie Fan showed their unbearable color.


The fat man next to him sighed and sympathized: "It looks like the seedlings just getting started, haven’t experienced the wind and rain, and are scared! This is terrible!"




A punch like a mountain, the two expected that the scene of the cold spurt of the middle leaves did not happen, I saw the Liu Xiong spare, a punch hit the ground, fists, have cracked a few blood!


The previous Ye Han, which stood still, was just a shadow!


"So fast?"


The crowd was shocked and apparently did not expect this result.


I thought that the winner of the victory in Nie Fan’s hole was shrinking: “Is this method of body, it seems that it is not a Chinese martial arts?”


next moment!


I heard the thunder and thunder bursting, a blue figure like a ghostly deceive, a foot will fly the willows, and the strength is so great that the ground makes a loud bang.


Immediately, Ye Han, who was not put in his heart, showed his body shape.


This boy, as usual, calms, just the curvature of the corner of his lips, ridiculously mocking him.


"Sorry, others are afraid of the people behind you, and I..."


"not afraid!"

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