Immortal Demon

A spiritual legacy that will continue for many years. A divine genius is born, God's help is no longer needed. In a world where fate determines talent, an idiot who has spent 6 years sitting around doing nothing, a waste of life in the eyes of many, finds a book of life-changing proportions. His soul is repaired, he becomes immortal, and takes his rightful place on the throne as the supreme Lord God.


2. Inheritance of blood Emperor

Ye Han once had a name, Lin Aiguo. Yes, this wonderful name can only be seen on a blue planet. Xu is the reason for the crossing of the people, Lin Patriotic... Oh, it should be said that ye Han, ye Han's gifted students are more prominent, and the Golden Lion warrior is born. With this kind of talent, we can at least become the top nine player of the day after tomorrow, even if ye will catch fish for two days in three days. At that time, Ye was hesitant and full of ambition. He just wanted to grow up quickly, make a ten best dude with a bird to walk a dog, take a few room aunt, and make a good succession. However, in his whole life, he was unfortunate enough to stand on a strict father. So, under all kinds of harsh demands, ye Han became a genius in the eyes of others. Ye Han is also very helpless, but the previous generation of parents early death, this life of him, he is very happy to enjoy the warm father of the mother, although his mouth has always been with his father, in fact, still strive to improve themselves. In this way, the name of genius and child prodigy lasted for nine years. During the nine years, ye Han, who had a reputation for his personality, picked up a baby at the age of eight. There is an inheritance of the devil of the world, and ye family does not know the devil, until he finds the ancient books. Tian Wu Jie is an emperor of heaven, and the inheritance of Xu's blood emperor. In accordance with the rule of the one way, this man had the spirit of the seven order of the Holy Spirit. He had no emperor's life. He had no possibility of becoming a emperor in his life. But he had a great perseverance, slaughter, plunder, and use all kinds of heaven and earth. But somehow, after he became emperor, he disappeared. The records on ancient books have been recorded so far, but ye Han, who has been inherited by the emperor of the blood of Xiuluo, knows that the emperor of Xiuluo blood emperors was the hero of the emperor's generation, and by the seven order of the soul of the xiuo, he was finally fallen under the doorsill of God. After breaking through the realm of emperor, Xu Luo spent all his life trying to impact the realm of God. However, the separation between man and God is more difficult than climbing the sky. It is restricted by the seven ranks of the soul of the soul of the second army. After the failure of the impact of God, the death of the emperor of the blood was not long. He was full of unwillingness and lost, and in the last period of life, he finished his life and created a universal function. The magic power of life and death! This work takes the nature of heaven and forms the body of God, and aims to break the limitations of martial spirit deciding the gift. But it is a pity that Xu Luo's creation of this method is just to seal it with the seal of his life in a wind chime. And the wind bell went around for many years, and finally fell to the eight year old Ye Han, who was accidentally opened. At that time, ye Han and his family were very happy. He was very satisfied with the current situation. He was not only able to practice it when he died. When he was nine years old, his father was killed on that night, his mother was caught by his mother, and the cold of all this was suddenly discovered. He was a genius in the city of Yuncheng. We can look at the snow and wind Dynasty, and look at the boundless sky Wu Kingdom. He is just a mole ant, a mud worm that people do not want to see. Ye Han will never forget, six years ago, the scorn of the strong eye that grabbed the mother. It is high on the top, looking down in the clouds! At that time, he saw Ye Han, but he chose to ignore it. He left a sentence like this: "a waste father, he really can only give birth to a son." The soul of the Golden Lion... Oh... " The people in the city of Yuncheng have a shallow view, I do not know that the spirit also has the height, the grade of the grade, and the inheritance of the emperor Xue Xue, but ye Han understand that although he is the soul of the congenital Golden Lion, it is only the ordinary two order warrior soul! After a night's hard work, he realized that if he were to develop in accordance with the spirit of the golden lion, he would be very poor. So, he chose "life and death magic power"! Abolish the spirit, to the body, into the body of God! In the past six years, he has embarked on the foundation of the "life and death magic power", and also placed his soul in the heritage of the emperor of the blood, like a sponge to absorb all the knowledge. Now, the inheritance of Xu's blood is almost all of him, and the foundation of life and death is close to completion. All, at last, it's going to be bitter! ... Ye house, hall of discussion. Qing er's face was angry in the living room, opposite to her. He was an old white man. He was a native of Qing er. The long, slender faced willow elder looked indifferently: "since Miss Green has arrived, the old man took her back." The owner of Ziyun, I have already given the compensation, and you will not stop me. The first seat of the hall is a middle-aged purple robe, with no need, a noble spirit, but it is Ye Ziyun, the eldest son of the Lord leaf of Ye's home. "This is nature," Ye Ziyun said. "This is the two lady of your family, who has been in my family for so long. Now we think about it and go back." Qing ER was all in tears. She was called to the conference hall today. She thought she was the owner of the house. Unexpectedly, it was Liu's family who wanted to bring himself back to the Hui people. The ruthless family of Liu's family, after five years ago, has already decided not to go back, and this time, it is not a good thing to call her back. It looks like she wanted to give her to a mu Bei Wu's disciple as a concubine. "Woo..." Qing er's voice sob, want to pour out his voice. Liu Tian elders said coldly: "it seems that Miss Green is worried. After all, she hasn't returned to Liu's family for so many years." Then he got up and left with green son. Qing er's face was filled with aggrieved colors and looked at Liu Tian's step. She subconsciously hid behind Ye Ziyun. Ye Ziyun was stunned. He had a little apology in his heart. He didn't think of it. The two Miss Liu Jia was despised in Liujia. He knew it well, and he could not do so for the sake of Ye family. It was only because of his family. "Ye Han is cold and cold, if you are like six years ago, even great uncle, I do not like your father, but in your talented talent, it will never make you cold... But now, don't blame great uncle me. " Ye Ziyun sighed in his heart. Ye Han is just an idiot now. He needn't offend Liu family for him. In the final analysis, Qing ER was Liu's family. He stayed at Ye's home five years ago, just because of an accident. After five years, Liu family took a lot of money to return to Liu Qing Er, and Ye Ziyun refused to do so. Just as Ye Ziyun was ready to nod his head, he suddenly broke his finger and wrote on the table. "Finally, let me see Mr. Ye Han." "Brother Ye Han?" Ye Ziyun, in a trance, remembered his younger brother's address to himself when he was young, but ye Han was his only nephew, the only son of his second brother. People who are merciless, just in this position, Ye Ziyun should consider not only the family ties, but also the advantages and disadvantages of the whole family. "All right." Ye Ziyun agreed. Liu Tian silent, also nodded, Ye Ye's idiot master Ye cold, fall Cloud City people know well, can not turn out what spray. Just meet the last wish of the young man.
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