Immortal Demon

A spiritual legacy that will continue for many years. A divine genius is born, God's help is no longer needed. In a world where fate determines talent, an idiot who has spent 6 years sitting around doing nothing, a waste of life in the eyes of many, finds a book of life-changing proportions. His soul is repaired, he becomes immortal, and takes his rightful place on the throne as the supreme Lord God.


1. Idiot and dummy

Fall Cloud City, leaf house.

Ye cold along the rule of six years, the expression of a wooden rise, wash, sit at a small table, pick up chopsticks to eat.

On the opposite side of the leaf cold, there was a young girl with a graceful figure. The beautiful face was a little white. The eyes of the water were like speaking, and a blink of a wink.

The girl did not eat, nor spoke, but quietly watched the leaf cold finish, helped him wipe the corners of his mouth, carefully finishing the wrinkles on his clothes.

The girl looks like a picture, doing these trivial things, but also has some other aesthetic feeling.

After careful confirmation of Ye tidy clothes, the girl patted the stool and indicated that ye Han sat down. She immediately maintained her habit for several years and cleaned up the dishes.

Ye Han did not speak a word. His empty eyes did not fluctuate. He waited for the girl to wash the bowl and go out with her.

Along the way, a lot of Ye Jia people saw two people, showing their expression of disdain.

"Tut, ye big idiot really worked hard, so early to go back to the mountain in a daze!"

"This diligent strength, if used in practice, even if the congenital Golden Lion spirit has been abolished, it can also be cultivated to the day after tomorrow."

"It is bitter girl, who has taken care of this idiot for many years, but no one even knows the most basic gratitude."

Ye Han at Ye family is definitely a famous character.

His life is not vulgar, his father is the two son of Ye family, and his status is naturally stronger than ordinary people.

And he was born to be a Jinshi lion warrior. In this Cloud City, it is a rare physical training that is rare in the past hundred years.

Life and talent are all good, and ye Han is extraordinary.

He was born with a spirit, weak and able to speak. At the age of six or seven, although he was just beginning to quench his body, he did not really step into the martial arts, but occasionally some amazing views have made him a genius.

At that time, people in the city of Yuncheng thought that ye would have a famous person with a famous earthquake.


Legendary life, when ye Han was nine years old, stopped abruptly.

His father leaf purple coat overnight death, its mother forest snow mysteriously disappeared, young leaf cold seems to be unable to withstand the attack, in the mother's disappearance of second days, himself, abolished his own congenital Golden Lion spirit!

The martial spirit of Tian Wu is respected. The spirit of the warrior is the greatest reliance on the way of practice. Without martial spirit, it is not only difficult to break through the bottleneck of practice, but even the fighting power is far inferior to the same level.

It can be said that there is no Wu spirit, representing the two words of "waste".

Ye cold makes such a pie. Everyone thinks he is crazy.

And ye Han's performance seems to prove that, from the waste of the spirit, he became numb, become silent, do not know to negotiate with people, do not know practice martial way, like a mechanical like, early rise, wash, meal, go to the back mountain sit 'daze'...

Keep repeating this act for six years!

Until now fifteen years old, he's still the same!

The leaf family, no matter anyone, is not concerned about him. Even if he is the Lord of the leaves of his family, he is a pro - grandfather of Ye Han, but he is only told that the people below do not bully him. In the last year, he did not see him.

Only one exception, the young girl!

Only the young girl, from five years ago to the leaf house, took the initiative to take care of the duties of Ye Han, to take him early, cook for him, to send him to the rear mountain to be "daze", and to do a good dinner in the evening and wait for him to come back.

No interruption in five years!

"Ah, the iniquity, the blue child girl is dumb, originally because of the congenital hidden danger to be discriminated against, now is following the leaf cold this idiot, pitiful! It had nothing to do with her, but her sister... "

An old maidservant lamented.

Some of the older girls beside them knew about that five years ago.

In that time, it was true that Liu's family did not do it. The sister of the young girl's sister, Liu Yun, was somewhat ruthless.

From the home of the house to the back mountain, there is a continuous pointing voice, and the leaves are cold and empty.

Qing Er looked at Ye Han's eyes for a while. He stretched out Qian Qian's jade hand and pinched his palm.

Until the entrance of the mountain, Qing son was reluctant to let go and pass the package of another hand to Ye Han, which was the dry grain she made.

"Be careful."

To make a sign language, Qing Er turned away.

And green son did not see, in the moment that her figure disappeared, there was a slight fluctuation in the eyes of Ye cold.

At the same time, it is not hidden.


After the leaves of the family, a short peak.

A thick black cloth robe like a bell, tightly closed with eyes, and a beautiful face without any waves.

It's early in the morning.

There are many family members in the mountains who are practicing boxing and practicing martial arts.

From time to time, a strong wind exploded, and occasionally some naughty children would throw two stones to the cold leaves and harass him.

But all this, if he had not heard of him, he would be like a flesh left.

"Ha ha, it's an idiot! But it's weird. Six years of sitting down, how come he's not broken? "

"After all, people are born of the Golden Lion warrior, which is what we need to awaken the spirit of the day after tomorrow."

"Yes, yes, it is said that people are born to be wise, weak and able wizards, maybe six years of sitting in the wind."

"The whole world?" An exotic flower that has destroyed its soul, the news spread to the outside world, and it will really surprise the world! All the eyes of the world will be shocked! "

Several children who are still hardening their bodies are laughing and laughing. They are taught by their parents in the case of Ye Han when they are very young.

"Give me a mouth!"

A burly man broke out of his voice, interrupting their nonsense, but ye Jia's martial instructor was responsible for training Ye Kui, a less than ten year old boy.

"You laugh at Ye Han every day, and you know that there is no end of Wu spirit, and you are not born with a warrior spirit, so the effort of the day after tomorrow is extremely important. Three practice every day, not slack! "

"The awakening of the spirit of the day after tomorrow is also divided into the sooner or later. The sooner awakening, the better for the practice."

"The spirit of the martial arts is the basis of practice, the base of the martial arts. Congenital deficiency, the day after tomorrow, if you do not know how to forge ahead, then you can see... "

Ye Kui said coldness: "Ye cold is your example! Even if you are not such an idiot as you are, you will destroy your warrior by yourself, but without effort, there will be no future. "

"Do not want to be self willing to fall, don't learn Ye Han, when his parents had an accident, for a child, it was a kind of blow, but he had a grandfather, and a family! What is the extreme thing to do with the spirit of self waste? In this world, how many powerful people are not in a lifetime? If this twists and turns can not be seen, he will never achieve anything in his life. "

"There is no shortcut to the martial way, give me a hard time! Strive! Try again! If you can awaken the warrior before the age of ten, you will be able to enter Wu Ge's spiritual practice. As long as you enter Wu Ge, you will have the opportunity to listen to heaven directly, and become a strong and powerful party, no longer a dream!

After the morning exercise, the sun began to grow up. When the sun sank, there was no shadow behind the mountain.

At a certain moment, the leaf cold that has been sitting all the time, the lip flutter suddenly moved, a sigh, like helpless, as if expected, like a firm, quietly in this quiet mountain forest, sounded...

"There is no shortcut to the martial arts!"


"So, I don't regret."

The mountain breeze suddenly stopped, burning under the sun, surrounded by green and dripping grass, a dark green air suddenly appeared like smoke.

Finally, he fell into the body of the black robe boy on the low peak.

If there is an alchemist here, it can be seen that these Green Qi is the vitality of the essence of plants and the power of life.

Ye Han, the famous idiot of Ye Jia, is devouring the world and becoming angry for himself when no one can see it.

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