Immortal Demon

A spiritual legacy that will continue for many years. A divine genius is born, God's help is no longer needed. In a world where fate determines talent, an idiot who has spent 6 years sitting around doing nothing, a waste of life in the eyes of many, finds a book of life-changing proportions. His soul is repaired, he becomes immortal, and takes his rightful place on the throne as the supreme Lord God.


9. Heart test

"Otherwise, my brother has to spank..."




The little mushroom girl who first paid attention to Ye Han was directly teased: "Wow, this big brother speaks well and I like him too much."


The silver-haired girl’s lips were hooked, and she was also in a good mood by Ye Han’s rogue tone.


"It seems that this person is old, but the guts are not small." The silver-haired girl felt that she had a better sense of the black robe.


However, unfortunately, this young man is too eye-catching. She and Xu Tianchong share the same family. The most understanding of his character is sinister poison. It is not like an ordinary child.


Sure enough, Ye Han’s voice just fell, and he saw Xu Tianchong’s expression sullen. He was not very old, but after a gloomy face, there was a lot of coldness that could not be possessed by the superiors: “Older waste, What did you say? Say it again?"


Ye Han shrugged, this threatening tone is really confusing...


Therefore, he chose to ignore and go directly to the location of the heart test area.


The four major tests, except the fourth one, are those that pass the first three disciples.


The other three are all the disciples who come to the teacher can do it, so the number of people is large, usually it takes a few days to finish the test, and the number is taken by luck, good luck, ahead, bad luck... ...


Wait a minute.


Ye Han took the number plate he had received, and the word B-6...


Geely is Geely, but it seems that it will be tested in the afternoon or even tomorrow.


On the other side, Xu Tianchong saw Ye Han next to no one, directly ignored him, his face was even more ugly.


He came from Mubeifucheng. At the age of six, he awakened to the Wuhuo martial spirit of the Yin to the evil. At that time, there was a recruiting old man from the Mubeifu Pavilion who invited him to enter the Mubeifu Pavilion!


It was only since he was a child who grew up listening to the story of Qinglian Jianzong. He admired the first master of Mubei, so he was determined to come to Qinglian Wuge.


From small to large, Xu Tianchong went to wherever he was, and everyone was sought after!


Even if the silver-haired girl Xu Ruoran is not inferior to him, but because of gender, the status of the family is not as good as him!


It can be said that Xu Tianchong, who is proud of his character, has never been ignored by people like today, and he has never been so angry as he is today.


A fifteen-year-old did not worship the waste materials of Wuge. A monk who did not know which small town he dared to treat him like this?


For a moment, Xu Tianchong even had an impulse to directly teach the lessons of Ye Han.


But he still knows that Qinglian Wuge is not his Xu family, and he is not allowed to let him down.


"Small beast, do you think I can't deal with you like this? Ignore me? Mocking at me? I will let you know later, some people, you can't be offended!"


Xu Tianchong looked at the shadows and looked at the number plate held by Ye Han’s hand.




"Big brother, are you called Ye Han?" Just as Ye Han was in the queue, a white little hand quickly grabbed the number plate from his hand and looked at the name above, asking a curious question.


"Is it you?" The person who is taller than Ye Han’s chest, keeps the neat bangs, his face round and touted, and his big eyes are like talking and smart.


It was the little girl in front of the mushroom head.


"My name is Dai Xiaozi. Later we are brothers and sisters." The little girl smiled and returned the number plate to Ye Han.


Ye Han couldn't help but smile, watching the silver-haired girl next to the little girl: "Some people think that I am fish in troubled waters. How can you be so sure that I can worship Wuge?"


The silver-haired girl snorted: "You are 15 years old, unless the talent is extraordinary, otherwise, even if you have an ordinary Wuhun, you can't worship Qinglian Wuge! I advise you to leave now, Xu Tianchong is not good. He won't be willing to give up."


Ye Han ignored her, this silver-haired girl and Xu Tianchong all the way, although not so arrogant, but the birth of the family's children, let her think that superior, first-class, disgusting.


Instead, the mushroom head girl pulled a silver-haired girl and motioned her to say a few words.


Immediately, taking a pair of watery eyes to Ye Handao: "Big brother, don't worry about your sister... Xiao Zi believes that you can pass the assessment! Well? As for why...because you are handsome and can't?"


The little girl said, and laughed again.


There is still baby fat on her face. Under a smile, it is like a doll. Anyone will feel better when they see it.


What about her, she said that she is handsome?


So Ye Han also smiled: "I think so too..."


Just as he was preparing to be poor with the little girl, suddenly a voice of indifference came: "Six-six-six-six leaves on the 16th heart test bench!"


Ye Hanyi.


The Qinglian Wuge entry test disciples have thousands of people. Just when Ye Han received the number plate, he also asked. The disciples of the B-type card started testing yesterday. According to the normal situation, today evening, even until tomorrow, it is possible to arrange Six six six.


But what is going on here?


The silver-haired girl licked her lips and hesitated for a moment: "Ye Han is it? You are careful. The deacon of the heart test on the 16th is my family, from Xu Tianchong."


The girl’s reminder just fell into Ye Han’er, and the deacon who summoned Ye Han’s test on the stage made a sound again. The tone was full of disdain: “Ye Han, B-46, Ye Han, hurry to come on stage, a fifteen-year-old Waste, wasting a little bit of time is shameless, and now everyone in the whole place is waiting for you!"


Ye Han face cold, step by step to the heart test bench on the 16th, above, a gray coat deacon body wide body fat, is looking down on him, expression indifference with contempt.


"You are Ye Han? Well, come up and test it. If you can't, just get out of the way. Anyway, you are just taking a passing, don't waste everyone's time."


The eye of Ye Han’s eyes swept to Xu Tianchong under the test bench. This tall, tall boy stood out among a group of children and was responding with a provocative eye.


"I don't know the children who live and die!"


Ye Han blinked and looked back to the gray coat deacon on the test bench and asked: "I can't let my heart test go. How can I hear that the entry examination of Qinglian Wuge is to calculate the first three items? Grades, regardless of one or two items, must wait until the third item is all over, before deciding to go to the introductory disciples?"


The gray coat deacon is impatient: "It is natural for others, but you are a fifteen-year-old waste material, the first item can not pass, not to mention the latter two? I believe the other two test examiners, know my approach I won't say much more."


Ye Han smiled: "That's good, this, you can't swallow it later!"


The gray coat deacon suddenly felt a little uncomfortable. The teenager unexpectedly did not hit him, and there was no angry rebuttal!


All this seems to be because of his fear of his identity!


However, in this young boy's deep dawn, he clearly can feel a contempt, it is a contempt for disdain!


"A fifteen-year-old waste material, I have offended my Master Xu family, and dare to despise me?"


The gray coat deacon gradually gave birth to a sigh of relief, swearing: "The nonsense, and quickly rolled up to test!"


Ye Han’s forehead was drooping and he went to the test bench on the 16th without saying a word.


Under the stage, Xu Tian rushed his lips slightly, slightly: "However, I thought you were really daring... It seems that the heart is weak, this first test is where you fold the sand."


The silver-haired girl is also somewhat disappointed: "Xiao Zi, it seems that your big brother wants to disappoint you. The gray coat deacon is very vocal, and it is the deacon of Qinglian Wuge, but in fact, it is only if the leaf is cold. Dare to refute, the gray coat deacon even though the courage is big, do not dare to face the face of the cold on the face. And that Ye Han, even the words do not dare to confront it, lost the spirit, the heart is afraid of not."


The little girl with a mushroom head wears a small purple pinch pinch fist and mutters: "How do I feel that my big brother wants to speak with action?"


"Speak by action?"


The silver-haired girl Xu Ruoran shook her head.


The action of the strong is naturally the best response!


However, Ye Han is too old and wants to show the strong demeanor in the test, at least to be among the best, and among the many disciples who came to the division, the genius is innumerable!


A fifteen-year-old boy, if the talent is outstanding, she should have heard it before, and Ye Han...


Sorry, she has not heard of it.


"I'm sorry, because of my sake, I am tired of you."


Xu Ruoran looked at the sorrowful expression of the gray coat deacon on the test bench, and Ye Han’s silent response made Xu Ruoran suddenly gave birth to a heart.



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