Immortal Demon

A spiritual legacy that will continue for many years. A divine genius is born, God's help is no longer needed. In a world where fate determines talent, an idiot who has spent 6 years sitting around doing nothing, a waste of life in the eyes of many, finds a book of life-changing proportions. His soul is repaired, he becomes immortal, and takes his rightful place on the throne as the supreme Lord God.


15. Copper Man Eight Law

The Zangjing Building is a four-story building with a layer of martial arts on the first floor. Anyone who has not exchanged a token can come to visit and read it, but he cannot take the martial arts away.


There are some entry restrictions on the second floor, but Ye Han still saw a lot of disciples, even wearing blue robes, but with a jade on their waists and a crest on their heads. It should be a great-born child of a good life.


"It seems that there are many privileged classes."


The third floor is the storage place for superior martial arts. The superior martial arts that Qinglian Wuge accommodates are not ordinary products. For example, Ye Han’s own home also has a superior martial arts, but just Ye Han flipped through the second floor and found Qinglian. Some of the martial arts of Wuge are stronger than the martial arts of their own door.


This made him understand that the superior martial arts of Qinglian Wuge, just like the wind and thunder, are close to the existence of innate martial arts!


It's no wonder that so many people have sharpened their heads and also want to worship the martial arts!


At the entrance to the third floor, Ye Han saw Dai Xiaozi and Xu Ruoran. This silver-haired girl holds a yellow-yellow book in her hand. The face is difficult to hide, and it should be the martial arts that she hopes.


After greeting with Dai Xiaozi, the little girl continued to laugh and laugh with him, and Xu Ruoran was as stupid as ever.


When I saw Ye Han, I was going to the third floor. She suddenly said: "Although I don't like you very much, I look at Xiao Zi's face and advise you to choose superior martial arts. You must be patient... Qing Lianwu Many martial arts and even congenital martial arts in the Court are in the same line. Therefore, we must choose those who have advanced martial arts after the innate!"


Advanced martial arts?


Ye Han hearted a move.


Yes, martial arts, congenital martial arts, and confession are also created by the predecessors. When their strength is low, they have limited understanding of Tiandi Avenue and can only create martial arts. When they are upgraded, they will be able to follow the previous martial arts. Out of the martial arts.


This is also called advanced martial arts!


Undoubtedly, Xu Ruoran's reminder is very important. Ye Han hastened to thank him. For this kind of cold-hearted and proud girl, I have some good feelings.




What I want, Ye Han’s sincere and heartfelt thanks, only a sigh of recklessness, and a contemptuous white eye, seems to be abandoning him even this.


Ye Han was speechless, simply ignored her and went to the third floor alone.


The third layer is extremely empty, although there are many bookshelves, but the above martial arts is twice as small as the first and second layers.


On this floor, Ye Han saw several cabinet disciples dressed in white shirts. They had an amazing atmosphere. There were two teenagers, and they were full of blood. They were as terrifying as the horrible wild animals.


These strengths are the elders who have been practicing in Yejia for decades!


Ye Han’s heart was a glimpse, but fortunately, the disciples of the cabinets were in a hurry, and no one noticed him.


Ye Han looked at the third floor and picked and saw a lot, and did not have very favorite martial arts.


He knows his own needs very well, because the soul of death in "Life and Death Xuan Gong" has never condensed, and the soul of life, although his cultivation speed is much faster than the martial arts genius, but the battle is a weakness. .


So his choice is simple:


Powerful, just attack powerful martial arts!


Can let him suppress the Wuhun talent of the same-order warrior!


"It’s easy to say, but if you really have this kind of martial arts, I’m afraid that it’s already robbed everyone...”


Ye Han sighed and he also knew that he was greedy.


Wu Hun, that is the blood heritage, the gift of the heavens!


Is it that ordinary martial arts can suppress?


"I heard that the most precious martial arts of Qinglian Wuge is the Qinglian swordsman created by the main sect of the sect of the sect of the sect of the sect of the sect of the sect of the Qing dynasty.


Sword meaning, can rely on the martial art of heaven and earth, which is naturally one of the means to suppress the martial arts, but at present, Ye Han is not qualified to practice!


Throwing away these unrealistic trivial thoughts, Ye Han honestly picked it up. After a while, a dusty yellow book scrolled into his eyes.


Open the first page, "Bronze Eight Laws" four large characters iron painting silver hook, a savage arrogance, almost come face to face.


Followed by a brief introduction:


It is rumored that there were thousands of martial arts in ancient times, and there were countless days of arrogance and creation of various methods, which caused a hundred schools of thought to contend, and there were Buddhist masters. After the peak, the soul was destroyed, and the golden body was not bad for a thousand years. It can be seen that the human body is congenitally weak, but It is not without the law of strengthening the day after tomorrow...


This work is my attempt. Although Dacheng is not as good as Buddhism, but also like a bronze cast, it is difficult to enter the sword and the same generation.


However, the pain of this practice is unbearable, and it is difficult to estimate the time spent. Before the disciples of the next generation, they must be careful.


Ye Han eyes interested, and quickly flipped down.


After half an hour, Ye Han closed his eyes and pondered, and made up his mind to pick up this "Bronze Eight Laws" to go to the Zangjing Building Presbyterian Station to register.


The registered elder of the Tibetan Buddhist Scriptures must be white, wearing a linen dress, not a uniform of the martial arts, showing his extraordinary status, and Ye Han, with the keenness of the soul of life, also faintly feels that the elder of the maid, Compared with the elders of Wei yesterday, the strength is even scary!


After all, the Zangjing Building is really important. No one is sitting in the town, and people are not worried.


"Bronze Eight Laws?"


The elders of Ma took over the silver wood martial arts exchange order in Ye Han’s hands. He was slightly amazed. He carefully looked at Ye Han’s eyes and said: “I don’t think there is a sword on your blue robe. Is it a new entry disciple?”


Ye Han nodded, and the elders of Ma Yi were even more surprised: "The new disciple of such a young age is only seen by the old man."


It’s Ye Han’s two people, and you can’t help but embarrassed, do you need to be so straightforward?


Fortunately, the elders of Ma Yi did not delve into it, but said: "The Eighteen Laws of the Bronze Man is obtained from the ancient ruins of the main sect of the sect of the sect of the sect. This martial art is progressive, and there is an advanced congenital martial art. "Tie Body Eight Forging" is quite precious... However, it is not without its drawbacks. The predecessors who created martial arts have already introduced it in the preface. However, when you really cultivate, you will understand that this martial art is more than you think. waste time!"


"I have only 13 years in the Qinglian Wuge Pavilion, but it is not without genius. This martial arts, no one has insisted on the realm of Dacheng..."


The elders of Mai shook their heads. "Let's do it, you can do it yourself."


Ye Han smiled.


It can make more sense if you can't.


Although the elders of Mai are not optimistic about him, but he is the soul of life, this is an odd number, different from ordinary genius!


Can you cultivate successfully, you can know it!


The elders of Mai have explained the matter and found a copy of the superior martial arts. It is made of special materials. After one month, the ink on the top will fade away automatically, and it will be handed over to Ye Han, and he will ignore it. Let Ye Han leave.


"Right, before Grandpa seems to have said that the new entry disciples have a year to go, and each month is a contribution of ten points. Yesterday, Wei Elder hurriedly let me go through the formalities and almost forgot."


Ye Han thought about it and decided to go to collect his own moon.


The contribution point is the most important thing in the Qinglian Wuge. The martial arts, weapons, medicinal herbs, and even some rare things... and so on, can be exchanged through the contribution points.


Older disciples who have been in the first year of the year need to do their own tasks and get contributions.


Only the new introductory disciples like Ye Han will receive some special care because they are quite low.


"Ten contribution points, I wonder if I can exchange a few quenching Dan?"


Ye Han’s imperative is naturally to improve his cultivation and strive to catch up with his younger generation. Therefore, after he has thought about it, he will not go to the contribution hall.


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