Immortal Demon

A spiritual legacy that will continue for many years. A divine genius is born, God's help is no longer needed. In a world where fate determines talent, an idiot who has spent 6 years sitting around doing nothing, a waste of life in the eyes of many, finds a book of life-changing proportions. His soul is repaired, he becomes immortal, and takes his rightful place on the throne as the supreme Lord God.


5. Combat

"This..." A leaf parent is stunned.


"Even if I am a child, the Golden Lion Wushen is not abolished. According to normal circumstances, there should be death and no life... Is it six years of stupidity, just his disguise, and he himself did not give up cultivation?" Ye Ziyun's face is uncertain .


The day after tomorrow, the weight is only the tempering of the flesh, unless you really play against it, or the real master, you can see the realm at a glance.


The strength of Ye Ziyun is certainly good, but it is only twice as high as Liu Tian. Naturally, there is no such skill.


"No matter what, since Ye Han has changed, then Liu Tian wants to pick up Qinger, he can only let him down and return."


In the twinkling of an eye, Ye Ziyun had a decision. He looked gloomy and suddenly got up and said: "Elder Liu Tian, ​​you are attacking the Ye Family in the Ye Family, is it too arrogant?"


Liu Tianyi lost his hand and realized that things could not be recovered: "The old man was squandered by Ye Han this time, and his anger was attacked, and he shot and slammed it. He also hoped that Ye Jiazhu would not blame. So, these thin gifts brought by today, When paying guilty, Miss Qing’s stay, the old man can’t be the master today, but when my grandmother returns from Mubeifu’s practice, she will come to the door personally and come back to Ye Han’s children.”


There is still a lack of threat in the speech.


Ye Ziyun's look has changed a little, but in my heart, it is somewhat powerless.


"If my father is seriously injured because of six years ago, he often retreats and recuperate. In these years, my Ye family has no one to follow. There is no genius for the generations to rise. Otherwise, how can I endure so much! Liu Yuner, a yellow-haired girl Let me vote for the rat! Hate..."


Ye Ziyun sighed and was about to push down halfway.


At this moment, a sneer came suddenly: "Old dog! Don't hold the chicken feathers as an arrow, Liu Yuner is a vicious slut who wakes up the demon snake martial arts, and you will feel that Liu Jia can suppress me. Getting started?"


It is Ye Han who speaks.


"Master Ye Han, you have to talk nonsense..." Ye Ziyun has not yet stopped, but a leaf parent has been the first to speak out.




Liu Tian is not angry and laughs: "Ye Han Xiaozi, just now, although you took me in the palm of the tyrannical body, I don't know whether you have specialized in the flesh or something in the past, in order to make the flesh so powerful, but at the moment You don’t have the slightest repair in your body, but you are not fake. With your thin body, you dare to put a slogan here!"


"You will wait for me at Ye Family. When the old man goes back, he will take a book. I am sure that my family, Miss Da, will be very interested in the name of your first genius. I hope that my lady will come. When you don't do the shrinking turtle, it's ridiculous!"


With a cold smile, Liu Tian will have to go.


The rest of the Ye Family’s faces were full of anger, but they were helpless.


Ye Ziyun looked around and couldn't help but sigh. In these years, Ye Family did not have a generation to rise, so that in the face of the aggressiveness of Liu Jia, they could only bear it.


In the heart of Ye Han, there is some depression.


Liu Yuner is always jealous when he returns, but as long as he gives him time, a mad woman who awakens the demon snake martial arts is not enough.


The only thing that made him chilling was the attitude of the Ye family.


Liu Tian does not rely on Liu Yuner's fake pretense, but his own strength is only six days after the day. Not to mention the big leaf Ye Ziyun, it is the leaf parents, and there are also several people who are not inferior to him.


However, Liu Tian was full of anger at the Ye Family House, but no one dared to retort!


"This kind of family, what to use..." Ye Han sighed slightly.


At this moment, an old voice came in vain: "Elder Liu Tian, ​​my Ye family is not a shop, you want to come, want to go and leave?"


In the hall, the old man in the gray robe stopped the way.


"Ye Guanghong!" Liu Tian went to the fore.


"Old home!" The audience was full of voices.


Ye Ziyun also looked a happy: "Father, are you out?"


“Is it going to be with you?” The old man’s dissatisfaction glanced at the Ye family, especially in Ye Ziyun’s longest stay.


Immediately, the old man's eyes cast on the face of Liu Tian, ​​who was full of vigilance: "Liu Tian elder, you and I willow two, how can you forget the rules of getting along in the city of Luoyun these years? The younger generation, by the younger generation themselves deal with!"


Liu Tian’s expression was a lot of dignity. After a while, he said: “My lady’s practice in Mubeifu’s house is the key, so I told the old man to come to the door to deal with it.”


"Oh, take Liu Yuner a yellow hair hoe to press me?"


The majestic and burly old man is not angry and laughs: "Well, you only have a palm to my grandson Ye Han, then you will pick me up!"


Cold and stunned, the old man is more than anyone else, a palm like a mountain, driving out the wind and the wind, hit it!




The turbulent infuriating air, such as the waters of the Lancang River, was overturned. In an instant, the air seemed to be stagnant. Ye Han actually felt that it was difficult to breathe!


"This is the day after tomorrow, the day of Dantian, the realm of infuriating circulation..."


Ye Han is outside, there is such a feeling, although Liu Tianxiu is far stronger than Ye Han, but facing Ye Xianghong, who is only one step away from innate, still feels weak.


The day after tomorrow, the world!


Not only is Dan Tian self-contained, but also a realm that can borrow the aura of heaven and earth!


How weak is man compared with heaven and earth?


How can it be difficult to break free from the aura of the heavens and the earth?




Liu Tianlian couldn't make a response. He only felt like a lightning strike, and he fell out on his back. He fell heavily on the ground, and flew back against the blood. His old face was completely pale, and he was very embarrassed.


"You and I are different, but triple. And my grandson is not repaired, and you are six days old. Strictly speaking, it is simply a difficult difference to cross! But you have a face to shoot?! The old man asked you Now, what do you think is the taste of strong pressure?"


Ye Guanghong shook his gray robe and stared at it with cold eyes.


Liu Tian's complexion was red and green, and it took a long time to bite his teeth: "The old man is wrong, and he hopes that the family will forgive me!"


In the end, he is an old-fashioned Liu Jiawu elder, not a young and energetic boy. He knows that Ye Guanghong is not a fool of Ye Ziyun and Ye Jia’s elders.


If he still dares to press people with Liu Yuner, I am afraid that Ye Qinghong will kill him on the spot.


"You don't need to apologize to me, but my grandson!" Ye Qinghong said indifferently.


Liu Tian’s face is even more ugly, just like eating a cockroach, but looking at the black robes who are cold-eyed in front of him, he has to lower his head: “Ye Han’s young man atonement!”


Ye Han smiled and glanced at his grandfather who was not angry and self-defeating. He said in his heart: "It seems that my family can stand on the ground in the city for a hundred years. There are still some roots. If so... I can't weaken this momentum. ”


Immediately, the look of Ye Han also cooled down.


He is not a magnanimous person. He had previously suffered from Liu Tianyi’s palm, and he was not in a position to speak out. It was because of his incompetence and his choice to temporarily forbear.


Since the old grandfather Ye Guanghong is now dealing with it, the small one, of course, he has to take it down.


"Atonement does not need you to say, you only take Liu Yuner to talk in a word and a line, relying on it, nothing more than Liu Yuner's talent is good, the future can be expected! But the old man, life is impermanent, the future is only at the foot, Liu Yun Whether you can give you a glory to the Liu family is still unclear, and I am Ye Han, is it as useless in your eyes, it is not determined by your imagination!"


In this case, Ye Han’s eyes are cold and the two worlds are human beings. He has his own pride, both in life and in life!


"Between your words and demeanor, the meaning of the words is well known, nothing more than to identify me Ye Han, certainly not as good as your Liu Jiada Liu Yuner!"




"Today we will have a gamble. Half a year, another half of the year is the three major families of Luoyun City. On that day, above the ring, I will let Liu Yuner lower her noble head and let you Liu Tian, ​​Qu Under the proud knees, sincerely for today’s contempt, regret!”


"For these years, you have regretted the cold blood of Qing Er!"




Only the clear face of Qing Er, the uncontrollable excitement that emerged, proves how the cold words of Ye Han are shaking people's hearts.


Ye Ziyun and Ye Jia, a group of elders, thought about the policy of the so-called "slowing the light and raising the shackles" that Ye Jia practiced during the retreat of the old family.


They are old, there is no blood in the chest, otherwise, Liu Tian alone, how dare to let in the Ye family?


It should be noted that although Liu Yuner’s talent is good, the genius who has not grown up is not desperate! Just a little jealous, can you make a big leaf home, and look forward to it?


Liu Tian opened his mouth and wanted to argue. He could look at the cold eyes of the black robe, but he had nothing to say.




Liu Yuner demon snake martial arts, there is a blood of the ancient demon, the talent is good, the future achievements are extraordinary!


But who can dare to conclude that the future of Ye Han will be inferior to her?


Some ancient books have recorded that in the ancient times, there was a Shih-Hui-strong 'Shi Hanshan'. Before the age of 30, he did not awaken the martial arts. The world deceived him, insulted him, laughed at him, yelled at him, lightly slammed him, and smashed him, but he ruined his unbeaten. determination!


After the age of 30, I realized that I was awakened to the martial arts, and I stepped into the lotus.


Ye Han is only suspected of abolishing the Wuhun spirit six years ago, but now seems to have restored the Wuhun... The outstanding wisdom of this young boy and the resentment of the moment...


In the future, it is really not that most people can conclude!


After a while, his face was incomparably ugly, and he only went back in the hall.


"Good! You Ye Han has aspirations, then I will be the next lady for my family, half a year, it will give you half a year, I see what waves you can turn!"


"After half a year, if you lose, Miss Qing, you can't stay in Ye Family!"


This time, Ye Guanghong did not speak because Ye Han made the Lord for him.


"Rolling, six years ago, the first day of Luoyun City was me, and after six years, it remains the same!"



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