Immortal Demon

A spiritual legacy that will continue for many years. A divine genius is born, God's help is no longer needed. In a world where fate determines talent, an idiot who has spent 6 years sitting around doing nothing, a waste of life in the eyes of many, finds a book of life-changing proportions. His soul is repaired, he becomes immortal, and takes his rightful place on the throne as the supreme Lord God.


14. Before the Tibetan Buddhist Scriptures

"Half a year, why do you have to wait until half a year before you can fight with Liu Yuner? If you give me enough medicine, three months, up to three months!"


The leaves are cold and tidal, and they barely calm down after half a ring.


He knows that the quenching body is invaluable, the key is that there is no price in the market, and the Baodan in the grade is even more difficult to buy.


Otherwise, Ye Jia is also a little bit of money, he has bought it for him.


"It is not the case, but for the practitioners, money has lost its meaning. There are other currencies in the process of cultivation, such as Lingshi..."


Ye Han showed a smile.


This kind of thing, Lingshi, is in the hands of the big forces in the government. It is a big family and gatekeeper who have the innate masters sitting in the town!


Ye Jia, placed in Luoyun City is the three major families, placed in the entire Mubei government is not worth mentioning.


It seems that if you want to get a steady stream of medicinal herbs, you still have to rely on Wuge. I heard that the cabinet has a mission hall, and you can get rewards for tasks.


"The most urgent task is to exchange a fist and martial arts first. The third move of the day after tomorrow is to rely on martial arts."


In the realm of the day after tomorrow, relying on martial arts can absorb the aura of heaven and earth, and when it is congenital, it is necessary to specialize in exercises to run the gas.


But even if it is martial arts, there are high and low points.


It is roughly divided into no inflow and inflow.


The influx of martial arts is divided into three levels: subordinate, middle, and superior.


Beyond this level, with the innate power, it is not martial arts, but a learning, martial arts, congenital martial arts!


Congenital martial arts are in the hands of the big family in Fucheng and the hands of the martial arts. If Ye Jiaru has a door, the status has long since risen, and he dominates a city!


"No wonder that Xu Tianchong, Xu Ruoran, and other family members are arrogant, and they are better than our small family..."


One night, I was in the middle of the consolidation of Ye Han.


On the early morning of the next day, Ye Han was replaced by the uniform of Qinglian Wuge, and he was wearing a blue robes.


The identity of Qinglian Wuge can be discerned through clothes. The disciples of the cabinet are wearing blue shirts, the disciples of the cabinets are wearing white shirts, the elders of the cabinets are dressed in Tsing Yi, and the elders of the cabinet are wrapped in red robes.


The deacons responsible for the chores are mostly dressed in grey.


After breakfast, Ye Han took the martial arts gift token given by Elder Wei, and rushed directly to the Tibetan Buddhist Scriptures, which was the place where the martial arts were stored.


I heard that the top floor of the Tibetan Buddhist Scriptures, and also the precious innate martial arts, is the place where many children in the martial arts are the most eager to live!


It is only Qinglian Wuge who recruits students and does not charge tuition fees, but it is not a good church. If you want to exchange martial arts in the Tibetan Buddhist Scriptures, you can get the elders like Ye Han, or you can complete the Wuge mission with your own efforts. , get eligibility for redemption!


After half an hour, the Zangjing was in front of the building.


Ye Han looked at the magnificent building and was planning to enter it. A clear and sweet call was suddenly introduced into the ear.


"Big brother, are you also visiting the Tibetan Buddhist Scriptures?"


"Hey... is you?"


Ye Han turned his head and saw Dai Xiaozi, who was jumping and jumping. Some ridiculous mushroom heads shook and trembled. In front of the Tibetan Classics, some old disciples who were in a hurry could not help but pay attention.


The little girl is cute and very lively. It seems to be the focus when I go.


However, at this moment, the group of young people who have just entered the most youthful age in the past, but the girl next to Dai Xiaozi is more attractive.


She has a silver hair, a cold face like a frost, and the body of the quenched body is exquisite and exquisite, with a charming atmosphere.


After seeing Dai Xiaozi, Ye Han immediately swept her eyes. It was Xu Ruran who caused conflicts with Xu Tianchong when he was getting started.


"This silver-haired girl, who is not wearing a martial arts uniform, is it a new entry-level cabinet disciple?"


"This is really a phase of the city. In the new disciple, I can’t think of a beautiful figure in the beautiful blue lotus..."


"Hey, this lady is a Xu family. She had a genius before she got started. She said that the two geniuses of their family would like to enter the martial arts. Let us have a little bit of energy..."


"Xu is still so overbearing. If people don't arrive, the momentum will be put out first! This is to say to the Wuge some old fritters who are bullying new disciples!"


Dai Xiaozi was unaware of the theft of the surrounding arguments, and came to Ye Han with exultation: "Big brother, we met again? Is it a fate?"


The silver-haired girl Xu Ruoran stepped forward, and there was a disgust in her eyebrows. I don’t know if it was against Ye Han, or against other people’s arguments: "Take a little purple, today is to accompany you to visit the Tibetan Classics, but also to choose martial arts, don't waste time. ."


Ye Han noticed that Xu Ruoran also held a martial arts exchange token in his hand, but the token in his hand was made of silver wood, and the token in Xu Ruran’s hand was ironwood.


"Wei elder said that this token can be exchanged for any martial arts under congenital martial arts, and it must also include superior martial arts. If Xu Ruran, the token should not work..."


Ye Han’s heart was speculative, but he did not feel surprised.


After all, he can go to the back door and step into the martial arts. Xu Ruoran is a good person. Of course, there are other ways to get a martial arts redemption token.


It’s just that Xu Jia is not like him, but should he have good martial arts? Why wait until you enter the martial arts to choose martial arts?


"Yeah, big brother, you put on the blue shirt of the disciple of the cabinet so soon?" Some natural people wear Xiao Zi, and later discovered that Ye Han was wearing a blue uniform.


She still wants to hang around Ye Han and say a few words. Xu Ruoran has dragged her hand impatiently: "This is strange. Wei is so appreciating him, even the most advanced silver except the innate command. The wooden martial arts exchange tokens were given to him. It is also expected to let him enter the cabinet first."


When the voice landed, Dai Xiaomei was reluctant to be dragged into the Tibetan Buddhist Scriptures.


"Big brother, wait for me to get started and go find you to play..."


The voice of Xiaotoutou’s muttered voice came intermittently, and Ye Han couldn’t help but smile, and he also planned to enter the Tibetan Buddhist Scriptures.


"Wait, this younger brother..."


At this time, a burly boy stopped the way, he also wore a blue robe, but the chest embroidered two swords, representing his two years in the cabinet.


The burly juvenile stared at Ye Han: "The silver-haired girl said that there is a silver-wood martial arts token in the hands of the younger brother. I wonder if it is true or not?"


Ye Han knows almost instantly, and the husband is guilty of sinlessness. A small silver-wood martial arts order can be intriguing!


"How is it? No, what?" This brother, you are blocking my way, do you want to stop the road?" Ye Hanqi looked up.


The burly boy smiled and said: "The younger brother said that he is laughing. It is just a silver martial arts command. It can be exchanged for superior martial arts. I see that you are just getting started. It is a waste of martial arts. It is better to change it with your brother, even if your brother owes you a favor! Known as the Willow Bear, it is quite famous in this cabinet..."


The burly juvenile Liu Xiong said, he found a token from his arms and lost it. He and Wu Han’s martial arts exchange order were generally the same, but the materials were different, and they were slightly lower than the iron wood. Made of paulownia.


If Ye Han's silver wood can be exchanged for superior martial arts, Xu Ruran's iron wood can be exchanged for medium-sized martial arts, then this token can only be exchanged for the lowest martial arts!


There is a huge gap between each level of martial arts, not to mention two levels?


If it is the martial arts, Ye Han does not need to go to the Tibetan Classics. Although he is not a wealthy family, his martial arts is not lacking!


In front of this willow bear, it is equal to holding the scrap iron to change the gold in the hands of Ye Han!


Ye Han couldn't help but smile. The backhand threw the token back: "Is it rolling, thinking that I am the one who is afraid of you when I threaten two sentences? Next time I want to blackmail, my eyes are bright..."


After all, Ye Han will bypass the willow bear and walk straight toward the Tibetan Buddhist scriptures, but Li does not want to care for him.


"Kids, toasting, not eating and drinking!"


Liu Xiong’s eyes flashed in anger, and he was about to start. A lean teenager next to him stopped him: “Before the Tibetan Buddhist Scriptures, it is forbidden to fight, a kid who is just getting started, not open eyes, I have to deal with him... ”


It is a whisper immediately.


Then, the bears face a sullen smile on the face, facing the lean teenager: "Or Nie Tiange, you have a way, just do it, let's go to the church."


All of this, Ye Han, who has already entered the Tibetan Buddhist Scriptures, can't see it. Even if he sees it, he won't care.


The so-called soldiers will block the water to cover the soil, two squatting children who are getting started for a long time, called him two brothers, really thought that they can go to heaven?



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