Lord of the demon world

Tang Feng, the only successor of the comprehension of Dan Zong, was physically destroyed at the time of the robbery, and was accompanied by a sense of spiritual knowledge to a second-generation rich man named Ye Yefan. If you don't have time to enjoy the life of the rich second generation, you will get involved in a conspiracy. By the time you're ready to see the sun, your family has no family! With the technique of last century alchemy, your extraordinary step by step in this world to the peak


10. Tongue

Not yet to the city's main government, Yun Tianao has stood at the door waiting. Since returning to the city's main government, Yun Tianao has paid attention to the movement of Ye Family. The identity of the elders, Yun Tian Ao has to stand at the door even if he is the owner of a city. Even if the relationship with Ye Family is somewhat subtle at this time, before the two tears, for the elders, Yun Tian Ao still has to maintain respect for the strong.

"I have seen the city owner!" The elders just arched their hands. After all, Yun Tian Ao has another identity. The city owner of Yunfeng City has little relationship with the strength, but it is given by the state.

Yun Tian proud can dare to support the big, and quickly courtesy: "Ye Lao, polite! Please here!"

Everyone knows what the elders are doing here, and they don’t need to explain. Yun Tianao led the way in front, and the elders frowned a little and followed.

The city government has divisions of inner and outer courts. The inner courtyard is the residence of the Yun family, and the outer courtyard is the place where Yun Tianao handles the affairs of Yunfeng City. At this time, Yun Tian proud took the two people to the outer court, apparently indicating that the matter is going to be officially public.

Compared with the frown of the elders, the leaves are not so easy but a lot easier. In this way, Yun Tian Ao has not lost his mind. As long as he has not lost his mind, he will not have the danger of life, at least for the time being.

City Hall, lobby.

After entering the lobby, Ye Bufan understands why Yun Tian Ao will welcome himself and the elders into the outer court, because there are two people on the lobby. Lin Jiafeng and Lin Feiyang are sitting on the left side of the lobby at this time. After the elders, the two first rushed to stand up and see the ceremony. Ye Jia really babes this sly, actually provoked the elders to personally protect him.

Lin Feiyang was pale and seemed to have been seriously injured. He looked at Ye Fang’s eyes with great anger, as if Ye Ye was not sleeping, but he was sleeping like his wife.

For Lin Feiyang's inexplicable hatred, Ye Bufan was not seen, and went to the left side of the lobby with the elders. After Yun Tianao sat down, he sat down.

Just when everyone sat down, a group of civilians suddenly came in at the door of the lobby. They didn’t dare to come in and out of the lobby. It seemed to be for the fun. Many of them pointed at Ye Fanfan.

"I heard that no, Ye Bufan, the kid actually forced Miss Yun..."

"Damn! Miss Yun, the fairy-like character, he dares... The Yuncheng master will definitely let him pay the price..."

Although the civilians were extremely whispered, at this time the people in the lobby were not mediocre. Except for Ye Bufan and Lin Feiyang, both of them were strong, and the sound could not escape the ears of the three.

Lin Shanfeng looked at the tea cup in front of his eyes, as if he did not hear the outside discussion; the elders closed their eyes and looked like an old man; Yun Tian proud brows slightly, his eyes swept over the crowd, and the voice of discussion suddenly Stopped. At the time of his recovery, he stayed on Lin Shanfeng for a while and finally did not say anything.

weird! The lobby of the city government is in silence!

"Cough..." As the owner of Yun Tianao, after a few moments, he coughed and broke the silence. "Ye Lao, before you came, Lin Jiazhu was just talking to me about it. When you talked about half, you came. Oh, Lin, Lord, what did you say?"

"Old fox!" Lin Shanfeng secretly whispered. "What is half talked about, obviously finished." But Yun Tianao's attitude is already very clear, to say that you said.

Lin Shanfeng put down the teacup in his hand and said: "Last night, the dog encountered the defender of the city's main house to find Miss Yun Ruo-shuang, Yunfeng three homes are the same gas, the dog naturally joined in to help find, finally in the middle of the night in a mountain cave I found Miss Yun, and Ye Gongzi was there too!"

Ye nodded and nodded.

Lin Shanfeng continued: "At the time, I saw Ye Gongzi and Miss Yun’s clothes raging. It seemed to be a thief, so let the guards send Miss Yun back to the city, and then the dog would accompany Ye Gongzi back!"

Speaking of this, I paused and said: "Which knows that there are not a few steps left, the dog suddenly fainted after being hit by a heavy blow. After the dog wakes up, it is already dawn, but the body of the wounded is on the way back. The guardian who escorted Miss Yun was killed in the forest. For the safety of Miss Yun and Ye Gongzi, the dog told me this, and I immediately took him to the city government to explain the matter to the city owner..."

"Old fox!" Ye Bufan looked at Lin Shanfeng's performance in the dark. This is not to mention the fact that he forced Yun Ruohuang to do so. It is obvious that Yun Tianao will uncover this layer of yarn, and the entire incident he told, although not clear, has pointed his finger at himself. He and Lin Feiyang were on the same road. Lin Feiyang was seriously injured, but he was intact. Lin Jiashi was all killed. All this was very bad for himself.

"Is Lin Gongzi injured? Just the old man still knows some medical skills, let the old man give you a jealousy..." The elder suddenly said.

Lin Feiyang did not think that the elders would suddenly propose to check their injuries for themselves. They quickly said: "How can this younger generation of younger generations dare to work for the older generation?"

The elders’ eyes are full of light, and they stare at Lin Feiyang’s voice and say: “Isn’t Lin Gongzi’s doctor’s medical skills?”

Lin Feiyang quickly slammed his voice and said that he did not dare to see his footsteps moving. Lin Shanfeng said: "Ye Lao gives you healing is your blessing, not yet!"

Lin Feiyang finally nodded and walked toward the elders, and his face was hard to hide his fear.



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