Lord of the demon world

Tang Feng, the only successor of the comprehension of Dan Zong, was physically destroyed at the time of the robbery, and was accompanied by a sense of spiritual knowledge to a second-generation rich man named Ye Yefan. If you don't have time to enjoy the life of the rich second generation, you will get involved in a conspiracy. By the time you're ready to see the sun, your family has no family! With the technique of last century alchemy, your extraordinary step by step in this world to the peak


8. Three elders

With the influence of Ye and Yun, some of the changes in Lin’s family last night were also natural. However, Yun Tian proudly saw her daughter in this way. I didn’t think much about it in anger. To the taste of conspiracy.

"In any case, you can't get rid of this relationship, and these words are not enough to satisfy me in your credibility." Yun Aotian's attitude has not changed, but at this time, the look of Ye Xiangfan is no longer as before. It’s so cold.

by! After talking for a long time, I still have to take Laozi to take it away. It is hard to say if you can keep it. Ye Wufan said: "If Yun Shibo does not believe, you can go with me to save the place where Miss Yun is."

In any case, it is necessary to drag the time. If the people of Ye Family arrive at their own time, they will be saved. If the people of the Yun family arrive first, they will only be more inferior, and the impact will not be great.

Ye Jian did not interrupt the words of the leaves, but his heart was somewhat puzzled. Why did his son suddenly become so calm? In the past, as long as he was there, he didn't even dare to say anything, but today it is so clear.

"Don't plan to drag the time! After I take you away, I will send people to investigate!" Yun Tianao, who is the master of a city, will not see Ye Wufan.

"Do not believe you can ask Miss Yun!" Ye Bufan said in desperation. Now I only hope that this woman will not deliberately tell lies in order to retaliate.

Yun Ruo-shuang felt the eyes of the three people throwing themselves at him and bowed his head and said, "Father, let's go back!"

There is no denial, but it shows that Ye is not arrogant and does not lie. Yun Aotian is naturally not good at this, and there is also a Lin family who is stunned. "This matter, Ye Jia needs to give me a confession!" Several clouds and frosts disappeared into the forest.

Ye Jian, who has already done a desperate battle, sees Ye Fanfan actually leave the cloud proud in the wrath and asks: "What you said just true?"

"Yes, the child is not filial, let the father worry about the baby!" To keep a small life, you must first hold the thigh tightly. Moreover, Ye Wufan seems to enjoy the feeling that Ye Jian has just protected him. Father love!

Yejia Zongtang is also a conference room for the Yejia high-rise.

Ye Jian, Ye Long (Ye Jiada Elder), Ye Hu (Yejia Er Elder), Ye Bao (Ye Jiasan Elder), Ye Mania, Ye Jin, Ye Ling, and of course the party, Ye Bufan.

The status of a woman on this planet is not high, and women in family affairs are not allowed to participate. Of course, Ye Wufan is also ineligible, but today he starts from him, so the elders of the family need to ask him some face to face.

The three elders are Ye Jian’s uncle, and they are also the military support of Ye Family’s towering Yunfeng City. The other three are Ye Jian’s brothers.

Ye Wufan once again told the story again, but the place where the change was made, he did not fall in the same place.

In Ye Jiazongtang, all the people are locked in brows, not knowing what they are thinking. After a while, Ye Jinxian said: "Uncommon, this thing is too reckless, how can you give Ms. Yun... If the Yun family is pursued, it will always be difficult."

Ye Jian’s face changed slightly. This brother has always been out of touch with himself. Seeing that he took the opportunity to count the leaves is not the same. He said: “It’s said that he was framed by people. It’s useless now. It should be discussed. How to solve the problem at hand."

Ye Jin went on to say: "This is the end of the matter to give the Yun family a confession. This way, I will take an extraordinary trip to the Yun family for a while, tell the facts first, and then deal with the Lin family."

"When you go to the cloud home? I am afraid that I will not come back." Ye Feifan has some disdain in his heart, so you can take it out with such a low knife.

Sure enough, Ye Jian said: "The extraordinary has explained the situation at that time to Yun Tianao. As for the Yun family, we still look at their attitudes." Ye Jian is such a son, Ye Fan is proud of him. Stand up to the body, not to mention the time.

"The extraordinary way to go to the cloud home is just an attitude of Ye Family. If we don't ask about it at this time, we will undoubtedly push the Yun family to the Lin family. If they join hands, it is not something we can compete against!" Li Li argued.

"Enough!" The three elders have been closing their eyes. At this time, the elders who are somewhat impatient with the two people’s arguments said: "I took it to the Yun family to make this clear."

Although Ye Jian is the owner of the Ye family, the real rights of Ye Jia are in the hands of the three elders. At this time, seeing the elders, they dare not oppose it. Of course, it is also because he believes that the elders can safely withdraw Ye Yefan from the city government. Now he said: "I don't want to thank Grandpa. Take a bath and change clothes, and come quickly."

Although I believe in the elders, Ye Jian still needs some time to arrange it. Otherwise, Yun Tianao really wants to buckle the leaves when he is angry. It is also a trouble.

After the death of the leaves, the leaves are naturally willing to leave the ancestral hall. The three elders in the ancestral hall gave him an invisible pressure, which made the leaves extraordinary and breathless.

Back to the room, the person has already put the water well, and the leaves are not naked and jump into the bathtub.

"Good comfort!" The water temperature is suitable, the petals are floating on the water, and the faint fragrance washes away the exhaustion of the leaves.

Ye Wufan looked down and began to observe the body he had regained.

Looking down on this, Ye Bufan was stunned, three points under the navel, there was a weird pattern in Dantian, a black bead, and the beads had some messy stripes. Ye Wufan believes that this pattern is definitely not what the body originally brought, because he knows this pattern.

While still in the realm of cultivation, Ye Bufan rescued a hard-working comprehension without compensation. In order to repay, the man gave an unknown black bead to Ye Fanfan. Ye Wufan just thought that this bead was a bit strange, but he did not find anything strange. He did not take it out again in the storage ring. Over time, he gradually forgot the existence of this bead.

At this time, the pattern on Dan Tian is exactly the same as that on the bead. So the black mask that protects you is the one that is made of beads...


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