Lord of the demon world

Tang Feng, the only successor of the comprehension of Dan Zong, was physically destroyed at the time of the robbery, and was accompanied by a sense of spiritual knowledge to a second-generation rich man named Ye Yefan. If you don't have time to enjoy the life of the rich second generation, you will get involved in a conspiracy. By the time you're ready to see the sun, your family has no family! With the technique of last century alchemy, your extraordinary step by step in this world to the peak


16. Sword and herbs

Five days passed, and Ye Bufan never left his bedroom after returning from the library. Even eating was to let the next person go to the room, not to mention cultivation.


Ye Jin’s study.


Ye Tiannan, who knows that Ye Bufan has not been out of the house for five days, said: "Father, I understand, Ye Bufan does not need me to shoot, and his character and strength will be defeated in Lin Feiyang's hand after one month!"


Ye Jin is very satisfied with his son's performance. He knew that he was going to fight when he was only fifteen years old. He said with gratitude: "Know it, sometimes, let it be natural!"


Ye Jian’s study room.


Ye Jian brows a deep lock, holding a book in his hand, but his mind is not in the book. Ye Jian was very pleased with the extraordinary performance of the leaves a few days ago, but since then, Ye Fang has left himself in the room. Doesn’t he know that he will fight with Lin Feiyang soon?


After a whole week, Ye Bufan finally came out of the room.


The long-lost sunshine made the leaves feel uncomfortable and stretched out. The leaves are not ordinary to call on the next person, take out a drawing, and the next person orders: "Give me a long sword according to the specifications marked above, the material will use the fine iron!"


The next person is Ye Ding, who has always been afraid of Ye Wufan. Of course, the ordinary people of Ye Family are very afraid of Ye Bufan. At this time, see the young master in the room for a week. After they come out, let them build a long sword and then understand. It is to prepare for the battle of life and death. After all, Ye Yuanfan and Lin Feiyang’s covenant and death have become the most lively topic of Yunfeng.


I couldn't help but look at the picture. I looked at the slender sword on the picture and couldn't help but ask: "Young master, how is your big sword..." Half said, Ye Ding immediately stopped, and looked at Ye Bufan. I was afraid that my impulsiveness would have provoked the young master to be angry, and it was hard to be a bitter skin.


Ye Wufan did not care, said: "You just tell the craftsman to do as I can, and pick up the goods within three days!"


Ye Ding responded with a rush and took the drawings and left. For Ye Wufan, he always felt how far he could be.


Looking at Ye Ding's fearful appearance, Ye Bufan couldn't help but touch his nose. It seems that changing the image before this guy is not a one-off event.


I don’t know how to know my body. It’s almost impossible to advance to the eighth stage of power. Then, in the face of Lin Feiyang, there is an unexpected victory. The epee of this world is too generous, not suitable for Ye Fanfan’s play, and he is certainly better than Lin Feiyang in the competition of strength, only by skill.


Ye is not in the room for a week, of course, it is impossible to draw only a drawing of a long sword, then he walked to his father's study.


Ye Jian once again saw Ye Bufan, and found that although he had not seen the door in a week but did not see a trace of Sui and Tang, it seemed to look very different at this time, which seems to be very different from the past. Ye Jian made up his mind, this time if Ye Bufan really lost to Lin Feiyang in life and death, no matter what price he paid, he should be saved.


"Let's talk, what's the matter with me?" Ye Jian first said.


Ye Wufan took out a list and said: "I want some of the herbs on the top, I don't know if it is inconvenient."


Ye Jian took a look at the list of Ye Wufan's hands: blue crystal grass, three-leaf cloud grass, dark fruit... There are about ten kinds of medicinal materials in the front and back. Although Ye Jian is not pharmacological, I know that most of these herbs are Refining some basic materials for primary quenching. Doubtful asked: "Do you want alchemy?"


Ye Wufan always wants so many herbs, if it is not alchemy, what is the use? Is it brought to eat? Ye Jian believes that Ye Bufan will not love his life so much.


"In any case, if I want to defeat Lin Feiyang, I have to prepare these things for me!" Ye Bufan naturally cannot say the reasons for needing these herbs, and must not play the rogue.


Although these kinds of medicinal materials are various, they are all primary medicinal materials and the price is high. Ye Jian thought for a moment and said: "I will let the next person go to your room for a while, but if you lose to Lin Feiyang, see how I can clean you up!" Ye Jian, although pretending to be evil, looks a little Not scary.

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