Lord of the demon world

Tang Feng, the only successor of the comprehension of Dan Zong, was physically destroyed at the time of the robbery, and was accompanied by a sense of spiritual knowledge to a second-generation rich man named Ye Yefan. If you don't have time to enjoy the life of the rich second generation, you will get involved in a conspiracy. By the time you're ready to see the sun, your family has no family! With the technique of last century alchemy, your extraordinary step by step in this world to the peak


12. January covenant

Among the civilians, there are not many people in the Lin family. At this time, after listening to the speech of Ye Yuan’s tears, some people believed in his statement and began to look at Lin Feiyang with questioning eyes.


However, the problem is still lost to Yun Tianao. Both the original and the defendant have explained their opinions and naturally waited for his judgment.


From the heart of Yun Tian Ao, I really want to buckle Ye Bufan and Lin Feiyang, but it is obviously impossible. Lin Feiyang is accompanied by the Lin family leader; Ye Bufan is more cattle, directly put the first high hand of Ye Jia to protect . At the same time, it is not in the interest of the Yun family to fight with Ye and Lin.


The United Family is dealing with another, but before the truth of the matter is known, if the United is the one who is framing his daughter, Yun Tian is not able to swallow this breath. After a while of meditation, Yun Tianao said: "Lin Yinxi is seriously injured, and Ye Xianzhen is in good condition. I am afraid that some things can’t be said. After all, the strength of the two people is clear, so I think Lin Xianyu’s words are more Some credibility."


When he heard the words of Yun Tianao, Lin Feiyang immediately smiled and looked at Ye Bufan triumphantly. However, Lin Shanfeng frowned, because Yun Tianao bite the pronunciation of the four words of strength and weakness.


The elders opened their eyes at this time, but he did not speak, but looked at Ye Fanfan.


"Test me?" Looking at the eyes of the elders, Ye Bufan’s heart moved. "Yun Tian Ao has already offered a bid to fight with Lin Feiyang, otherwise he will recognize Lin Feiyang's rhetoric, so he bites the four strengths of strength." How does Ye Bufan know the meaning of Yun Tianao? Only Lin Feiyang has not discovered the mystery.


In order to survive in this world, it is still necessary to support Ye Family. Facing the eyes of the elders, Ye Bufan did not hesitate. He said: "I want to defeat him. I don't need a sneak attack. Is it possible for me to defeat him to prove that Lin Feiyang is telling lies?"


The elders flashed a glimmer of light in the eyes and closed them again. They made the leaves unpredictable and began to wonder if the old man was insomnia at night and closed his eyes all day.


The leaves of the extraordinary voice fell, Lin Shanfeng and Yun Tianao unconsciously looked at each other and saw the incomprehensibility of the other party's eyes. Ye's reaction was completely contrary to his name.


According to the two people's guess, this bargaining should be answered by the elders. After all, neither of them believes that Ye Bufan can understand the meaning of Yun Tianao. However, I did not expect that Ye Bufan not only understood, but also opened the price. It means asking if it is because I win the forest, and the Yun family will not pursue this matter.


Lin Feiyang heard the words of Ye Bufan, as if he heard the big jokes. In Yunfeng City, there was no dispute between the two people. When the leaves were not ordinary, they dared to challenge themselves. If there are not elders here, I am afraid that Lin Feiyang has already laughed.


"This is the case. The two sages use strength to prove the truth of what they say. Whoever wins then proves who is telling the truth. As for the thief in this incident, the city owner will never let go. He!" Yun Tianao certainly shows his attitude. Which one wins this game will help him to deal with the defeated family.


Seeing that the plan of his own family is about to succeed, Lin Feiyang can't wait to put Ye Fang on the ground immediately.


Who knows that Ye is not ordinary but said with an angry face: "Lin Gongzi is seriously injured, I don't want to take advantage of him, and I don't want someone to lose an excuse. It will be fixed in a month after the death and death."


Ye is not ordinary, this statement is full of shock! Civilians, including the doorway, also made a sigh of sighs.

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