Lord of the demon world

Tang Feng, the only successor of the comprehension of Dan Zong, was physically destroyed at the time of the robbery, and was accompanied by a sense of spiritual knowledge to a second-generation rich man named Ye Yefan. If you don't have time to enjoy the life of the rich second generation, you will get involved in a conspiracy. By the time you're ready to see the sun, your family has no family! With the technique of last century alchemy, your extraordinary step by step in this world to the peak


6. Fall into the game

As for walking outside the forest, Ye Bufan did not think about it, but the probability of meeting the Lin family was relatively high. With this time, he paid for the body board and dealt with several ordinary guardians. If you face Lin Jiazhi People, Ye Wufan can not have this confidence.

Within the cave, the body has disappeared, except that the burning bonfire of the group has been extinguished, and nothing else has changed.

The leaves are not ordinary, the cloud will be placed on the ground, the whole person will fall into silence, and even the bonfire will not ignite again.

The moment before dawn was the darkest time of the day, and the coldest time. Yun Ruo Shuang, who was in a coma, curled up at the moment and shivered slightly.

Ye Wufan took off his coat and put it on the body of Yun Ruo-shuang, and began to sit up and practice. He is not afraid, as long as he has passed the darkest time, when the light comes, the forces of Ye and Yun will definitely find it here. In a short time, Lin will not search here again.

The leaves that were taken off the coat were extraordinary. At this time, they were extremely thin. Originally, he thought that he could not fear the cold when he practiced. However, when he began to cultivate, he discovered that there was no trace of the world’s strength in the planet, and he could not absorb the power of heaven and earth. How to cultivate?

The chill swallows the heart of the leaves, and the chill from the depths of the heart is more terrible than the cold on the flesh! The failure of the robbery, Ye Bufan just regretted not practicing the flesh, and did not feel the fear; in the bureau where the Lin family was clothed, he was also not afraid. He believed that as long as he had protected Yun Ruohuang, the Yuncheng Lord also took it. Your own life.

However, it is impossible to cultivate, which makes the leaves unpredictable to the extreme! The inability to practice shows that one can only be a waste person. The pride of the past makes it impossible for Ye Bufan to accept such things happen to him.

The chill in the heart, the coldness of the night wind makes the tired and tired leaves fall asleep...

The sun shines through the hole and shines on the cheeks of Yun Ruo. Yun Ruoqing woke up leisurely, twisted and twisted some painful neck and opened his eyes. Once again, I saw this environment like a nightmare. There was a sting in the brain and my hands clasped my head tightly.

Just as the hands were raised, the leaves of the leaves that were not on her were falling on the ground, and Yun Ruohuang looked at the coat, and then looked at the leaves that fell into a group of sleeping leaves.

"I put it on himself? Disguised! He must have been afraid of his father's revenge deliberately disguised!" There is a voice in Yun Ruo-shuang's heart constantly yelling.

Picking up the epee on the ground, Yun Ruoqiu slowly walked toward the sleeping leaves. Kill him, then commit suicide, one hundred!

Yun Ruohuang went to Ye Bufan’s body and raised his epee in both hands. As long as the sword went down, all the pain would be dispersed.

At this moment, a blue shadow flashed through the hole, and if the cloud suddenly felt a light hand, it was fixed to see, and the coming man was roaring at himself. "Ye..." I thought about what Ye Bufan had done to him. Yun Ruo-shuang’s Ye Shibo still did not scream, and the tears turned again in his eyes.

The coming person is the father of Ye Wufan, Ye Jian!



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