Lord of the demon world

Tang Feng, the only successor of the comprehension of Dan Zong, was physically destroyed at the time of the robbery, and was accompanied by a sense of spiritual knowledge to a second-generation rich man named Ye Yefan. If you don't have time to enjoy the life of the rich second generation, you will get involved in a conspiracy. By the time you're ready to see the sun, your family has no family! With the technique of last century alchemy, your extraordinary step by step in this world to the peak


15. Brothers are light

"Three brothers, you are a rare guest in this library!"


Ye Wufan looked at the people, and the person who recognized him was his fifth brother Ye Tiannan, the eldest son of Ye Jin, and the six sections of Lijing. Because Ye Jin and Ye Jian have not been in harmony with each other, the relationship between Ye Bufan and Ye Tiannan has always been bad. However, everyone is the same as the six segments of force. However, because of the deep wine color, it is still inferior to Ye Tiannan.


Behind Ye Tiannan is the other two cousins, Ye Tianqi and Ye Tianxiao, both of whom are the five sections of the force. Both of them are the sons of Ye Ling. They are very good from Ye Tiannan and help Ye Tiannan to deal with the extraordinary things. .


Ye Wufan looked at the three people and returned his eyes to the book in his hand. He was not interested in the bickering of this little child.


Seeing Ye Wufan did not fight back as usual, Ye Tiannan felt a little uncomfortable, and made a look to Ye Tianxiao.


Ye Tianxiao immediately said: "You know, the five brothers, the third brother today and Lin Feiyang agreed to fight the next month, the younger brother admired very much!" The mouth said admire, but it was a look of sarcasm.


"It is no wonder that the third brother will come to the library, but the third brother does not read the books on martial arts, but he studies the medicinal herbs. Is it intended to treat himself after the duel?" Ye Tianyi said that he was not far behind.


"Let's relax!" Ye Tiannan screamed: "The third brother is fighting for the Ye family. I want you to say this. The third brother is not afraid of strong enemies. We should all learn like the third brother! Do you understand?"


"Well, we have to learn the spirit of the third brother not afraid of death!" Ye Tianxiao and Ye Tianqi said in unison.


After the last book has been read, Ye Wufan puts his hands together and puts the book back in the same place. If the words of the three people are unheard of, it seems that they are no longer in general.


For the ignorance of the leaves, the three felt a great insult.


"Since the third brother is going to play on behalf of the Ye family, I will naturally not be able to force it. Why is it better for us to accompany the third brother?" Ye Tianxiao said loudly.


The leaves were uncommon and turned to a stern color. They were swept over by three people. The three couldn’t help but step back and clench their fists...


"Good eyes!" Ye Bunan's heart is dark. Ye Wufan seems to have become a person, not as irritating as before, and this kind of eyes actually let himself rise with a fear.


Looking at Ye Bufan step by step, Ye Tiannan shook his head unconsciously and took this thought out of his mind. Although knowing that Ye Bufan is not Lin Feiyang's opponent, Ye Tiannan does not mind to cause certain damage to Ye Bufan, so that the leaves will not be defeated on the stage of life and death. With Lin Feiyang’s character, she will never let Ye Bufan go alive and fall.


The uncle is such a son, Ye Bufan died, and the family of the Ye family must not fall into their hands. Ye Tiannan flashed a slap in his eyes, his hands clenched more tightly, and his joints creaked. Today, in the Library, it is not a rare encounter with Ye, but Ye Tiannan intends to do so. The goal is the future of the family.


Although knowing that he is not an opponent of three people at this time, Ye Bufan still walks forward step by step. He is not afraid, because he knows that some things are not avoided when you want to avoid it!


"What are you doing here?" Ye Jin suddenly appeared at the door when the war broke out.


Looking at his father, although there are some doubts in Ye Jin’s heart, he still said: "We came in and found some martial arts cultivation. When we met the third brother, we chatted with him."


"I have seen Erbo!" Ye Bufan said at the same time with Ye Tianxiao and Ye Tianqi.


Ye Jin nodded and said: "It’s a good thing to come to the library to study. It’s a good thing. This battle can't weaken the name of our Ye family!"


"Don't let the second son down!" After Ye Bufan finished, he walked out of the library. For this second son, Ye Feifan did not have the slightest feeling in his heart.


Looking at Ye Tiannan's eyes to his doubts, Ye Jin dropped a sentence: "Reckie!" Then turned and left.


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