Lord of the demon world

Tang Feng, the only successor of the comprehension of Dan Zong, was physically destroyed at the time of the robbery, and was accompanied by a sense of spiritual knowledge to a second-generation rich man named Ye Yefan. If you don't have time to enjoy the life of the rich second generation, you will get involved in a conspiracy. By the time you're ready to see the sun, your family has no family! With the technique of last century alchemy, your extraordinary step by step in this world to the peak


11. Abnormal performance

The elders closed their eyes, but they grabbed Lin Feiyang’s wrists with one hand. The speed was fast. Even Lin Shanfeng, who was sitting next to him, didn’t see how he came out. He only thought that the flowers in front of him would be Lin Feiyang’s wrist. Fall into the hands of the elders.


The elders nodded and said: "The back of the palm, it should be the full force of the six sections of the force, hurting the inward depression..." After the completion of Lin Feiyang felt a soft force came, the pain of the internal depression It is weakened a lot. After the elders let go, they bowed and said: "Thank you for your predecessors!"


The lobby was once again silent... No one was seriously injured by Lin Feiyang, and Ye Buwei was sitting here in perfect condition to ask questions...


"What kind of world are you born again?" The middle of silence was unreasonable. "Which ones are all like people!" The predecessor Ye has also walked through the world, not for some online novels.


After those protagonists are born again, not everyone in the world knows that no one will play tricks when practicing. How high is the world of people in front of you? Now Ye Fang is not praised, but the level of sophistication has to be awe.


"How is Lin Gongzi injured, Ye Gongzi will be fine?"


"Is Ye Gongzi not the sixth stage of power?"


"And I heard that Miss Yun was forced by Ye, and he must kill him."


Suddenly some discordant voices appeared in the crowd. Under the guidance of the people, the voice of discussion was getting bigger and bigger, and the spearhead pointed to the leaves.


Yun Tian Ao naturally saw that the civilians outside the lobby couldn't get away with the Lin family. They had intended to cover up Yun Ruo Shuang in advance. After all, such a thing happened, it was not glorious for a girl. As for the accounts with Ye and Lin, it is natural to calculate slowly.


But now it has been mentioned that it is impossible to remain silent on the table. "I don't know Ye Xianzhen. Is there any different opinion on Lin Xianyu's words?"


Ye Wufan looked at the side, the elders still engaged in his daddy into the big business, had to say: "My views are very different!" Then he said his lies again. Since I have said it twice before, this third time I have said that even the leaves are extraordinary, I feel that this is the case.


Just saying that in the end, Ye Bufan’s eyes contain tears: “Yuncheng Lord, although I was harmed by the traitor...” It’s said that Ye Fei’s eyes are stunned by Lin Feiyang, and he’s the wicked person, and then Said: "But in the end, I have not resisted the drug and made irreparable mistakes. Please ask the Yuncheng master to punish him, but if you swear to death, you will find the thief to ask Ms. Yun for a fair."


After I finished speaking, I didn’t talk any more, just staring at Lin Feiyang in a disgusting way. It seems that this matter was planned by Lin Feiyang.


Until now, Yun Tianao did not know the whole process. After Yun Ruohuang went to the city government, he shut himself in the house and neither came out nor said anything to anyone. It’s inevitable that the whole thing has the shadow of Lin’s family, but what kind of role Ye Ye is playing in this is not clear, but with the word of mouth, Yun Tianao does not believe that he really is innocent.


The elders opened their eyes and looked at Ye Wufan with a little bit of incomprehensibility. The eyelids were put together again. This kid’s performance today is very good, not as boring as usual...



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