Highest Lord

In order to cure his mother, Meng fan violates the rules of his family to hike up a forbidden mountain in search of herbs. To his surprise he finds a black crystal, which changes his fate, allowing him to defeat the demon animal and seize the talisman.


1. Wuzhen teenager

The mountain is beautiful, a piece of endless mountains, like a huge dragon that crawls on the earth, there is a kind of long and lasting shock, so this mountain is called the Qinglong mountain range.

And in the range of the mountains, there is a remote town called Wuzhen, which is in extremes, on the mountains and on the side of the mountain.

"It really hurts!"

In the village of Wuzhen, the voice of a whisper came, and the speaker was a fifteen, six teenager, a blue shirt with a clear face, but a little pain on his face, the palm of his hand covered with his chest, and it was obviously injured and limped forward.

Before a simple room came to a simple room, MenAn's figure stood up and looked at the warm and loving home of the day. It was a little hesitant to clean her clothes, and he was afraid to show any clues.

"Damn Lei Tao, you wait for me, I will beat you to a pig's head!"

A murmur of hatred hated the Mencius' small face and was somewhat gloomy.

On the way of returning home, Meng fan met his own death from small to large, and only a few days did not see, and the strength of the other side had risen to the level of the five order of the refinery again, and held his own strength, and had a quarrel with several young men and Mencian in Wuzhen behind him, and mocked MenAn.

Meng fan is only a child of fifteen years old, in a moment of anger and Lei Tao and others to start, Meng fan's strength is only the realm of the two order of the body, and how is the opponent of Lei Tao's three order, which is hit on Mencian's chest, and suddenly in the chest of Mencian's chest is a silt.

But although it is said, Meng knows that he has a great distance from Lei Tao. Because the practice between the two sides is a symbol of strength or strength on this continent.

Yuan Qi, the original force between the world, exists in the world, immortal in ancient times, was absorbed into the body by the practitioner, divided into eight days according to the realm, ten steps a day, and in eight days the difference between the next three days and the last five days.

The next three days will be the three realms of refining, refining and refining.

However, although these three realms are only the basis of spiritual cultivation, the ordinary people do not want to break through a realm for a lifetime, not to break through the next three days to the strong state of the five days.

At the age of fifteen, Meng arrived at the two stage of the body refining as the most basic stage. Tidying up, Meng fan walked gently into a simple and tidy room with no valuables in the room, but it was very neat, and there was a kind of home warmth.

Just when Meng wanted to blend into his room, there was a faint voice behind him.

"Stop, what are you doing?"

The speaker is a middle-aged woman, long hair shawl, gentle face on the traces of some years, but it can be seen in the young must be a beauty, she is Mencian's mother, heart orchid!

Turning around, Meng fan smiled awkwardly at his mother and whispered.

"Mother, I've just come back..."

Heart LAN gazed at Meng fan one eye, some severe say, "go out to practice, make behind all is soil, and still have an injury?"

Suddenly Meng's little face changed, knowing that he was discovered and honestly standing there. Although Meng fan's mother, heart and blue, does not understand any spirit, it is weak, but in the heart of a fifteen year old, his parents obviously have a natural sense of dignity.

When Mencian was drawn to his body, he unraveled his blue shirt and suddenly made a change in the beautiful face of the heart. He clenched the shelltooth, and immediately took out the medicine in his home on Mencian's body and reprimanded it.

"How many times have I talked to you? Don't fight with others. Why don't you listen to me?"

Wen said, Meng fan pouted his mouth and argued, "I don't agree. Lei Tao is too damned. They not only insult me, but also say I am......" No father's child! "

The voice fell down, suddenly let the body of heart and blue a stiff, a faint face above the face, palm gently smeared on Meng fan's wound, bite the tooth said, "say to you, do not manage others how to say, you just cultivate your spirit is good, you know?"

Seeing that his mother's look was not good, Meng knew that he had said something wrong, vomited his tongue and said no more. Smearing the wounds of Meng fan, heart LAN stood up and said softly.

"Do not disturb these days, I will give you a first time to heal you!"

He Shou is the most common panacea between heaven and earth.

Meng knows that between heaven and earth, all heaven and earth drugs are divided into nine products, and every time a piece of medicine is doubled. But it is not uncommon for a product, but it is also very precious for only one heart orchid who does not know any discipline.

Any kind of heaven and earth medicine can dredge the meridians of the spiritual practitioner, and let it speed up the cultivation of the spirit, and the reason why Meng Fan falls behind others is not himself not diligent, but the time of practice is nearly two times that of others.

The real gap is the spiritual medicine, the father of Lei Tao and others are all the existence of the management in Wuzhen and so on, although there is no too precious thing, but the two products of the medicine is still not lacking, so Lei Tao can quickly reach the five order of the body of the refinery.

And the only way to get the medicine of the Mencian family is to rely on the monthly distribution of each family in Wuzhen, but there are more than two plants per month, and even in some cases, the harvest of the Wuzhen guards is not good, or even one is not, so Meng fan's yuan Qi will always be weaker than the people of the same age in Wuzhen.

Hears the heart orchid's words, Meng fan's eyebrows wrinkles, hesitates to ask.

"Mother, how old is your family?"

"I have nothing to do with it. I'll give it to you first. You have to cultivate it."

Heart LAN smiled gently, but in the instant of just falling sound, he unconsciously coughed and covered his mouth with his hands. His body trembled and his cough continued.

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