Highest Lord

In order to cure his mother, Meng fan violates the rules of his family to hike up a forbidden mountain in search of herbs. To his surprise he finds a black crystal, which changes his fate, allowing him to defeat the demon animal and seize the talisman.


14. Walking with the United States

Between the words, I had no choice but to follow Meng Fan. The two went one after the other, and at the end they walked side by side, smelling the fragrance of the beautiful woman beside them. Meng Fan’s mood changed, but it was a little back to the feeling of being a child. The two often went out to collect medicine and play together. Just later...


A sigh in the heart, Meng Fan immediately no longer thinks, walking toward the foot of the Smoky Mountain.


The green shirt is towering and the forest is thick, and the forest around the Smoky Mountain is a stretch of forest.


Although Wuzhen bans everyone from going to the Smoky Mountain, it is free to be near the foot of the mountain, and here is where all the Wuzhen teenagers like to come. In addition to the good scenery, there may be more above the Smoky Mountains. Warcraft comes out, of course, some low-level Warcraft.


Looking forward, Meng Fan knows that today is the biggest snake tide near the Yanwo Mountain.


The so-called snake tide is in this season, the group of snakes above the Smoky Mountains will be extremely instigated, as long as there is some meat in the mountains, then from the mountains will go straight down a group of snakes.


The first-order World of Warcraft, the damage is absolutely not big, and the magic core of the benefits of the cultivation of the vitality is not small, and let Meng Fan most value is to take the green snake to take home a dozen teeth festival after taking out the magic core.


Of course, in order to avoid the ancient heart, Meng Fan has not come to pick a snake for several years. Finally came to the foot of the mountain, looking at the familiar Lin Hai, Meng Fan grinned and said excitedly.


"It seems to be a good thing today!"


Seeing the smile on Meng Fan's cheek, the old heart sighed, and immediately asked, "Meng Fan, how do you seem to be different from before, as if today is a different thing than before?"


Wen Yan, Meng Fan smiled and said casually, "Maybe!"


Between the words, Meng Fan found an empty place in the woods, took out a piece of cooked meat that had been prepared, and placed it on the ground. A seductive meat scent came out.


"Hey, the noses of those snakes are very spiritual, wait a minute!"


Meng Fan said with a smile, obviously this is not once and twice. Gu Xiner smiled and looked at the smiles that Meng Fan had seen once in a while, and the involuntary smile on his cheeks was a little more shallow smile.


A fragrant scent, in the woods has been brushed, brushing the sound, apparently a group of snakes smelling the meat is close to here, suddenly let the ancient heart back a step, the small hand suddenly caught Meng Fan's The palm of your hand is slightly nervous, and there is still a fifth-order appearance of the refining body.


Feel the place there, Meng Fan’s heart moved, and immediately said with a smile, “Reassured, have me!”


A few simple words spit out, and Meng Fan’s figure has already been smashed out. In normal times, these green snakes are only a prey for Meng Fan, let alone now.


When I heard Meng Fan’s words, the old heart was a glimpse, and there was an unbelievable look on the face. Meng Fan, who he had known before, never said to himself in recent years.


Today's Meng Fan looks like there is really more than one thing, it is a kind of masculine that belongs to him... Thinking of this, suddenly let the ancient heart snorted and the cheeks became red.


However, Meng Fan did not care about the ancient heart behind him. The five fingers immediately grabbed and came here to have more than a dozen green snakes, but a big gain could not help but make Meng Fan excited.




Seeing the coming of Meng Fan, suddenly the green snake on the ground violently swelled, and the snake body moved directly toward Meng Fan as if it were a sharp arrow.


Warcraft has the capital to compete with human cultivators. In addition to its powerful body, it also has the magical power of the comparable. Of course, the thing is not in the first-order World of Warcraft, otherwise Meng Fan does not dare to provoke.


In the next moment, Meng Fan’s white palm moved and his two fingers extended, but he was extremely confident. The snake body of the green snake actually fell into the hands of Meng Fan.


Hey, with a little effort, Meng Fan broke the snake head of the green snake, grinned and said softly.


"Oh, although I haven't done it for a long time, I am still unfamiliar!"


Between the words, Meng Fan has begun to hunt and hunt. Although more than a dozen green snakes are moving quickly, but after they have been picked up, they all fall into the hands of Meng Fan. The effort, Meng Fan is already completely fixed.


After Meng Fan stopped moving, it was the body of the green snake that had already left the land. The old heart behind him smiled like a lotus flower, clapping and clapping.


"Meng Fan is awesome!"


When I heard the praise of the beautiful woman, Meng Fan smiled embarrassedly and just wanted to speak. However, in the next moment, there were a few voices in the air, and the sound of ridicule and ridicule came.


"Oh, yes, the action is very good, Meng Fan, you have a hand to catch the snake, I thought I could see the shit!"



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