Highest Lord

In order to cure his mother, Meng fan violates the rules of his family to hike up a forbidden mountain in search of herbs. To his surprise he finds a black crystal, which changes his fate, allowing him to defeat the demon animal and seize the talisman.


9. Third grade of refining!

Hey, hey!


The two sounds fell, like a whip, and the void made two punches, and Meng Fan’s figure stood still.


Using the last remaining vitality in the body to make this fist, the sound of the air is not bad, but Meng Fan is not satisfied, this power is much worse than what he expected.


However, Meng Fan has no physical strength to continue to cultivate, directly sitting on the ground, tired and straight.


The bright sunshine has already shined on Meng Fan's little face. Obviously, in this open space, Meng Fan has gone through a night of cultivation and exhausted all his physical strength.


"Hey, I have forgotten the time!"


Two laughs, and Meng Fan’s little face has a hint of excitement. Even those who are Lei Tao have no chance to practice at night. Because they take a lot of elixir, they can only guarantee that they will practice again on the second day.


Pulling out the beads, Meng Fan looked at the beads seriously and muttered softly.


"Beads, it won't be...you will see you!"


Between the words, Meng Fan's palms forcefully, and the vitality enters the dark beads. This time, Meng Fan already knows that it is not using his own blood. When he integrates the vitality into the black beads, he can trigger the strange energy.


In an instant, the black beads flashed, just like the strange warm energy of last night was once again introduced into Meng Fan's body, just like the stream generally running up and down in Meng Fan.


Unmoving, Meng Fan quietly felt the flow of warm energy in the body. After half an hour or so, Meng Fan opened his eyes again, but this time his face was full of excited smiles.


This kind of smile for a few days is almost more than the past ten years of Meng Fan’s life.


Meng Fan suppressed the excitement in his heart and naturally understood what it meant. In the realm of refining, the most expensive thing is the body. The cultivator is the ribs, bones and membranes in the body. Just like the former Meng Fan’s cultivation of the body, after practicing one day, he will be tired. I can't even get up, and I feel sore at night.


And this requires the effect of elixir. Generally, in the rich and wealthy people, every day, the following children are nourished by a large number of elixir, which will enable the practitioners to keep alive and thrive.


However, this black bead is even more powerful than the rejuvenating spirit of the heavens and the earth. It is possible to restore all the consumption of Meng Fan to the original, including the physical injury, in just half an hour, enough for Meng Fan to continue to practice.


And while repairing Meng Fan's body, this warm energy will also stimulate Meng Fan's body meridians, allowing him to expand some, the refining realm, which is constantly expanding the body's meridians, absorbed between the heavens and the earth. The vital energy is stored in the body. If you have this black bead in the future, it means that Meng Fan can practice endlessly.


Unless you don't want to, you will have a lot more cultivation time than others. No matter the day and night, as long as Meng Fan is tired, the warm power of the black beads within half an hour will make Meng Fan's physical strength return to the original.


The effect of this effect, Meng Fan just heard that outside the town of Wuzhen, the legendary treasure of the extraordinary Yuan Dan has this effect. And the recovery of Dan is only to restore physical strength, and the energy of this black bead can also stimulate the body of Meng Fan, although the effect is slow, but if you often warm the meridians, then it is a great help to the realm.


Black beads for the Meng Fan, who has just cultivated strength, the benefits are endless.


Grinning, just before Meng Fan was ready to stand up, suddenly his body was stiff, running the vitality of the body, and carefully looking around the whole body.


Because of the discovery of Meng Fan's surprise, his body has changed a little. Some thin and thin bodies seem to be taller than yesterday. Under the green shirt, there is a sense of muscle outline, which is quite strong.


"It's advanced, there is nothing wrong, the third step of the refining body!"


Exclaimed, Meng Fan’s little face was suddenly replaced by a huge joyful smile. After three years of hard work, he only reached the second stage of the refining body. I couldn’t think of a night of cultivation, and I actually broke through to the refining. Third order.


Meng Fan knows that this should be the reason why this black bead warms its own meridians. This thing is really a treasure, but Meng Fan's body is a little trembling, there is a feeling of overwhelming on the small face.


The husband is not guilty and bears his sin. If the effect of this bead is transmitted, Meng Fan does not know what a big sensation will be caused. I am afraid that the whole Qinglong Mountain Range will pay attention to it.


Thinking of this, Meng Fan can not help but have some heart, although Meng Fan's mind is mature, but in the end it is still an ordinary 15-year-old child.


After a moment of indulgence, Meng Fan put this cracked bead firmly on his chest, and made up his mind to make a decision. No one would tell the secret of this bead, including Xinlan, not distrust. It is a kind of secret that sticks to oneself.


Severely spit out a sigh of relief, and immediately flashed in Meng Fan’s voice, knowing what to do in the next ten days.


Thinking in my heart, Meng Fan knows that although there are black beads to warm the meridians, but what really matters is his own penance. If there is not a lot of bitterness, the effect of this black bead to restore physical strength is also useless.


Therefore, Meng Fan has already set a plan. For the next ten days, he will be a bitter repair day and night, in order to pay twice the sweat of others, in exchange for the gap between these years and them.


A low-pitched sound, at this moment from the Meng Fan's nephew appeared a tough look, Qianlong in the Yuan, only ask for a day in the dragon!


Once upon a time, Meng Fan did not want to let himself shine in the Wuzhen people's ratio, so that his mother's status in Wuzhen rose, not being blinded. When and how I never thought about it, in addition to tens of thousands of meters away from me, there is also a Meng family who used to be insulted to him and his mother!



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