Highest Lord

In order to cure his mother, Meng fan violates the rules of his family to hike up a forbidden mountain in search of herbs. To his surprise he finds a black crystal, which changes his fate, allowing him to defeat the demon animal and seize the talisman.


8. The biggest gain

Seeing Meng Fan open the wrapped cloth, a tempting medicinal scent hit the face, suddenly let the heart of the blue change, grabbed his mouth, said with amazement.


"Ah, Hundred herbs, where did you get it from?!"


A second-class medicine, naturally, is to surprise the heart of the heart.


Scratching his head, Meng Fan said with a sigh. "When I was practicing outside today, I saw it from the mountain road by chance. I secretly took it."


When I heard Meng Fan’s answer, Xin Lan looked at Meng Fan with confusion and collected it outside? How precious is a second-class medicine? If you are outside, I am afraid I don’t know how many people will be remembered, but Meng Fan is actually at random, and this luck is too good.


However, although he was hesitant, Xinlan did not have much doubt. After all, Meng Fan had always been extremely obedient. Apart from mentioning his father, he never made any extraordinary things.


After a moment of indulgence, Xinlan took the herb and whispered.


"This thing is too precious, but since you have come, then I will make it soup tomorrow, give it to you, I will forget it, you are a practitioner, I believe that you can also fight for more in the family ratio. Good results!"


I know that this hundred herbs will not be eaten for myself. Meng Fan’s heart sighs and does not make a sound. If you don’t want to drink it, you can sneak into the water of the heart.


After eating, Meng Fan went directly to his room. After all, cultivating a day consumes too much physical strength. For Meng Fan, now he just wants to sleep.


Lying on his cot, Meng Fan reached out and took out the remaining two things in his hand. He carefully looked at the black beads in his hand. Today's black beads and before it is a hard stone. No difference.


But in the last night, it was clear that all of his injuries were restored and all physical strength was restored.


There must be something different!


Meng Fan's brows were slightly wrinkled, and between the contemplations, suddenly his eyes flashed. If there is any difference, then it is bloody in his chest yesterday.


When the teeth were bitten, Meng Fan bit his bite and suddenly a little blood appeared on his finger. Meng Fan gently touched the black bead.


However, what disappoints Meng Fan is that the black beads did not burst out like the last night, just like before.


"Halo, broken beads!"


Meng Fan muttered a little, the face was a bit gloomy, I couldn’t think that the almost magical thing last night did not appear again. The palms were hard and some of them were holding the beads in an angry manner, and the weak vitality of the body flowed unconsciously.


In the next moment, the weak faintness of Meng Fan’s palm touched the black bead, and suddenly the black beads flashed. A warm force flowed out of the black beads and slowly entered Meng Fan’s body. Among them.


This thing is really strange, you need to absorb the vitality of your body!


In a moment, Meng Fan was shocked, his palms were slightly closed, and the little energy left in the body was blended into the black beads. At the same time, the black beads also sent strange energy, which made the meridians in Meng Fan have a warm feeling.


Sitting cross-legged, Meng Fan's body motionless, shining in the bright moonlight, but it is faintly found that at this moment on the skin of Meng Fan faintly exudes a kind of light, shiny and translucent.


For half an hour, Meng Fan opened his eyes, and the scorpion flickered. Because Meng Fan was surprised to discover that all the tiredness of his body had been swept away, the body was refilled with the power of living and living, and the meridians in his body seemed to have expanded a bit more and became more solid!


How could this be, the thing last night actually reappeared!


When the pupils shrink, Meng Fanyu looks at the beads. Although he does not know what the beads are, there is a hunch between them. The biggest gain of going up the mountain yesterday is not the hundred herbs, but the dark ordinary beads. .


Excited smile, Meng Fan did not care so much, put the beads back to the chest, the body immediately ran out.


On weekdays, Meng Fan was tired and tired of sleeping on the cot at this time, but now it is physical recovery, but for Meng Fan is a good time to practice!


In the open space, under the illumination of the moonlight, there has been a more person, like a monkey, with light movements, sitting in various complicated movements, faintly sweating down, wet the green shirt, but more is Excited laughter!

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