Highest Lord

In order to cure his mother, Meng fan violates the rules of his family to hike up a forbidden mountain in search of herbs. To his surprise he finds a black crystal, which changes his fate, allowing him to defeat the demon animal and seize the talisman.


17. Shameless siege

Blowing the whistle, the meaning of these three words Meng Fan and the ancient heart are clear, and the reason why Lei Tao is so arrogant is because it is not just Lei Tao, there are many juniors in Wuzhen behind him. All are more excellent.


The heart of the ancient heart flashed, just to reach out and stop. One of the Wuzhen teenagers had taken out a whistle and blew it up. The sharp voice immediately came in the jungle and looked at Meng Fan proudly.


Obviously, the increase of Meng Fan's strength is a big blow to them. It can be seen that Meng Fan's loss is really good now.


The ancient heart was a little resentful, and the blind man looked at Meng Fan nervously and said softly, "Go ahead, Meng Fan brother!"


Meng Fan shook his head and said, "It’s too late. Today is a snake tide. All the Wuzhen juniors should come here. They should arrive soon!"


Sure enough, as Meng Fan said, after several breaths, several shadows were drawn from the jungle in all directions. Many teenagers who heard the whistle came in, and nearly a hundred people saw the ground. After the scene above, all were a little surprised.


Lei Tao's strength is good, but after seeing the confrontation with Meng Fan and the ancient heart, it is even more shocking.


Among the silent people, the two teenagers stood up first, the body is extremely tall, and the adults are undoubtedly, the skin is dark, and Lei Tao is somewhat similar. Meng Fan knows that this is Lei Tao’s two brothers, Lei Tiger, Leopard!


Their father, Lei Li, is the captain of Wuzhen's escort team, so he can get more resources and grow much faster than other teenagers. In particular, Leihu and Leibao have reached the seventh level of the refining body, and the body hardness has been normal. Stones in general, force the entire Wuzhen junior, around the Wuzhen is a famous little fighter.


The first Thunder Tiger has shouted loudly, "Lei Tao, who hurt you?"


Seeing the emergence of Thunder Tiger, Lei Tao’s look changed, and some feared, “Meng Fan...”


Two words spit out, suddenly caused a lot of sorrow around the entire forest, everyone looked at Meng Fan surprised, isn't Meng Fan still a guy who was thundered before this?


There was a trace of strangeness in the eyes, and Thunder Tiger stepped forward, and the blind man looked at Meng Fan coldly and said, "It is you!"


Seeing the eyes of Thunder Tiger and everyone behind him, Meng Fan’s heart sighed and knew that today is no time to escape, and the scalp must stand up and respond coldly.


"it's me!"


Seeing that Meng Fan did not show any signs of surrender, Thunder Tiger sneered and shouted. "Okay, well, the bones are quite hard. I don't know if you will be like this for a while, brothers, give it to me!"


The sound fell, and Lei Leopard and others around the Thunder Tiger were all gearing up and approaching Meng Fan.


Seeing the crowd gathered around, Meng Fan couldn't help but smile. After all his physical exertion had been exhausted, he had already exhausted it.


Stepping forward, the ancient silver teeth bite and whispered.


"Thunder Tiger, don't be too much. These people are bullying us. Meng Fan is helping me to catch the green snake. I have the command of my father. You don't want to move!"


Hearing the words, Lei Hu snorted and said, "I am going to be a young man, how can I be with Meng Fan? I don't care who he is ordered, move." My brother can't!"


Between the talks, Lei Leopard and others have been less than three meters away from Meng Fan, a murderous look. Looking around, Meng Fan's fist was gripped and creaked, and his heart already understood, in the final analysis, still strength.


Even if the influence of the ancient Yuan is not as important as the strength, Lei Hu and Lei Bao are extremely excellent in the Wuzhen juniors. Even if they fight themselves, the law does not blame the public. At most, they are reprimanded a few words. I am afraid that even this time the injury will not be light, only strength!


Between the electric and the flint, just as Lei Leopard and others are approaching Meng Fan, there is a sound of breaking in the air in the next moment. The first one is the young boy in front, and the body flies straight out. With a bang, the force of the retreat directly dropped the crowd behind it, and the crowd was quite embarrassed.


"who is it!"


Lei Leopard whispered, fiercely looking behind Meng Fan, but in the next moment, the fierce meaning of his eyes was a little faded, and even a trace of ... fear!


Repelling the juvenile is an extremely slender leg, round and moving, the owner of this leg is a black robe, three thousand green silks are draped behind, fluttering in the wind. The slender figure is a bit taller than Meng Fan, but the age is not big, the skin is fair, the eyebrows, the red lips, and a kind of incomprehensible charm.


The owner who saw the legs stood in front of him. Meng Fan already knew who it was. Only the old twin sister... Gu Qing!


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