Highest Lord

In order to cure his mother, Meng fan violates the rules of his family to hike up a forbidden mountain in search of herbs. To his surprise he finds a black crystal, which changes his fate, allowing him to defeat the demon animal and seize the talisman.


15. Provocation from Lei Tao

The sound fell, and suddenly Meng Fan’s voice flashed and looked back.


In the jungle behind him, a few people walked out, all of them are almost the same size as Meng Fan. The lead is almost the same as an adult. The skin is dark and rough, and there is a strong body under the black robe. , tiger head and tiger brain.


"Lei Tao!"


The two words spit out from Meng Fan’s mouth, staring at Lei Tao, but there was a hint of anger in the scorpion. The last time Lei Tao not only hit his own hand, but the most anger for Meng Fan is that he is a child without a father.


I can't think of it here!


When the teeth were bitten, Meng Fan’s palm was slightly clenched, and his heart sneered. If Lei Tao thought he was as good as before, it would be a big mistake. He just used Lei Tao to practice his hand. See if you don’t understand what you have after you reach the fourth stage of the refining.


However, without waiting for Meng Fan to speak, the ancient heart standing behind Meng Fan has stepped forward, and the body is in front of Meng Fan, and he is discouraged.


"Lei Tao, what are you doing?"


Seeing the ancient heart, Lei Tao and the eyes of several Wuzhen teenagers behind him are all filled with a sense of love, but they are immediately replaced by angry anger, all staring at the intimate Meng Fan, who is standing behind the ancient heart. Extremely bad.


After a while, Lei Tao said coldly.


"Hey, Meng Fan, you are getting more and more good, and now you still learn to hide behind the woman, it is a waste!"


The sound fell, and several people standing behind Lei Tao were all screaming and screaming at the ground.


These people are all teenagers in Wuzhen. The ancient heart is a girl that Lei Tao has always liked, but the other party has always been a person who is a maverick. Even the best young people in Wuzhen are not likely to have close opportunities. At this moment, seeing Meng Fan is naturally like a thorn in the eye.


In the face of ridicule, the ancient silver teeth bite, the small hand gently hooked Meng Fan behind the hook, indicating that Meng Fan should not be impulsive, while cold and shouting.


"Lei Tao, you should not be too much. I am my father who asked me to come. Meng Fan is helping me. If you are delayed, don't let my father marry you!"


When I heard the ancient Yuan who was told by the ancient heart, I suddenly changed the look of Lei Tao, and all of them were fearful. As the mayor of Wuzhen, the majesty is not small, even if their fathers are difficult to violate the ancient Yuan.


When the eyes turned, Lei Tao smiled and said in a negative voice.


"Since Miss Gu Xin is here, then I will give Meng Fan a face of waste, but Meng Fan I will not hit you, you just have to kneel down and be a shit, let us go, haha..."


Along with the voice of Lei Tao, at the same time, several Wuzhen teenagers at the same time also heard the sound of sneer, watching Meng Fan, his face mocking and disdain, obviously doing this kind of thing is not once or twice.


Suddenly the old-fashioned face became pale and biting. I know that Lei Tao is a group of people who are arrogant in Wuzhen. Although the ancient heart also reached the fifth stage of the refining.


However, although the ancient method of giving ancient hearts to the ancients was mysterious, but so far no power has emerged, so the ancient heart does not understand any fighting skills except the physical strength.


The little hand gently grabbed Meng Fan's hand, and the fragrance fell into Meng Fan's nose. The old heart said softly, "Meng Fan brother, don't be impulsive, and your heart will deal with him. You must go first!"


Wen Yan, Meng Fan sighed in the heart, everything is strength, if there is no strength, he is only protected by a woman. But today...it’s not all of each other.


Smiled, Meng Fan said faintly, "Remember what I said to you, I have it today!" Seeing Meng Fan and the ancient heart close to each other, suddenly let Lei Tao's teeth bite and shouted.


"Hey, Meng Fan, have you considered it, are you kneeling down or Lao Tzu letting you kneel down?"


The sound fell, and Meng Fan smiled faintly.


"Lei Tao, your body is like a bear, I am looking forward to seeing you fall into a shit, that should be good!"


The sound is not big. At the moment of falling, it is to let the whole jungle fall into the silence. Looking at Meng Fan, all the faces above the face are somewhat solidified.


Lei Tao’s little face was gloomy and staring at Meng Fan. He said in a word, “Meng Fan, do you have a itch? Do you dare to talk back to me? Tell me again!”


In the face of the threat of Lei Tao, Meng Fan smiled, his hands and chest, lazily said.


"Don't you hear it clearly? You guys like a bear, let me come over and see who is breaking into a shit today!"


Hearing words, including the ancient heart, a few people are all shocked, looking at Meng Fan.


The gap between Lei Tao and Meng Fan is clear, not to mention that in the past few days, Meng Fan has just been beaten by Lei Tao. Although this matter has little effect, it is completely proved that Meng Fan is not Lei Tao. Opponents, but Meng Fan dared to provoke Lei Tao so arrogantly, could not help but make everyone extremely confused.



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