Highest Lord

In order to cure his mother, Meng fan violates the rules of his family to hike up a forbidden mountain in search of herbs. To his surprise he finds a black crystal, which changes his fate, allowing him to defeat the demon animal and seize the talisman.


16. One defeated enemy

Wen Yan, Lei Tao smiled, the flesh trembled, the body was a little trembling, but it was laughed, shouting.


"Meng Fan, it seems that you were not remembered by me for the last time. Well, since you don't want to kneel down, I will call you today!"


Between the words, the general body of Lei Tao’s bear has come to Meng Fan.


Seeing the shape of Lei Tao, the old heart changed his face, just to go forward, but it was Meng Meng’s hand to stop, his eyes fixed on Lei Tao, while Meng Fan’s legs were separated and his body was tight. .




Lei Tao's tall body hit a fist, faintly in the air has been a bit more bang, Lei Tao refining the fifth-order realm has greatly improved the physical quality.


So fast!


The brows of all the people around the woods were all wrinkled, and the old heart had already held the scorpion with a small hand and could not bear to look at it. With Lei Tao’s current fist speed, he really has the capital to dominate in the Wuzhen juniors, and everyone knows that there is a good power in this fist, and it is definitely not the second-order Meng Fan of the refining body.


"Meng Fan, let me give you loose pines!"


Lei Tao smiled smugly, his fist went straight to Meng Fan’s chest. However, what happened to Lei Tao in the next moment was that there was no such thing as Meng Fan’s repeated retreat as a punch. Steady fall in the hands of Meng Fan.


A muffled sound came out, and Meng Fan’s soles were slightly stepped back, but it was a fist that resisted Lei Tao.


How could this be, Lei Tao’s heart was shocked, but the reaction was fast, the fist was clenched, and the next moment he turned to Meng Fan’s chest again.


However, Meng Fan, who was hard against Lei Tao, suddenly retorted this moment. He slammed his fist and punched his arm at the same time. In the air, Lei Tao’s fist collided.


In the realm of refining, there is no gorgeous battle at all. Only the degree of cultivation between the two sides is hard to apply.


bump! bump!


The fist and the fist are opposite. After the three punches, Lei Tao and Meng Fan’s body retreat at the same time. After a few steps, Lei Tao stood down and looked at Meng Fan with amazement. The arm was uploaded with hot pain.


Compared with Lei Tao, Meng Fan retired more, and one foot fell into the soil behind him. Meng Fan barely stood still and coughed a few times, but he knew that his body was inferior to Lei Tao.


Although after ten days of cultivation, Lei Tao still has a higher level of his own, and the fifth-order of this refining is really not so good.


However, in the next moment, the whole field was in turmoil. However, standing on the sidelines, all of them are staring at this scene, and their mouths are wide. How can they not believe that Meng Fan, who was still awkward a few days ago, can have the strength to compete with Lei Tao.


Slow down, Ray Tao shouted.


"You are not the second stage of refining, you are at least the fourth degree of refining, hehe, I said how dare you call me!"


The sound fell, and the appearances of several Wuzhen teenagers behind him all changed. On weekdays, Meng Fan, who often laughed at them, actually practiced to the fourth stage of the refining, which is higher than most of them, and there is a bad in the heart. a feeling of.


Including Lei Tao is extremely surprised, how do you not think that Meng Fan, who is slow to practice on a normal day, has reached the point where he is almost the same as himself, clenching his teeth and Lei Tao loudly.


"Hey, Meng Fan, even if you reach the fourth stage of the refining body, but the realm of the fight, you still are not my opponent!"


Put away the arrogance in the heart, this time Lei Tao has regarded Meng Fan as his opponent, and the discerning Meng Fan quickly walked.


Seeing that Lei Tao’s body was approaching, Meng Fan nodded in his heart and knew that Lei Tao was right. It is not easy to cultivate a non-day merit, but it is not easy to defeat Lei Tao. However, it is not easy to mean that it cannot be defeated.


With a sneer, Meng Fan’s soles stepped out at the same time. In the next moment, it seemed like a change of one person. The green shirt was swelled in an instant, and Meng Fan’s palm moved, and the volley slammed it.




The strength crossed the air, let Lei Tao's face change greatly, arms raised, blocking Meng Fan's attack, but in the next moment, an oncoming wind is directly bombarded by Lei Tao, full Seven or eight meters, the last ass sat down on the ground, coughing up, and even spit out bloodshot.




Lei Tao wanted to get up, but it fell directly and fell down. Under Meng Yi’s palm, he couldn’t use any strength.


One palm, can't fight Lei Tao!


For a moment, everyone in the woods was shocked and couldn't believe it. This is the mediocre Meng Fan, and the power of this palm is indeed too horrible.


"Great crash!"


A moment later, one of the teenagers said that it was no stranger to Meng Fan’s display, but how the means of the mayor Gu Yuan was in the hands of Meng Fan.


After watching the ancient heart, Meng Fan was very surprised. The small face was full of doubts. This thing seems to have only been given to Meng Fan for ten days. It seems that he is called the genius sister in Wuzhen. It’s only a month or so before it’s successful.


Today's Meng Fan is quite different from the past!


Standing in the same place, Meng Fan's eyes were cold and faint. "Lei Tao, when you hit me, I will give it to you now. Your account is clear, but you must remember from now on, don't provoke me!" ”


There is a great exhalation in the heart of Meng Fan’s heart. There is a feeling of extreme happiness in the heart. The devil cultivation in the past ten days is all worthwhile. The cultivation should be so, the spirit of enmity, pointing to the heart, holding Strength speaks.




A lot of coughing, Lei Tao wiped the blood of the corner of his mouth, the blind man stared at Meng Fan, and immediately appeared a hint of hatred in his eyes, shouted loudly, "What are you doing, whistling!"


The sound fell, and I couldn't help but make the face of Meng Fan and Gu Xiner change at the same time!



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