Highest Lord

In order to cure his mother, Meng fan violates the rules of his family to hike up a forbidden mountain in search of herbs. To his surprise he finds a black crystal, which changes his fate, allowing him to defeat the demon animal and seize the talisman.


2. Do it when you decide

Suddenly Mengfan small face change, know mother these years but the body has been cold disease, but in the body there is a kind of chill, immediately came to the heart of Blue side, hold her. Hey, cough! When the palm of the heart is loosened, it is found in its hands has been more than a blood-red, is bloody! For a moment, Mengfan stared at the blood, there is a feeling of being thunderstruck, biting the teeth looking at the heart orchid, unexpectedly mother's cold disease has been so serious. "Mother, I'll go and find He Shou soup for you!" Mengfan sat down with his heart blue, but was quickly looking up in the room. Can alleviate the heart Lan Han, only has the elixir to boil the soup, in which not only can dredge the practitioner body's meridians, is enough lets the repression chill. But in a moment, mengfan from home but only to find out the last one, some stunned to look at the heart orchid. Unexpectedly is only the last one left, but the mother unexpectedly for him and willing to take to soup, oneself bear the suffering of cold disease, can't help mengfan eye socket Some red, silent speechless. See the appearance of Mengfan, Heart Orchid smiled, touch the head of Mengfan, gently said. "Rest assured, Niang all right, this what first you take to soup, you still need to cultivate, you are the pillar of the family, Niang still endure!" Smell speech, mengfan bite teeth, not speak, but will be the heart orchid gently to the room, but in Mengfan turn of the moment, the eyes of the eye is flashed a trace of fierce color, the past scene of an instant across. Once the Mengfan family, not so, also not in this wuzhen, but distance Qinglong tens of thousands of miles away from the distant place, days Cold Mountain, days cold! There is a huge sect there, rumors that the strong enough to one person to cut the universe, moving the sky, meat palm turned heaven and earth, sword refers to reflect pour. And Mengfan's father once belonged to the inner door of the cold, then Mengfan was five years old, in the days of the cold Zong lived a very good life. Mengfan's father, Meng, was the first strong man in the family of Meng Jia, to one's own force will carry forward the whole Meng home too big, step into the cold of the door, accompanied by Meng, the whole Meng home is also beyond the number of times before, but became the sky cold Zong this leviathan important ally. But until one day, there was a change in Mengfan life. Meng in the execution of a mission, but because of the weakness and made a blunder, not only caused the mission failure, and the task of the participants were all dead, including the leader of the Meng. The loss of the mission is immense, even if the cold of the day is also great anger, but for the dead Meng has no way, only the anger vent the heart and only five-year-old mengfan body, will be completely driven out of the days of cold Zong. The lonely heart with Mengfan back to belong to Meng relatives of the Meng home, but not to heart orchid unexpectedly, once to its Meng a very humble Monsanto all, all is facial change, in order to cater to the cold Zong, became a pair of extremely fierce questioning appearance. At the same time belongs to Meng all things and resources are Meng home forcibly retracted, one did not give Mengfan left. Grief-stricken heart orchid, in order to mengfan the future of cultivation and kneeling in Meng home before begging, but get is the contemporary Meng every family, Meng the elder brother Meng born directly a palm, and direct it out of the Meng home, put words two people again stay in Meng home in the capital, is directly kill. So do not, no strength of the heart orchid had to take mengfan hide far, has come to this tens of thousands of miles away Wu Town seclusion down. With the cultivation of the cold attributes of the law for many years Meng born a palm, hit the body of an ordinary person, although not to the heart of the life, but is enough to let the heart orchid for many years full of cold Ying, night pain enough to let heart Abram tossing and turning sleep, and even several times want to commit suicide, but for the small mengfan are forced to endure. "The cold of day, Meng Jia!" Every time I think of these two names, Mengfan's little face can not help but twist, the eyes of the fierce color across. Night slowly enveloped the whole Wu Town, crescent Moon in the sky, Mengfan quietly lying on the small bed, but is not sleep. Because Mengfan know, once the heart orchid vomiting blood, on behalf of its injury and attack a lot, only need precious elixir can be suppressed, otherwise, will inevitably suffer from the suffering of life, and even the danger of death. But a head and there is enough! But for today's Mengfan family, want to have a product above the elixir is not easy. Mengfan Brow Tight wrinkle, know by the release of Wuzhen is certainly not, even if it is a product of their own home by the mayor's compassion, let alone two products above! Looking out of the window, suddenly mengfan the eyes of a flash, suddenly think of a possibility, the night in a mysterious, mengfan body involuntarily sit up, heavy spit out a breath, but it is as if made what determination, murmured. "Had to be so, father once said, the man decided to do, wrong all good!" ”
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