Highest Lord

In order to cure his mother, Meng fan violates the rules of his family to hike up a forbidden mountain in search of herbs. To his surprise he finds a black crystal, which changes his fate, allowing him to defeat the demon animal and seize the talisman.


10. Cultivation

The scorching sun, above the open land, is always the shape of Meng Fan, the shape of the body is like a monkey to come and go, this is the first door card realm of spiritual cultivation, it is the peak of refining.


The body itself is stronger than the stone, so it takes a lot of cultivation of the body, step by step, it is extremely uncomfortable under the sun, not to mention the movements.


Meng Fan is stiff and firm, his hands are shoulders, his body is bent, and he jumps forward step by step. This kind of physical exertion is extremely high. The sweat completely wets the clothes, but Meng Fan is a bite, not at all. .


For three days, Meng Fan has been in an open space, even after returning home, he just ate a meal and then left in a hurry. In this regard, Xinlan only had a deep distress in her heart, but she only thought that the ethnic group was approaching. Meng Fan was doing enough work for him and did not find much difference.


In the three days, Meng Fan said that he spent almost all his time in cultivation. Once he was exhausted, he used black beads to replenish his physical strength and practice again.


For three days, Meng Fan found that his body was stronger than day, and the body's meridians became more spacious and could accommodate more vitality.


This kind of cultivation time is twice as much as others, and there are black beads to warm the meridians, which is enough to make Meng Fan's cultivation speed greatly improved. Even if it is the unrecognizable fourth-order refining body, at the moment, Meng Fan seems It is not so far away.


"It seems that I am qualified enough!"


Sitting cross-legged on a large rock, Meng Fan gasped, but there was a little more excitement on the small face. With a move of the palm of your hand, one more thing has come out, and it is the ancient Chinese qigong method that was given to Meng Fan by the ancient heart.


This big crash is just a means of attacking the elements. It is impossible to cultivate the vitality according to personal attributes and change the vitality changes in the body. However, the power of simplicity is extraordinary.


Meng Fan chuckled and thought that he was qualified to have this big break at least a month later. He did not expect that there would be a chance now.


Open the scroll, Meng Fan carefully read the word, after a long while, Meng Fan closed the scroll, but there was a little more surprise on the small face.


This big collapser is not so well cultivated, but the power of the concentrated body suddenly erupts from the arm, and the requirements of the practitioner itself are very high, and a method of refining the body is left in this.


Thinking of this method, Meng Fan could not help but have a cool back.


Helpless shrugged his shoulders, Meng Fan immediately got up and walked home. In my own home, Xinlan has already prepared the food, and there is one more thing. The white bowl is like water, but it has a very good smell of medicine. It is naturally a soup made from hundreds of herbs. .


"Drink it, everyone!"


Xinlan looked at Meng Fan, and said kindly, but it was a cold illness that completely ignored his body for many years.


In this regard, Meng Fan also had to deal with it. After picking it up, he took care of it and changed it, and all of them were quietly put into the water cup of Xinlan.


This hundred herbs are collected for the heart, and for the once-expected hundred herbs, Meng Fan knows the effect of black beads, but there is no such desire. And Meng Fan has a feeling that the effect of his own black beads to warm the meridians is definitely not weaker than the two kinds of medicines.


Xinlan, who didn’t know it at all, did not react much after drinking water at will, but Meng Fan was obviously feeling. The face of Xinlan changed a lot, and the paleness of the past was a little more blushing, and weekdays. The coughing voice has completely disappeared.


It seems that all my efforts are worthwhile. Although the mother’s cold disease is not good, it should be temporarily suppressed. As long as he finds more precious elixir in the future, he should be able to completely let the heart The cold is cured.


Meng Fan’s heart was dark and happy. During the night, Meng Fan quietly prepared in his room and went to bed for the first time after he had prepared everything.


Because Meng Fan knows the importance of the combination of work and rest, and understands that tomorrow's cultivation will be even more cruel!



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