Highest Lord

In order to cure his mother, Meng fan violates the rules of his family to hike up a forbidden mountain in search of herbs. To his surprise he finds a black crystal, which changes his fate, allowing him to defeat the demon animal and seize the talisman.


11. Cruel training

The stream is beautiful and moving. This is a remote creek not far from Wuzhen. At noon, no one is willing to come here during the week. It is extremely secluded between the jungles. It is also in line with Meng Fan’s requirements for cultivation.


Unlike the Peace Day, after having black beads, Meng Fan knows that he must be careful and can never be found by anyone.


The sound of the water continued to come, and Meng Fan stood on a stream of water and looked at the stone in front of him.


In front of Meng Fan, there are a few heavy stones with twine on top of it. This thing was carefully prepared by Meng Fan last night. It is a training method recorded by the big man, called iron cage stone. It is the body that traps the practitioner.


What is required is that the practitioners bring them to their own bodies and carry a hundred pounds of boulder to refine their bodies. This heavy boulder will inevitably affect the speed of the practitioners, and a lot of physical exertion, of course, this cultivation method, It will also greatly stimulate the vitality of the body.


As soon as he gritted his teeth, Meng Fan directly grabbed the iron cage stone on the ground and put it on his body. This heavy big stone is more than a hundred kilograms. When it falls into the body, Meng Fan suddenly sighs.


Although Meng Fan has become a third-order refining body, his body is still far from being able to withstand the pressure of such a stone. Under the load, it has become extremely difficult, let alone move.


The little face became red, Meng Fan's teeth were bitten, but the body was stepping on the stream, stepping forward step by step in the clear water.


Under the boulder of a hundred pounds, the stone is directly in contact with Meng Fan's skin. Although the body after reaching the third stage of the refining body is much more rigid than the ordinary person, but under the touch of the stone, it is still directly Ripped open, blood flowed out!


With a low voice, Meng Fan walked along the stream, especially under the impact of the river, which was an extremely important test for the practitioner's body.


"This is just the beginning of cultivation. If it can't be spent, then the refining, the realm of refining the soul is even more difficult, how can you live!"


Gently whispering, a small face above his persevering look, Meng Fan walked step by step in the stream, letting the impact of the stream, the tearing of the stone, the color of pain spilled over the words, about half an hour The time is already tired in the water, unable to move.


This kind of cultivation can be said to instantly suppress the physical strength of the practitioners. Even if there is a supplement of the elixir, it will not help, but for Meng Fan, it is only necessary to sit cross-legged and let the energy of the black beads fit into his body. In addition to warming the meridians, it is even more so that Meng Bai once again lived in the tiger and immediately fell into cultivation.


One day after another, in order to succeed in the catastrophe, Meng Bai can be said to be a singer. This level of cultivation is not cruel to a fifteen-year-old child.


In addition to the physical torture, more is the blow above the will. Once you fall down, you are not willing to get up. If you are afraid, you can no longer continue to cultivate.


However, during the six-day period, Meng Bai spent all his time completely by the river.


Nowadays, the ethnic groups in Wuzhen are all a little excited and start to go crazy. After all, the rewards of the Wuzhen people are extremely rich. After the rumors get the first, they have extremely rich prizes.


The temptation for Wuzhen juniors is definitely not small, so around Wuzhen are the practitioners of the juniors. But no one knows that among the hidden rivers, there will be a teenager who chooses such a cruel way to torture himself!


boom! boom!


The foot is on the ground, splashing with splashes of water, Meng Fan's body is walking in the water, and it takes six days to pass. Meng Fan has now adapted to the weight-bearing practice of the body, and the body has become more than before. More rigid, step by step.


Under the insistence of the six days, now Meng Fan is carrying a hundred pounds of boulder has been the same as usual! After hundreds of steps, Meng Fan’s body stood in the stream, and he spit out a sigh of relief. The body leaped up in a sudden, like a leopard with a hair anger, and at the same time his arm moved directly to the void. .




In the mid-air, Meng Fan's palm seems to have expanded some general, and a strong force is not only from the spread of Meng Fan's arm, it seems that there is a terrible force throughout the body.


The spread of the palms is a great break for Meng Fan.


The movement of the whole body was concentrated, and at the same time, the stone that was shackled on Meng Fan’s body suddenly collapsed, and the sparsely pulled from the body of Meng Fan, broke into the river and splashed countless splashes.



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