Highest Lord

In order to cure his mother, Meng fan violates the rules of his family to hike up a forbidden mountain in search of herbs. To his surprise he finds a black crystal, which changes his fate, allowing him to defeat the demon animal and seize the talisman.


3. Collect herbs in the mountain

Under the night, it is dark, and there is a huge mountain peak near Wuzhen. This mountain is called the Smoky Mountain! Before the mountain road, a figure came quietly here.

Through the moonlight, it is Meng Fan's little face, biting his own teeth, Meng Fan slowly came to the front of the Smoky Mountains, but hesitated.

This is a mountain peak under the rest of the Qinglong Mountains. If you walk to the depths of it, it is an endless sinister place. The rumors are there, there are natural enemies who fight against the spiritual practitioners. !

And at the same time, before this ancient mountain peak, there was a huge stone monument on which four large characters were written and prohibited from entering!

The town of Wuzhen where Meng Fan is located has a long tradition and has some ancient rules. This is a very strict rule that prohibits people outside the Wuzhen Guard from entering.

The appearance of this rule was to prevent others from rushing in, causing it to lose its lives in the middle of the Smoky Wolf. And knowing it, one of the more important points is to prevent the elixir from being lost in this smoke wolf mountain.

Because although this smoke wolf mountain has World of Warcraft, but also has the spirits that allow the qi practitioners to see the endless elixir, but these elixir are collected by Wuzhen escort team into the mountains.

However, even with the ability of the Wuzhen escort team, they only dared to wander around the Smoky Mountains and did not dare to enter it. After all, in the Qinglong Mountains, which are at risk of danger, no one dares to guarantee that they will not offend that powerful existence. So the elixir received is extremely limited.

The only way that Meng Fan had thought was to take advantage of the darkness and venture into this smoke wolf mountain to see if he could get a potion.

Even if it is an elixir, it is enough to temporarily ease the injuries in Xin Lan. However, the reason for Meng to hesitate is that the consequences of this violation of family rules are extremely serious. On the last time, there was a tribe who had privately entered the mountains and was caught by the chiefs, and he had smashed fifty boards.

Thinking of such a thick board fell on his own body, Meng Fan's little face could not help but a hint of tension appeared, but the family but adults still beat the skin, bloody, and their own small body is afraid to be directly hit Can not be left behind.

But thinking of a mother who might endure the cold at home, Meng Fan's teeth bite, stepping into the dark jungle and blending with the darkness.

Above the dark mountain road, it is covered by countless trees, and the moonlight can illuminate through the forest and scatter in it. The steep mountain road can even be said to be without a road. It is only because of the feeling that you want to walk in it.

And Meng Fan also walked up the mountain road through this faint moonlight, his body was tight and in the darkness. It is definitely impossible to say that it is not afraid, but Meng Fan is biting his teeth and forcibly keeping calm. .

After the family changes, since Meng Fan’s memo, I know that I have to share some things for my mother who has raised my heart, so there is more perseverance than people of the same age.


Between the faintness, a breeze blows through the jungle. In the darkness, only Meng Fan has a lonely figure and the brushing of the surrounding trees. While walking, looking around, hoping to see an elixir left behind by the guards from the jungle.

At this moment, Meng Fan did not dare to have any big idea. Anything could happen in the Smoky Mountains. Even if he reached the realm of the spirits, he wouldn't be able to walk away.

However, after half an hour, let Meng Fan somewhat disappointed, he has entered the depths of the edge of the smoke Langshan, but not to mention the precious elixir, and even a strain of the elixir is not seen.

The little face was a bit gloomy, and Meng Fan reluctantly muttered.

"Oh, this elixir wasn't so easy to get. It seems that the edge of the elixir is to allow the guards to collect light, and only go deep!"

At this thought, Meng Fan could not help but give himself a strong courageous body, and his body was shaped like an ape.

However, along the ancient mountain road, the more it climbed up, the steeper the mountain road. In the darkness, it is not conducive to the play of Meng Fan. Therefore, in the course of a few moments, Meng Fan has already had more burning wounds, all of which have been damaged by the sharp stones on the mountain road.

Meng Fan frowned and he had already ventured in. If he went back to Meng Fan, he could not be reconciled. However, he climbed down again, not to mention the danger of the mountain, but Meng Fan’s physical strength alone could not sustain it.

Just as Meng Fan hesitated, the blind man blinked and saw a steep cliff above the mountain road.

This cliff is extremely steep and has a smooth surface. Some trees can be seen with faintness. Behind it is a dark side that cannot be seen by Meng Fan. I do not know what it is.

Seeing this cliff, suddenly stopped Meng’s stature and hesitated.

Obviously, on this cliff, even the guards are not willing to take risks. After all, one accidentally slides down and kills a person. The danger is self-evident, but this is also the most likely place for nearby elixir.

If you go back like this, all your effort is wasted, it seems that only a chance to take a risk! Meng Fan bite his teeth, although aware of the danger, but the physique has involuntarily climbed toward the cliff.

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