Highest Lord

In order to cure his mother, Meng fan violates the rules of his family to hike up a forbidden mountain in search of herbs. To his surprise he finds a black crystal, which changes his fate, allowing him to defeat the demon animal and seize the talisman.


7. Chinese martial arts

Yuanqi martial arts!


These words alone are enough to make any Wuzhen teenager crazy.


Although this kind of Chinese martial arts, if you don’t know how many people are in the world, the most precious kind of martial arts in Wuzhen, a remote mountainous area, is the spiritual method of practicing by the mayor Gu Yuan. .


When you reach the level of Chinese medicine, it has a good power. Once it is successfully cultivated, it is enough to break the stone. Especially this is a big break, Meng Fan has heard that it is the famous means of the mayor of the ancient Yuan, once cultivated to the point of Dacheng, the fierce force is enough to shatter the three-meter-thick slate.


The preciousness of this thing is self-evident. I can't think of the ancient heart. This Nizi can directly give it to himself. If the ancient Yuan blames it, I am afraid that this little Nizi will follow it.


The fist was gripped, and Meng Fan had the heart to catch up and exchange the scroll to the ancient heart. But when I thought of the look of hope that the ancient heart was leaving, it was to let Meng Fan’s fists clench and the blue veins rise.


"If this is the case, then it is better to practice first. In the future, you will not be able to find a precious elixir to compensate your heart!"


Meng Fan’s heart sighed and made up his mind to put the scroll away and went straight to his home.


In Meng Fan’s home, Xinlan has already gone out to collect medicine in the early morning. Of course, it is not a spiritual medicine, but a general medicine for healing. In addition to being used by Meng Fan, it can also be maintained in Wuzhen. Some life.


For Meng Fan who is not in the room, Xinlan just thought that Meng Fanyu had gone out to practice early. After three years, Meng Fan was extremely diligent about the cultivation of strength. Naturally, he did not know that Meng Fan had not returned overnight, and he did not know that Meng Fan was last night. The adventure entered the forbidden place of Wuwu Mountain in Wuzhen.


After taking a loop back into the room, Meng Fan spit out his tongue and secretly said that he was lucky, and immediately changed his clothes and put everything on his body.


The harvest of this day is not small, and Meng Fan knows that the safest place is no more than his own body. Immediately, Meng Fan came directly to an open space not far from his home.


This open space is also the usual practice field of Meng Fan, still quiet, and the surrounding scenery is good, three years as a day, Meng Fan's body suddenly moved on the open space.


With the soles of the feet on the ground, Meng Fan is doing all kinds of difficult postures. It is a basic movement to clear the body's meridians, allowing the body's vitality to flow through the body and stimulate the meridians.


It seems simple, but it is extremely labor-intensive.


Three years as one day, Meng Fan knows that the first step of the refining of the spiritual cultivation is to open up all the meridians in the body, let the vitality integrate into it, and use the vitality to make pavements for future achievements, so the requirements for the body are extremely crucial.


In the past three years, Meng Fan has been painstakingly doing every cultivation exercise. The sweat is wet and the shirt is not felt. For a full day, Meng Fan is all used on the refining body until the sun is about to fall. Meng Fancai stopped his physique and walked tiredly toward his home.


After a day of refining, Meng Fan has spent too much energy on his body at this moment, but he did not cultivate the ancient heart and gave him a big break.


Although there is only one inferior exercise method, Meng Fan has learned that the qigong method is not the higher order, the better, but the more suitable it is, the better, and the strong realm must be practiced before practicing the high-level exercises. Do support, otherwise if you practice cultivation, there is no harm in harm.


And this big crash, Meng Fan estimated that he will be able to cultivate at least when he reaches the third stage of the refining body, otherwise the body will not be able to eat.


Back home, Meng Fan is a bit top-heavy, just want to sleep in a faint, knowing that this is a clean thing in his body.


If there is any supplement, it may be able to make Meng Fan weaken, but if it is not, in the period of returning home, Meng Fan is to suffer from physical pain.


After all, refining the body for a day, it consumes all the energy, and the rich and wealthy people eat the mountain and the sea, the heaven and earth medicine, and can also be used in the cultivation, into the flesh and blood, will be rapid Advanced.


In the room, Xinlan had already prepared the food, waiting for Meng Fan to return. Looking at ordinary meals, and the white hair that has been born in the heart of the heart, Meng Fan’s heart is sour, knowing how easy it is for the heart to pull himself up in the past few years. No doubt!


"Look at what, open the meal!"


Xinlan smiled and placed the rice chopsticks in front of Meng Fan. Nodded, Meng Fan’s voice flashed, reached into his arms, and after touching the black beads and the herb, hesitated, just took the black beads out and said softly.


"Mother, there is one thing I want to tell you."




Xinlan put down the tableware and looked at Meng Fan lovingly. Zhizi Mo Rumu, Xinlan is very satisfied with Meng Fan, and his own child, besides being stubborn, has far surpassed many people of the same age.


Meng Fan handed the herb to Xinlan and said softly.


"Mother, this is for you!"

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