Highest Lord

In order to cure his mother, Meng fan violates the rules of his family to hike up a forbidden mountain in search of herbs. To his surprise he finds a black crystal, which changes his fate, allowing him to defeat the demon animal and seize the talisman.


5. Beauty

Opening a heavy eyelid, Meng Fan's efforts looked around and found himself in the woods of the maolin, the sun shining in, obviously here is... on the wolf mountain!


This is not a dream!


Suddenly, Meng Fan turned a squid and turned it up. His palm quickly touched his chest and found that the herb and black beads were still in place and did not disappear!


"Fortunately, everything is here!"


Meng Fan grinned, if the hundred herbs were lost, I really don't know what to do.


However, in the next moment, Meng Fan’s body was slightly stiff, because Meng Fan’s surprise discovery, in addition to bloodstains in his body, turned out to be... a little injury is gone!


You know, in the last night, in addition to the injury caused by Lei Tao, there is a scratch on the mountain, at least three inside and outside, but now it is completely gone, even the scars are gone.


Suddenly, Meng Fan’s brows were wrinkled. Even if he had eaten a hundred herbs last night, he might not have such magical powers, not to mention that the herb is safe and secure in his pocket.


Is it the problem of the black beads?


Meng Fan’s palm moved, took out the black beads and looked at them carefully. However, as usual last night, this black bead and a hard stone are generally, but there is no difference.


"Rely on, it’s not a ghost!"


Meng Fan scratched his head, and in the next moment, his face suddenly changed. He immediately put the beads and the herb in his arms, because Meng Fan suddenly noticed that it is dawn now! With a snarl, Meng Fan’s figure ran quickly toward the mountain.


In Wuzhen, once dawn, everyone will come out to practice early. If you don't get it, you will meet people. When you get there, you will be miserable.


Thinking of the strict family rules, Meng Fan's figure can not help but be like a monkey, running fast between the mountains.


However, because of the daytime and the lack of injury, Meng Fan has not been as hard as going up the mountain last night, and to the surprise of Meng Fan, his body seems to be a lot lighter, it seems that the speed has become faster. .


However, Meng Fan can not care so much, flying down the mountain quickly, half an hour of effort, Meng Fan has already walked out of the Yan Wolf Mountain, the speed is actually more than doubled yesterday.


Meng Fan's figure hurried past the stone tablet, carefully looked around, and did not find other people, which made Meng Fan set the gods, tidy up the clothes, walked to his home in a leisurely manner, as if everything was Did not happen in general.


However, in the heart of Meng Fan, I was a little excited at the moment. Not only did I get a hundred herbs, but also because of the strange things that happened to me. The injury was completely repaired overnight. It can be said that there is infinite mystery, maybe with that bead. Related, you must know that Meng Fan’s memory is only at the moment when a light is released.


Of course, it may also be an illusion!


In my heart, I comforted myself. When Meng Fan walked away from home with some excitement, suddenly the figure was stopped, and the small face looked to the front, and there was a fiery heat in the scorpion.


Not far from Meng Fan, a shadow is slowly coming, a plain white robe, fifteen or six years old, and blue silk is behind him. Although he is not old, his physical development is extremely good, especially Pure face, delicate facial features, there is a feeling that people can not bear to hurt.


"Old heart!"


Meng Fan blurted out, but the tone has a special taste.


The youth in front of the eyes is the oldest child. It is the daughter of the mayor of Wuzhen, Gu Yuan, who has a twin sister. The two are called Wuzhen Shuanglian.


The ancient character's character is gentle, and the face has a charm that is close to the person. It can be said that the woman who has been dreaming of countless young people in Wuzhen, including the temperamental Lei Tao, will whisper in front of the ancient heart.


Among the many admirers of ancient hearts, including Meng Fan, when he came to Wuzhen from the age of five, Meng Fan and the ancient heart played together and grew up.


However, as the age grew, especially after the two sides began to cultivate their enthusiasm, Meng Fan became more aware of the gap between the two sides. He was only a poor boy.


The other party is the daughter of the mayor, and also shows a very strong spiritual cultivation talent, so later, Meng Fan faintly began to suppress his feelings, closed his own world, and fell into the cultivation, deliberately alienated. Ancient heart.


Even when the ancient heart came to find Meng Fan, Meng Fan deliberately avoided, and the relationship between the two sides gradually became less and longer. But only Meng Fan knows that for this younger sister who grew up with her, there has always been a faint favor in her heart.


Standing in the same place, Meng Fan sighed softly and walked his head down. He did not intend to greet the ancient heart, and he was prepared to pass it quietly. However, in the next moment, I noticed Meng Fan’s ancient heart, but there was a voice of excitement.


"Meng Fan, brother, you are actually coming out to practice!"


Between the words, there was a blooming smile on the cheeks of the ancient heart, like a blooming lotus flower, and took a step to Meng Fan’s body, suddenly blowing a faint fragrance, good news It is not vulgar, but the unique fragrance of the girl.


This taste... still like a child!

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