Highest Lord

In order to cure his mother, Meng fan violates the rules of his family to hike up a forbidden mountain in search of herbs. To his surprise he finds a black crystal, which changes his fate, allowing him to defeat the demon animal and seize the talisman.


18. Ancient clearing

Throughout the field, there was only a breath of silence, and all the Wuzhen teenagers looked at the appearance of this girl, all of them bowed their heads.


Although Gu Qing and Gu Xiner are twins, they are extremely opposite. The ancient heart is gentle and does not like cultivation. However, the ancient scenery is different. Only one cultivation is in the heart, and at the same time, it reaches the refining body. The order of the order, the well-deserved Wuzhen junior first person.


And most importantly, Gu Qing's temper is hot, including Lei Hu and others have eaten the loss of Gu Qing, once hit by the Missy, directly open, including Lei Hu are smashed.


Looking at the slender, enchanting woman, Meng Fan glanced at the very beautiful chest and legs of Gu Qing, and twitched his mouth.


I haven't seen Gu Qing for two years. I don't know if it is because the other side is diligent in cultivation. In that year, his body development has far exceeded that of his peers. I didn't think that it is now at this point, and its proud. Compared with the figure, the ancient heart is just a little girl who just blooms.


Aside, the ancient heart suddenly smiled, said faintly, "Sister!" Gu Qing nodded, and touched the old heart.


On the other side, Meng Fan’s heart sighed and knew how the other party saved himself. He had to say.


"Thank you!"


However, Gu Qing was cold and screamed. He swept Meng Fan and said coldly, "Meng Fan, I can't think of anything to be able to bear, but remember to call me Gu Qingjie, don't be big or small."


Between the talks, Gu Qing did not look at Meng Fan, but went straight to the Thunder Tiger to go, seeing the cold and cold attitude of Meng Qing, Meng Fan shrugged his shoulders is nothing, but the old heart of the Emei one Wrinkled, quietly came to Meng Fan's body and whispered.


"Meng Fan, why my sister's attitude towards you has been cold, it seems to be very hostile!"


Wen Yan, Meng Fan smiled, did not make a sound, but in this smile there is a kind of awkward taste. Only Meng Fan knows that he can avoid the ancient heart, and it is also part of the reason for the ancient weather.


Two years ago, Gu Qing found Meng Fan and let Meng Fan stay away from the ancient heart and not let the two sides have too close.


At that time, Meng Fan and his conflicts, the temperament of the ancient Qing is naturally shot, Meng Fanzhen's smashed a meal, but Meng Fan's temper is stubborn, and Gu Qing hard.


Both sides have just practiced refining, and the gap is not very large. Therefore, Meng Fan relied on the boy's strength and even rode on Gu Qing's body, and grabbed Gu Qing's chest on the panic.


This matter was naturally concealed by both of them and no one knew it. Only Meng Fan understood that he later smashed Gu Qing’s two fights, and finally rarely went out to barely avoid Gu Qing, but Gu Qing’s attitude towards Meng Fan is exceptionally bad.


In the field, the old and slender body has come to the crowd, although all around are Wuzhen juniors, but Gu Qing is cold, cold and cold.


"Hey, you are really a skill, so many people are bullying one, have the ability to fight with other people in the town, bullying a man as a man, I am shamed for you!"


In the face of ancient Qing, all the young people in Wuzhen in the field were all retired. The other party was the proud son of Wuzhen. Once they started, there was no good fruit, let alone the mayor of the Yuan Dynasty.


Thunder Tiger bit his teeth and said helplessly.


"Well, today, I will give Gu Qingjie a face, let's go, but Meng Fan, you remembered me, today's thing, our brother and you are not finished!"


Between the words, Thunder Tiger waved his hand and the crowd stepped back and directly supported Lei Tao to leave. When I heard the words of Thunder Tiger, some people around me worried about Meng Fan, and there were many snickers, but they all knew that it was no small trouble after being stared by Lei Hu and others in Wuzhen.


However, Meng Fan is indifferent and clenched his fists.


Today, there is really no room for resilience, but it doesn't matter. I have black beads. As long as my own crazy cultivation is enough to make myself grow faster than others, although I am not a small gap with Leihu, but it is not Can't make up, one day I will be like Guqing!




There are two words in my heart, and I can see a strong and bright man in Meng Fan’s eyes!

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