Highest Lord

In order to cure his mother, Meng fan violates the rules of his family to hike up a forbidden mountain in search of herbs. To his surprise he finds a black crystal, which changes his fate, allowing him to defeat the demon animal and seize the talisman.


4. A second pill, hundred herbs

A few steps, directly on the cliff, Meng Fan's little hand grabbed the stone with force and death, while the body shape carefully moved to the other side of the mountain.




A careless, Meng Fan's body hit the stone, suddenly the severe pain caused Meng Fan's small face to twitch, the original chest of the wound suddenly overflowed with blood, but in the next moment Meng Fan's palm is tight Grab the cliff, use five fingers, and try to lean on the stone, then climb forward.


Finally, in the place three meters away from the back of the cliff, Meng Fan’s figure stopped, his eyes fixed on the cliff, his calf moved, and his mouth was low.




When the sound fell, Meng Fan’s figure had jumped directly toward the cliff. There was a strong force between Meng Fan’s calves. In the twinkling of an eye, Meng Fan flashed past, but it was accurate. Go to the back of the cliff.




Meng Fan fell on the rock, the pain came directly, and the burning bones seemed to be broken, but it was a smile of excitement. I knew that I was gambling, and my hard-working Yan Ting had no vain.


This Yan Teng has no trace, it is a qigong method, and it is also the only proficiency of Meng Fan.


According to Meng Fan’s knowledge, it is the existence of this world that does not know how long it has been proliferating. It can fully exert its power to the existence of power. According to the order of the qigong method, it is generally divided into lower, middle and upper three products. One level, the power is nearly doubled.


On top of it, there are the ranks of the four legends of the wild land, but how strong Meng Fan is heard.


Meng Fan's Yan Tat's no trace is the most basic product, and all the teenagers in Wuzhen.


Yan Teng has no traces. It is just a technique to improve speed. It can't even talk about the power. However, under the circumstances that Meng Fan can make a good job, he still cultivates well and can improve the speed.


Reluctantly stood up, Meng Fan could not wait to see the moonlight through the moonlight, behind this cliff is all the hope of Meng Fan.


At the next moment, Meng Fan’s pupils shrank and suddenly noticed that under a big tree that had withered away, there was a faint light of blue light. Look carefully, a small grass grows there, above. The leaves are somewhat separated, and a fascinating fragrance is heard.


"Hundred herb!"


Two medicines, one hundred herbs!


For a moment, Meng Fan’s body could not be trembled. Although he had never seen a hundred herbs, he saw the Pharmacopoeia in Wuzhen on weekdays. The things described above are exactly the same as the grass! This thing is much more powerful than the one medicine.


Suddenly, Meng Fan’s face was filled with excitement and smile. Once the hundred herbs were taken back, they would definitely help the heart of the orchid. Although they could not recover, they were enough to temporarily suppress the cold.


Thinking of this, Meng Fan was excited to go to the hundred herbs, before the stride of the meteor came to the herb, just after Meng Fan's body approached, the scorpion suddenly slammed into a black object that was not eye-catching next to the herb.


Meng Fan's brow was picked up, and he doubted it and picked it up. He wiped the dirt on it and found it was a black bead.


This bead is like the size of a palm, and it is full of fissures, black and black, like a hard stone!


This thing, even with the hundred herbs, buried in the soil, if you don't look carefully, you can't find it, probably who is left here.


Meng Fan smiled and didn't pay too much attention. Instead, he put all his attention on the hundred herbs, carefully collected the herbs, and carefully wrapped them in a piece of cloth. In the arms.


To do everything well, Meng Fan’s heart is also put down, sighing for his own good luck. Excited, Meng Fan measured the black beads in his hand and whispered softly, "Hey, this thing is quite heavy!" Between the words, casually put the beads into your arms.


Among the clothes, Meng Fan’s blood and dark beads touched the chest, and a drop of blood was mixed into the black beads between Meng Fan’s inattention.


Between the electric and the flint, a bright mangling suddenly glides over the beads, bright and dazzling, want to break the long night of the night!




Meng Fan snorted, even his head was hot, and the whole body seemed to have a little hot feeling. In the next moment, the body slowly fell down and fell asleep...

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