Highest Lord

In order to cure his mother, Meng fan violates the rules of his family to hike up a forbidden mountain in search of herbs. To his surprise he finds a black crystal, which changes his fate, allowing him to defeat the demon animal and seize the talisman.


6. A reward for Gu xin'er

Meng Fan’s fist was slightly gripped, knowing that he couldn’t escape, and looked up at the old heart’s nephew, faintly said, “Yes, my heart is also coming out to practice, so hardworking, I don’t know what realm is coming!”


Hearing the words, Gu Xiner blinked and said softly.


"Meng Fan, I have already reached the fifth stage of the refining, how about it, great!"


The fifth stage of refining!


Meng Fan nodded, but his heart was a sigh. I don’t think that the ancient heart is also in the fifth stage of the refining. I want to know that the ancient heart does not like cultivation very much, but he is so hard, but... Here, Meng Fan’s smile is a bit more bitter, and faintly said.


"Great, my heart is a genius for cultivation!"


Seeing that Meng Fan had a bitter smile, the old-fashioned look was stiff, and he immediately reacted. He suddenly grabbed his clothes and said softly.


"Sorry, Meng Fan, my..."




Meng Fan shook his head and wanted to reach out as if he had touched the old heart. In the moment of reaching out the palm, Meng Fan forced him to hold back, but said calmly: "The more the heart is, the more I am. I am happy, don't forget, you and I grew up together!"


When I heard Meng Fan’s words, the ancient heart nodded, and the blind man looked at Meng Fan. The beard bite his lip gently, as if some resentment said.


"But Meng Fan, but I haven't come to the heart for two years!"


Suddenly, Meng Fan coughed and said quickly: "I want to cultivate, I don't have such a good gift!"


Gu Xiner smiled and whispered.


"Meng Fan's brother won the prize, and the heart needs to practice hard. The father said that the talent of the elixir is second. The most important thing is to have a heart, I still need to learn from Meng Fan and my sister. My sister has already fallen a lot, and the family is about to start. I will not only come out to practice, but also come out to collect the green snake!"


Family ratio!


When I heard these two words, Meng Fan’s whole body was shocked. The so-called ethnic ratio in the heart of the ancient heart was the important test of Wuzhen once a year. At that time, all the Wuzhen juniors would participate.


This is definitely not a light weight for Wuzhen. If you can enter the top 20, you will inevitably receive a lot of awards, and even rumored the second medicine.


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A bitter smile, Meng Fan hesitated, whispered.


"Collect the Green Snake, are you still practicing the exercises your father gave you?"




Gu Xiner nodded and looked at the beautiful girl in front of her eyes. Meng Fan’s brow was slightly wrinkled. There aren't many people who know this secret, but Meng Fan, who played with Xiao Lan and the stock, counts one.


The practice of ancient heart children's cultivation is a remnant qigong method prepared by the ancient mayor Gu Yuan for the ancient heart. This qigong method is not even complete, the origin is extremely mysterious, and he does not know its order. In the end, but the ancient Yuan has always let the ancient heart insist on practicing this practice.


For this mysterious practice, Meng Fan is also unclear, but since it was cultivated by the ancient Yuan, it is certainly not a product.


The requirements for practicing this practice are extremely eccentric. The first condition is that you need the magic core in the World of Warcraft to absorb the energy. Therefore, in the past few years, the ancient heart has been arresting the most basic first-order World of Warcraft, the Green Snake.


Scratching his head, Meng Fan suddenly asked.


"Are you sure you can do it?"


Although the first-order Warcraft Green Snake does not have much lethality, it is not difficult for the ancient heart, because this Nizi nature is extremely kind, although it is no problem to grasp the green snake with her strength, but some At that time, it was caught and could not bear to let it go, so the green snake she cultivated was relying on Meng Fan to arrest him, but later Meng Fan was able to escape.


Seeing Meng Fan’s teasing, the old-fashioned face is red, and immediately as if with a trace of resentment, “That... even if I can’t, no one will help me!”


The tone of the fall, there is a kind of blame that can't be said, and Meng Fan suddenly laughed. It seems that his deliberate alienation has made the ancient heart resentful to himself. After a moment of indulgence, Meng Fan bit his teeth and said.


"Forget it, after ten days, when the green snake on the mountain should be active, it will come down from the mountain. When you are here, you are waiting for me. I will help you to catch some green snakes. ?"


When I heard the words, I suddenly let the old heart’s scorpion flash, and a kind of joy came out, and quickly asked, “Really?”


Meng Fan nodded and said faintly, "When did I fool you?"




The ancient heart snorted, and the blind man looked at Meng Fan and said softly, "Well, you can promise me when you remember it. Don't forget it when you get there. So, I will pay you the salary first!"




Meng Fan smiled and looked at the ancient heart helplessly. I don't know what the little girl is going to. However, the ancient white jade's small hand moves, but it seems to be true, extremely solemnly throwing a thing out of his arms, handed it to Meng Fan, is a black scroll, not to be delivered in the hands of Meng Fan .


Immediately, the pretty face of the ancient heart was reddish, and turned away directly, leaving Meng Fan with a shadow of shadow. After running away, the voice of the ancient heart came.


"Meng Fan, you have to cheer, I heard about you and Lei Tao. The nasty guy is definitely not as good as Meng Fan's brother. I believe that Meng Fan's brother will definitely shine above the race!"


Suddenly let Meng Fan's pupil shrink slightly, looking into the distance, shine? Nowadays, probably now in the whole Wuzhen, only the ancient heart and his mother will have hope for the mediocre self.


Shaking his head, Meng Fan immediately opened the scroll left by the ancient heart. After seeing a small line in the scroll, he suddenly felt a whole body, and there was a deep surprise on the small face.


Because it is clearly written on this scroll, the Chinese goods are martial arts, and they are in great shape!

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