Live happily ever after

"Let's get divorced!" A phrase opened the beginning of black humour. My marriage was terminated by a fake divorce. I was also deceived by a cheating husband. A depravity, even with the male god at university again entangled, I am determined to take revenge on the man. It's just that I didn't want to start a night of marriage. I went to the irretrievable wedding day secretly.


8. using alcohol faking his illness

I shook my head slightly, and when I photographed his face, he hanged weakly. He obviously didn't expect my movement. After a minute of reaction, he smiled a few times: "You are really enough to fight, know that I often come. Here, I actually ran here to wait for the rabbit." 

He got up and poured into my cup full of wine: "The daytime desires are good." He refers to the evening date, but fortunately I did not eat with him, or I would not know about the dog men and women. 

Rong Zhiliang stroked my hair. In the dim environment, I couldn't see his face, and I heard some words that I could only nod and nod. 

The face of Rong Zhiliang became blurred through the glass on her hand. I heavily buckled the cup at the bar. 

I don't know why, my eyes are sour and sour, but I can't flow a tear. I don't know, I am really getting drunk for my failed marriage, or for my failed love. I only suffered one injury in the former, and the latter, even with this person in front of me, a total of two times. 

I couldn't help but look at Rong Zhiliang. 

"What is the situation now, drunk waiting for me?" 

Waiting for him... I waved my hand and poured it into my mouth: "Yes, yes... I am waiting for you." The face of Wu Xueshan has been swaying in my mind, she is lying on the sofa I bought, wearing My clothes, and Xu Jiawei Qingqing me and me. 

I snorted and poured a glass of wine. Rong Zhiliang was very curious about my reaction. He turned to look at the bartender: "She, how long have you been here?" 

The bartender shrugged. "It’s been a long time. When I get here, I drink alcohol, and I can’t stop it. She is a new face. We don’t know if we can break hands.” 

Rong Zhiliang touched his chin with his hand, and thoughtfully pointed out my forehead: "Which is this crazy?" 

I was dissatisfied and said: "No... don't move!" 

"Good, don't move." Rong Zhiliang looked at the watch and seemed to think of something. The corner of his mouth was a little laughter. He once again got to my ear : "This time is almost the same. Since you like me so much, let us try. test?" 

When I heard the last sentence, I was awake for a long time, and Xu Jia’s picture on Wu Xueshan continued to appear in her mind. Strong anger is mixed with drunkenness, and my ghost makes a difference. 

I heard a sneer from the top of my head, and I closed my sore eyes. Since Xu Jialu can derail, but also designed to let me go out of the house, why should I keep a piece of chaste archway! Everyone broke the jar and broke it! 

Rong Zhiliang saw that I no longer responded, and then I reached out to my arm and lifted my whole person. The touch of an outsider made me feel a little uncomfortable. I whispered softly, and Rong Zhiliang immediately picked me up. I put one hand on his shoulder, and my body temperature passed through my clothes to my skin. I still blushed a little. 

I am getting too much excitement tonight. 

Rong Zhiliang’s car stopped at the door of the bar. The silver-gray Porsche Cayenne was placed in a car. Rong Zhiliang put me on the co-driver and opened the window. My head was dizzy and swayed by the cold wind. . 

When Rong Zhiliang tied the seat belt for me, the smell on the car mixed with the smell of his body, and my whole person fell into a semi-obsessed state. The car came out of the nine-fold gap, and finally opened the spacious road. The winter night wind is so cold that it can be said that there is no feeling. The wind is bigger and his speed is higher. 

When I was on the high speed, Rong Zhiliang immediately mentioned the speed of the car to the maximum. I was scared and screamed even in the confusion. Rong Zhiliang shouted against the wind: "Lin Wan! You are the most persevering woman I have ever seen!" 

"Of course, I mean chasing people." 

I am sore and have no strength to refute his self-righteousness. When I arrived at the destination, I had already slept, and Rong Zhiliang patted my face: "Hey, don't fall asleep, what you have to do next, you have been looking forward to five or six years." 

I don't know if he wanted to take me to the hotel, but I don't know why, but the ghosts drove to the house. 

Seeing that I really didn't have the strength, he finally sighed with a sigh: "Go ahead." Then I hugged me and slowly slammed into the room. I was so glaring at the glare of the room that I couldn't open my eyes. I only heard the low breathing of Rong Zhiliang. After struggling for a while, I finally opened my eyes for a while. Rong Zhiliang in front of me looked at me with a slight squint and slowly untied the shirt with one hand. button. 

I frowned, and immediately thought of Xu Jialu, a bitter smile, all of them were divorced, and he was allowed to derail, still not let me indulge? 

I let Rong Zhiliang pull me up and tear open my coat indiscriminately. When I threw it on the ground, I suddenly got out of the divorce certificate. I realized that I didn't put it back when I went back to the hotel. At this moment, the red certificate was very glaring under the light. I covered my eyes with my hands, and it turned out that Rong Zhiliang laughed out loudly: "Lin Wan, Lin Wan, you are so cute." 

"Going to the bar with a divorce certificate is afraid that people don't know if you are divorced?" He dropped my sweater and leaned down to kiss my neck. I couldn't help but shrink back, pretending that I didn't hear the ridicule in his tone. Driven by alcohol, I immediately lean forward with the cooperation. 

"This is the first time someone has divorced for me, ha, Lin Wan, you are really different." 

Rong Zhiliang broke my hair and put it in my hair with a hand, and a slight gasping directly into my ear. 

I was too dull with Xu Jialu, and even sex life was like a routine, as well as the idea that I didn't have children. Over time, there was not much communication between us. 

Unlike Xu Jialu, Rong Zhiliang is more direct. When he kisses my lips, I finally realize what I am doing, but the psychological revenge occupies the whole body, not to mention the other person is the person I used to fight and love. So be it…… 


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