Live happily ever after

"Let's get divorced!" A phrase opened the beginning of black humour. My marriage was terminated by a fake divorce. I was also deceived by a cheating husband. A depravity, even with the male god at university again entangled, I am determined to take revenge on the man. It's just that I didn't want to start a night of marriage. I went to the irretrievable wedding day secretly.


15. The lover's duty

"Standing under the sun, is it fun? I don't like the skin black." Rong Zhiliang's voice was a bit of a playful taste. 

I heard that I was stunned, and I realized that I was standing under the big sun, but now I am going into the winter. This is not a sun. This man is more and more lively. 

Although I thought so, I walked over to him, sitting in the chair next to him, and the freshly squeezed juice from the next person made me swallow. 

The mouth is very dry, no water in the morning. 

"I can drink it." After all, it is someone else's home, always ask. 

Rong Zhiliang is somewhat impatient. "I haven’t seen you for a few years. You are really living more and more. Going to drink water, I have to ask for my opinion. I have never seen you before." 

Rong Zhiliang always likes to mention the past, and does not know what kind of heart. 

And I just don't like that before. 

"People will always get." I silently took a word, then took a sip of freshly squeezed juice from the coffee table. 

The juice was chilled, sour and sweet, and my heart was shaking. 

When I looked up, I discovered that Rong Zhiliang was staring at me. The eyes were full of meaning. 

"I...I have something on my face?" I reached out and touched my face. 

Rong Zhiliang smiled. 



"The years leave the woman with a trace of ruthlessness." 

Rong Zhiliang’s speech has always been vicious. I am used to it, but when I heard him say such a straightforward sentence, I couldn’t help but touch my face and looked at myself in the reflection of the floor-to-ceiling window. 

I am very general, not very beautiful, at most it is a five-minded, busy in recent years, in order to be able to live a good life with Xu Jialu two people, to prepare for the future children, I can be considered early, more than half a week Time is working overtime. 

There are thick dark circles under the eyelids, which look very languid. 

Looking at Rong Zhiliang on my side, in addition to wearing more taste makes me feel more unattainable, his face seems to be no different from that of the year, or that the years of special treatment for him, left on him The following are the charms of adult men who have accumulated over time. 

I simply did not take care of Rong Zhiliang and continued to drink freshly squeezed juice. 

"Young Master, Miss Lin's room is packed up." The maid stood by the floor window and respectfully spoke to Rong Zhiliang. 

I subconsciously looked up to the position of the maid. 

The voice of Rong Zhiliang came from behind. 

"Take her to see, what is missing from the maid." 

I held the juice in my hand and hesitated for a while and asked, "Isn't that I moved to the city center to live?" 

"Have your house been found?" 


I silently closed my mouth, put down the juice, and followed the maid into the house. 

"When you find a good house, let's talk." Rong Zhiliang's voice came from behind. 

My feet were stagnation, and after a few seconds I followed the maid's steps. 

"Miss Lin, your bedroom is on the second floor, come with me." 

The maid’s voice is very light, and her age doesn’t look too big. In her early twenties, she doesn’t know how to be a maid here. 

"What is your name?" I always know how to call her. After all, it takes a while to find a house. I really want to live here for a few days. 

"Miss Lin called me Nana." She opened the second door on the right hand side of the stairs on the second floor, and made a request for me to bend slightly. 

I nodded and went into the house. 

The room is large, in the middle is a European double bed, looking at the past, the whole bed is gold, the furniture inside the room can be seen everywhere dark gold pattern. 

The whole room gives me the feeling that it is luxurious and high-profile. 

I can't help but scream, Rong Zhiliang, what is this strange decoration taste, can't wait for others to know if he has money or what? 

This golden look is not afraid of flashing eyes, can you really sleep at night? 

"Miss Lin, look at what is missing, I told the butler to go." 

"What about my luggage?" I looked around and said that my baggage should have been delivered first. 

"Your luggage is in the storage room, and the young master said that it will not be used in the future, so let us not take it out." 

After I heard this, I looked blank and said that I don’t need it later. There is me there. 

Cosmetics shoes and bags, although not very valuable, but do not give me luggage, what do I wear in the future. 

It seems that I saw my concern. Nana smiled slightly. "If Miss Lin is worried about her property problems, she has already bought a part of the room, and the missing ones will be added one after another." 

Nana opened the closet while talking. 

I turned and looked inside the closet, and when I saw a long row of costumes, the whole person was awkward. 

My fingers crossed the row of costumes, starting from the left, there were about ten coats of autumn and winter coats, and next to the dresses and suits inside. 

"Is this for me?" I still don't know my position until now, and I always feel that I am still dreaming. 

In fact, since Xu Jialu proposed divorce, I have always felt that I was dreaming, a nightmare. 

"Right, there is no shoe rack in this room, so the shoes are placed in the cloakroom of the young master, next door." 

I carefully looked at the type of clothing in the wardrobe. They are all ladies and gentlemen, and they don’t agree with me. Rong Zhiliang really wants to raise me as a lover, but I just want to take revenge and get it back. After my things, I still have to return to my original life track. These things don't belong to me. 

"That Nana, you still tell me where the storage room is, I will take my luggage out." 

Nana looked a little stagnation and didn't seem to understand my request. She hesitated. "Isn't the preparations for Miss Lin's thoughts? We can re-prepare." 

"No, no, it's good." I quickly explained, "I just have something in my suitcase, and I am still used to wearing my own things." 

Nana hesitated for a moment and looked a little embarrassed. "The key to the storage is not here. I am at the butler, and I am in the young master. I can't do this." 

I can understand the words that Nana said. After all, Rong Zhiliang’s storage room should be filled with other valuables. It is impossible for a servant to open it. 

"Nothing, I went to find Rong Zhiliang myself." 

I smiled at Nana, then walked out of the house and walked downstairs. 

Through the floor-to-ceiling windows, Rong Zhiliang was lying on the lounge chair on the outside of the pool. The sunglasses on his face had not been picked up. It seemed to be closing his eyes, but he could not see clearly. 

I stepped forward and said that I was going to take my own luggage. 

Rong Zhiliang looked over at me and his sunglasses blocked most of his face. I couldn't see his look. 

"How, don't worry about your broken?"


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