Live happily ever after

"Let's get divorced!" A phrase opened the beginning of black humour. My marriage was terminated by a fake divorce. I was also deceived by a cheating husband. A depravity, even with the male god at university again entangled, I am determined to take revenge on the man. It's just that I didn't want to start a night of marriage. I went to the irretrievable wedding day secretly.


13. take me to buy clothes?

Rong Zhiliang wore a pair of sunglasses, hands in his trouser pockets, crossed the corridor of the hotel, and looked around at the hotel's decoration. 

There was a snoring in the nose. "The decoration is too bad. Your ex-husband’s taste is not good." 

I don't know if there is any other meaning in Rong Zhiliang's sentence. If Xu Jialu has a bad taste, it is almost the same with me. 

I took the bulky suitcase and followed Rong Zhiliang, and I saw myself from the glass mirror that the hotel walked all the way, just like the next person behind the great master of Rong Zhiliang. 

This discovery made me a bit frustrated. 

I haven't walked into the elevator yet. A man who just spoke in the door came back and took the suitcase from me. 

"I am coming, Miss Lin." 

I gave a slight glimpse and released my hand without refusing. 

Inside the elevator, I suddenly began to think, how did Rong Zhiliang tell them, how to introduce himself, is a friend? girlfriend? lover? 

After I tried to figure it out for a while, I thought about the family that was passed down in the school before Rong Zhiliang. I shook my head. When I was in college, I heard that Rong Zhiliang’s family was very rich. These two men don’t look like assistants. A bodyguard and the like, he is a great young master who needs to explain something. 

Standing at the door of the hotel, I watched the man put my suitcase on a truck and looked closely. There were only four bags and one suitcase in the car. 

I stumbled and used a truck to move. 

"I thought that a woman should move, there should be a lot of things, I overestimate you." Rong Zhiliang's voice rang on his side. 

I am a little depressed in my heart. 

How much should a woman be? 


Rong Zhiliang has already sat in his Porsche Cayenne, with one hand on the steering wheel and the other on the door and talking to me. 

I pulled the door and sat in it. 

"Hey... .. " 

Rong Zhiliang looked at me and I was a little confused. 

what happened again. 

He seemed to sigh and reached out over my chest. I was so scared that I could hold my chest and look at my face. 

He just crossed the shoulder and pulled the seat belt over the buckle on my side. 

Perhaps it’s too scary to look at me. He joked, "What are you looking forward to?" 

"I didn't." 

"Hey," he chuckled, driving through the street in front of the hotel, and the truck followed. 

After a while, I suddenly found that the truck behind me had two forks in the direction of Porsche. 

"My luggage... . " 

"There is nothing wrong with you." 

"Where are you taking me?" In this direction, I am a little confused. 

"You will know when you arrive." Rong Zhiliang did not look at me and drove the car directly to the bustling business district in the city center. 

I followed him into the mall. 

On Saturday, there are a lot of people. Rong Zhiliang seems to have some dislikes of such scenes. He frowned all the way and the sunglasses have not been picked up. 

I followed him through the crowd and took the elevator directly to the luxury area on the fifth floor. 

Here is the women's floor that sells a variety of boutique fashion shows for major fashion weeks. 

I have a coat, or when I was married, Xu Jialu took me over to buy it. It was the discounted promotion of the previous year. Even though it was a discounted promotion, I bought more than 5,000. I always thought that the dress was too expensive. It is enough for me and his two people to spend a few months living expenses. 

He was holding my hand in the favor and let me dress up. 

Xu Jialu later found a woman who would dress up. 

Rong Zhiliang brought me here, is it to buy clothes for me? 

I also followed the trend and whispered, "I have clothes to wear, no need to buy new ones." 

"What do you want?" Rong Zhiliang glanced at me with a good intention. 

I don't know why, every time he looks at me like this, I always have an ominous premonition. 

Sure enough, he took me to a lingerie store. 

I heard that luxury stores have unwritten rules, and there are more guides than customers. 

Although today is Saturday, there are still few people in this store. The clerk is very enthusiastic. When I came up, I looked at my figure and made my face burn. 

"This lady is very good. What kind of style do you need?" 

I didn't like the shopping guide to follow me behind me. I was consciously waving my hand. "I see it myself, I see it myself." 

The guide was not impatient, nodded and smiled. "Okay, you are optimistic tell me, I will help you choose the most suitable size." 

After avoiding the guide, I whispered to Rong Zhiliang. "What are you doing?" 

Rong Zhiliang looked at me with a sly look. "Buy you underwear, you should have thrown two of them." 

"I don't need it." I was full of fire. 

Am I familiar with you? Who wants to go to the underwear store with you, even Xu Jialu, I have never visited the underwear store with him. 

"Just like this." 

Rong Zhiliang did not listen to me at all. He pointed to a set of black lace oversized hangers on the hangers to let the guides be taken down. 

Forget it, buy it and buy it. Anyway, don't try it. 

I used to go to the underwear store before trying to wear it. 

However, I completely miscalculated the store. The guide bought the underwear and stared at my chest for a while. It seems that it is appropriate to estimate the size, and then made a request for the fitting room. 

"You try on it." 

I waved my hands again and again. "No need." 

"Go and try, don't try to know how to fit." Rong Zhiliang pushed me and pushed me directly into the fitting room. 

After the door of the fitting room was closed, I turned and looked at Rong Zhiliang. "What are you doing here, you go out." 

Rong Zhiliang sat down on the sofa and stared at me with a good intention. "I don't help you see, how to know it is not appropriate." 

I am angry for a moment. 

He saw that I didn't talk, threw the underwear on my hand, and turned to me behind me. "The fitting room is behind you." 

I turned around and found that there was a curtain behind me. The curtain was the place to try on clothes. 

In the end, who designed such a perverted fitting room, what is reserved for men to see outside? 

I tightened the curtain, undressed inside, took off my pink underwear, and the black underwear that Rong Zhiliang threw in was really incomparable, whether it was workmanship or fabric comfort. 

I habitually took a look at the price. 

"What?" I exclaimed. 

Outside, there was a voice of concern from Rong Zhiliang. "What happened?" 

"Nothing is nothing." I was busy with it. 

This underwear actually sold more than two thousand, robbery, just two pieces of cloth, mad, right. 

From the beginning of wearing underwear, all the underwear added up is not expensive. 

I didn't want to wear it, but I didn't want to try it. 

My heart suddenly felt a little excited. 

Soft and comfortable, if it is not a little smaller, it will be a little uncomfortable, and it is impeccable. 

"Okay?" Rong Zhiliang’s voice rang outside the curtain. 

I was afraid that he would come in and screamed in a hurry. "No, no." 

"How is it so slow?" He stretched his hand and opened the curtain as he spoke. 

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