Live happily ever after

"Let's get divorced!" A phrase opened the beginning of black humour. My marriage was terminated by a fake divorce. I was also deceived by a cheating husband. A depravity, even with the male god at university again entangled, I am determined to take revenge on the man. It's just that I didn't want to start a night of marriage. I went to the irretrievable wedding day secretly.


5. Meeting

He stroked the edge of the divorce card with one hand, then looked over at me, and approached me step by step. I looked at his smiling eyes, and there was a panic in my heart. I slowly retreated, until the table behind me blocked my way. As I watched him getting closer and closer to me, I turned my head to see him. The nose of Rong Zhi Liang hit me in the face and smiled lightly.

"You're not really going to get a divorce for me?"

I was embarrassed for a moment and hurriedly pushed him aside: "what are you kidding?" I drew back the divorce certificate and flicked it back into my pocket.

But he pressed on and drew back my face. "You are as mad as before, and you are going to divorce me." A few words of light fluttering at once gave me a red face.

"I do not!" I pushed him aside and breathed back: "you think too much. How can I do this?"

After that, I avoided his eyes and ran away in a panic. Closing the door for a moment, Rong Zhi Liang's smile quietly rang out behind him: "eat together at night." I swallowed my throat and almost choked my throat with my dry throat and ran to the office table in panic. My neighbor's colleagues looked at me in amazement, and I sat down with a simple smile.

All day I was in a state of muddleheaded, originally because of the divorce calm down uneasy by Rong Zhi Liang again and again. At noon, the company held an emergency meeting, Chen's stock fell sharply, and the manager convened various departments to integrate and cooperate.

When I entered the conference room, Rong Jill Liang had already sat on the throne, holding his eyebrows in his hand and locking it before he changed his appearance to tease me. I set my mind and sat on one side.

"Lin, sit next to me." Rong Zhi Liang's head did not raise such a sentence, and people around me looked at me sympathetically. Since he was named last time, everyone thought I was being watched by him. And only myself knew that he was still used to looking down at everything and playing with his prey. I am no longer the age of reckless recklessness. I know better how to live and cherish my life.

I turned my head and had a look at Yung Chi Liang. He had hardly changed. Besides his clothes, he was more suited to his identity. In a trance, I remember myself. In the craziest age, I stopped him telling his admiration loudly, and he had taken the small things he had done by rain. The most delicate and the most immature years, I laughed at myself, and in the end, what did I gain?

It is his satire and scorn on the high side, which has been reduced to nearly three years as a whole school student. Since then, my dream is awake. Going to reality is the focus of my life in the next few decades. Until we met Xu Jiayi, to be dull, we worked hard and lived hard. Thinking of this, I showed a comfortable smile, which is very good.

"It's all right, then the meeting begins."

Rong Zhiliang closed his hand information and loosened his tie: "Chen's stock has fallen. We must have heard it. I heard that the last time I had been a collaboration between Lin and Chen. Now I want to hear your opinion."

He overlooked, "Lin, you say first."

I bit the tip of my tongue and retreated my thoughts. As expected, I looked up at Rong Chi Liang's eyes as soon as I looked up. I coughed a few words and said, "Chen's crisis began to turn to the face of the face, but according to the data on my hand, before the stock fell sharply, Chen had visited us in the Jung's Department, and I could not pick up any mistake in this department." I turned my head and looked around and calmly said, "if I didn't guess wrong, this department didn't give up Chen. What we were going to do was to give out a plan of maximizing interest in a crisis."

"Oh? Just because of a perfect reception, you think you have figured out this part? " He took a sip of water and looked at me with a smile.

"Rong Chen is born to Prince Edward. The possibility of marriage is almost zero." Before I finished, there was a "eating" laugh around, and Rong Chi Liang listened to his voice with a few black faces, and then he motioned me to go on.

"Since there is no marriage, I think that in addition to its interests, there is no obligation and kindness for headquarters to pull a dying enterprise. Or... "

I looked at Yung Chi Liang and saw that he had no displeased look and continued: "or takeover."

The whole scene is silent, like this straightforward speculation I have never exposed. The large group such as Rong's, in addition to opening up the market to overseas, is the risk of domestic merger and acquisition of the former too much, and Junji has always had overseas business, so far there has not been the voice of opening up new business. Acquisition is undoubtedly the most insured way. Chen is so good to bump into the muzzle. It's too bad not to use it.

"Then where do you think the best plan should start?" Rong Zhiliang threw out the problem in a silent manner.

As I skimmed, it was no longer a matter of my business, but I said respectfully, "just to be a self - keeping division, so as long as we keep an identity and give a station to the headquarters, but Rong, if our branch is going to get out in all the subsidiaries, I suggest writing a plan."

The manager immediately raised the objection: "if a branch can think of something like this, it will not lead to the discontent of the headquarters. After all, it is no longer a company secret once it is figured out."

Everyone here also raised a similar objection. I frowned slightly. "If we don't gamble, will our company always fall to the bottom?" I turned my head and glanced at Yung Chi Liang, who was tapping at the table, and looked at the information on the table.

"Is the manager sent to the chief executive?" is it not because our company is in the low position all the year round?

The manager has a red face and a low head.

Rong Zhiliang looked down at me with a low head, but for a long time he showed a smile: "very well, Lin Wan, I didn't mistake you."

I was somewhat displeased by what he had done to me before. Rong Zhiliang is the two person after all. I started to touch him.

I had a great sigh of relief, and though the reappearance of his reappearance gave me a lot of trouble, he certainly opened up a way for me to go from the branch to the headquarters.

At the end of the meeting, I didn't think of it, but I was able to draw the plan to my name, and to show admiration in the face of the crowd, and I listened to the whisper from my ears in an envious look:

"Remember to wait for me at night."

I clutched my palm and reached into my pocket to feel the divorce certificate. I was in a mess.


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