Live happily ever after

"Let's get divorced!" A phrase opened the beginning of black humour. My marriage was terminated by a fake divorce. I was also deceived by a cheating husband. A depravity, even with the male god at university again entangled, I am determined to take revenge on the man. It's just that I didn't want to start a night of marriage. I went to the irretrievable wedding day secretly.


2. Meet the male god

The result of two consecutive impacts is that even the most heart-wrenching work has begun to be uneasy. Divorce, house, Rong Zhiliang, what is this? I am annoyed with the data on the opponent's opponents, and even the work report at the meeting is reminded by the people on the side. After connecting the two data errors, the manager finally cast a bad eye, and I felt weak and annoyed to sit down. "To open this meeting today is to introduce individuals to you." The manager's voice is getting louder and louder. Everyone here knows that the highlight is coming. "I just received a phone call from the head office. Our branch will welcome a new director." Airborne? Not the ability to be outstanding is the Prince. The people around are whispering, and the gossip is very strong. The manager coughed a few times and looked at me: "Xiao Lin, the new boss came over, your work attitude can be changed." I turned over the person and rolled my eyes, and after correcting my eyes, I found that the glass door had already been pushed away. Rong Zhiliang’s face smiled brightly and was striding. For a moment I felt that the whole day was dim, and I looked at him with a shocked look. When I came to my side, he suddenly stopped, and his fingers buckled the table. He smiled and said: "This lady has a negative working attitude. When she finishes, she will come to my office." The whole meeting room took a breath and looked like Take me to work. I closed my eyes and immediately packed up the data on my hands. "You, Miss Lin Guan." After I was named, I immediately stopped and smiled. Rong Zhiliang calmly sat down to the position that the manager gave up, and calmly said: "Recount the data at hand." Seeing the meaning of teasing in his eyes, I bite my teeth: "Yes." “It is reported that Chen’s group’s shares rose by seven percentage points in the last quarter, and sales of one-way channels dominated...” "Miss Lin." Waiting for me to finish, he interrupted my rhythm and looked around for a week with a disappointment. "啧啧" exclaimed: "The Chen’s achievements or flaws are on the bright side. It's not just those of you who are in the office. You can find someone to do a detailed data survey. I can also know these things.” "Then, what do I want you to do?" My heart was startled and everyone in the room tightened. "Miss Lin." I flashed my eyes when I saw his eyes. "Is your ability to only report this meaningless, huh?" I clenched my fingers and raised my head again: "It can be seen from this that the Chen Group's sales grow slowly, while the one-way channel's over-development, its The internal opinions are different, the forces are beginning to disperse, and Chen’s internal internal instability. What we can do now is public opinion orientation and one-way cut-off.” When I finished speaking, I was relieved. It seems that Rong Zhiliang is not good enough to get in touch with college. “Oh, huh...” Rong Zhiliang chuckled and slowly turned his pen: “I hope that the branch will no longer have the phenomenon of drowning.” As a result, the prestige card that Rong Zhiliang had picked up at first came to play, and I happened to accidentally hit him. It’s hard to get to the end of the meeting, and in the eyes of everyone’s sympathy, I came to the office with a blank expression. He took off his jacket and threw it on the sofa. Half lying on the chair, looking up at me with my head up. Finally he said, "Don't you know me?" Seeing me still did not respond, he continued smiling: "At that time you chased after me vigorously, the entire school knew." I whispered, faintly asked: "Director, is there anything else?" He stood up in a sigh of relief and slowly walked around me. The gentle breathing sounded, and I looked up at his smiling face. I hurried back, and he was stopped by him in one step. I struggled angrily: "What are you doing!" He didn't talk, just staring at me. I squeezed the documents in my hand and tried to calmly say: "Director, I am here to report the work." Not only did he not let go, he tightened his strength. Struggling back and forth, his hands moved, and I stared at him angrily. He chuckled out: "Lin Wan, I thought you would push halfway." "How good this is, it saves trouble." This is undoubtedly a humiliation. I used all my strength to push him away. I quickly gasped and said, "I am married." Seeing that he didn't respond, I looked up again and repeated in a word: "I have been married for two years." He stopped moving and walked slowly to the chair and sat down as if he had lost interest. I waited calmly for what he said. "So, that's it, I never play a married woman." I am anxious, this person has always been humiliating people, when the university was humiliated so badly, now actually rushed to let him humiliate for the second time. Think about the future working environment, but also face him indefinitely. I bite my teeth and hate the documents on my hands. Then I walked away without going back. The voice behind him sounded, and he said lowly: "You can come to me when you divorce. After all, you are the first person to pursue me." After listening to it, I immediately closed the door. His words reminded me of how crazy, humble, and shameless I was once. If we say that the life of Xu Jialuo is a long-running stream, then the days of pursuing Rong Zhiliang will be stormy. All my self-esteem and self-love was thrown behind me during that time. For so many years I thought I had forgotten such a number one, but as soon as he appeared, I felt that I did not want to remember the unbearable flood. The words that he humiliated me five years ago are still vivid. "Lin Guan, I have never seen people who look like you are so shameless, based on your goods, how dare to come to my eyes." He said this time with a smile, and I scared to escape. Since then, I swear I will never have any more intersection with him. Even the last-married person was not like him. Xu Jiayu is gentle and modest. If there is no accident, I will live with him in this life. After packing up the documents, I'm ready to go home. I've been working overtime lately to go home. I'll make a big meal for my husband today. The colleague on the side table is talking about Rong Zhiliang. The little girl who entered the workforce always has an inexplicable favor for the handsome and competent boss. Seeing this, I shook my head reluctantly. I remembered the divorce and I was still in conflict. I heard the laughter inside the doorway from the corridor and I opened the door in confusion. However, I discovered that my divorced neighbor, Wu Xueshan, was sitting beside Xu Jiayu. Her hand was intimately on my husband's shoulders, and her daughter was playing toys on the side while smiling and laughing at her. I saw a sting in my eyes.
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