Live happily ever after

"Let's get divorced!" A phrase opened the beginning of black humour. My marriage was terminated by a fake divorce. I was also deceived by a cheating husband. A depravity, even with the male god at university again entangled, I am determined to take revenge on the man. It's just that I didn't want to start a night of marriage. I went to the irretrievable wedding day secretly.


10. Is determined to retaliate

"Thank you, Aunt Li." I thanked the person who was most sincere to me and helped her with all the garbage. I slowly returned to the hotel. As soon as I entered the door, the front desk told me that my room was only booked until tomorrow night, let me take time to move out. 

This room was also booked in Xu Jialu’s own name. It was said for a week, but now it was reminded to move away. I couldn't help but be laughed at by Xu Jialu. I put the divorce certificate seriously on the suitcase compartment, and when I pulled the zipper, I said it was like a past event. This stupid past, I will remember it well until I make a striking blow. 

In the evening, I received information from my mother. It was nothing but the cold weather, the addition of clothing and the like, but it made me burst into tears. Now, after the accident, I finally burst into tears. 

The next day, I packed my luggage and walked out of the hotel. When I entered the company, I was almost late. The manager criticized a few words without hesitation, and persuaded me to do a good job. I realized that Rong Zhiliang had handed over the plan to me earlier, and I forgot to plan more than one thing. 

At the regular meeting, the manager revisited the plan: "Lin Wan, do you have any ideas, let us talk about it." However, in the past two days, I have put my energy into revenge on Xu Jialu, and I have not considered the work at all. In the face of the manager's inquiry, I can only shake my head: "I haven't thought about it yet." 

The manager thought that I was hiding privately and was a little angry: "Don't you say that you are the leader?" 

My head began to swell, and the experience of these days made me depressed, so I kept my head down and didn't say anything. 

The manager was a little annoyed. Before he was about to break out, I put down my pen and walked out of the meeting room, and the manager was so angry that I jumped. 

Thinking of Rong Zhiliang's proposal yesterday, I seem to have found a new direction. Since he asked me to be his lover, why not use this relationship! By relying on Rong Zhiliang, I can not only solve the problem of food and clothing that is now a top priority, but also stand firm in the company. Xu Jialu has no way to compare with Rong Zhiliang in terms of financial strength and ability. With capital, Xu Jialu can be defeated. He and Wu Xueshan brought me the torture I have to double to ask back! 

I shook God into the office of Rong Zhiliang inadvertently. When I saw him, he was not surprised: "What? I want to think clearly?" He was looking at the information on his hand, looking serious and I couldn’t tell which one was Real him. 

After a few hesitations, I finally made up my mind: "We will make an agreement." 

Rong Zhiliang looked up in a strange way, and looked at me like a smile, apparently coming to interest. He motioned me to sit down, stood up and poured a glass of water for me to sit opposite me. 

I held the cup of hot water until the tea leaves up and down were stretched out calmly. Rong Zhiliang was not in a hurry. He ordered a cigarette and slowly waited for me to speak. 

"When I finish, you decide whether you want me to be your lover." 

Rong Zhiliang nodded slightly, squinting at me. 

"I am not divorcing for you." I corrected this seriously, and he continued to say that he had not changed his face: "I have been married to my husband for two years. I only knew two days before that he has been carrying me out of the way." Neighbors." I try to calm myself down, not so gnashing my teeth. 

I can think of Xu Jialu’s hypocritical face, and Wu Xueshan, I don’t know how long they have been lingering without my knowledge. 

When it comes to derailment, Rong Zhiliang’s face is cold and his eyes are full of ice. He stares at the wall behind me until I cough a few times. 

Rong Zhiliang just sneered: "On your own, actually still lived for two years?" I ignored his sarcasm. I calmed down and said: "Three days ago, my ex-husband made the reason for demolition. I am divorced, and now I am because I am a net person, so..." 

"Oh, you have nothing now, will you get drunk at the bar that day?" 

Rong Zhiliang shook the ash, and looked at me unconsciously. 

I will go through it roughly, from the fake divorce to the derailment of Xu Jialu, from the derailment to the fight that night. I have omitted the emotions I have in the middle, trying to describe this farce like a bystander. 

After a long silence, I thought that he would not respond again when Rong Zhiliang spoke. 

"So what do you want me to do? Let you have a place to stay, would you help me with your ex-husband?" 

I pouted and didn't talk. 

Rong Zhiliang hooked his lips: "What qualifications do you have to negotiate with me? Just one night?" 

"But you are not a pure girl, are you sure that night is so much?" 

Rong Zhiliang has no mercy to show my value, and I can only agree that there is no other way. 

"If you admire me with all your heart, I can accept it, but it is just a beautiful misunderstanding between us. I don't have to bear your divorce. What can I help you?" Rong Zhiliang's voice became cold and cold. It seems to be cold in the quiet air. 

This series of counter-questions stepped through my hopes into hell, and I tightened my hand but refused to accept it. I must let Xu Jialu and Wu Xueshan pay the price! How can I not seize this opportunity! 

"Just be my beg you..." I held the cup in both hands, and the hot touch directly penetrated the flesh. I was like a prisoner waiting to be sentenced, but I obviously didn't do anything wrong. Until the burning heat on his hand became mild, Rong Zhiliang crushed the cigarette butt in his hand. 

He got up and pushed open the chair, stepped forward to me, and took the cup in my hand quietly. When I reacted, I had a bank card on the table. 

"This is my secondary card, you are holding it." 

I looked up strangely, and Rong Zhiliang had already looked at him. He said faintly: "Since I want to be my lover, I certainly have to raise you." 

I stunned my eyes and slammed my card. 

Rong Zhiliang glanced at me impatiently: "I will arrange a place for you after a while, and I will move out of the hotel early." 

This series of changes made me feel a little helpless until Rong Zhiliang clearly stated: "What you want to do, I will help you." 

I took a deep breath and took a deep look at the back of Rong Zhiliang. Seeing that he no longer speaks, I open the door and go out. 

I know that from this moment on, my life has started to be different, and all the humiliation I have suffered is caused by two monks, Xu Jialu and Wu Xueshan. I will remember deeply and pay back 100 times. 

I stepped on the empty corridor step by step, put the bank card in my pocket, smiled, and gently wiped away a tear from the corner of my eye. 

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