Live happily ever after

"Let's get divorced!" A phrase opened the beginning of black humour. My marriage was terminated by a fake divorce. I was also deceived by a cheating husband. A depravity, even with the male god at university again entangled, I am determined to take revenge on the man. It's just that I didn't want to start a night of marriage. I went to the irretrievable wedding day secretly.


12. I don't like your underwear

I took my own set of clothes from the trunk and looked down at the underwear. I couldn't find it. 

Last night's clothes were still hanging in the bathroom. I just touched it and didn't dry out. The other one, if I remember correctly, I put it on the chair, together with the underwear. 

Chair ...... .. 

I looked at the chair where Rong Zhiliang was sitting, and his eyes swam under his ass. 

"What are you looking at?" Rong Zhiliang asked. 

I smiled. "Nothing." 

Take the underwear in front of him, I might as well go to the bathroom and replace it with the one that didn't dry out. 

I was holding my clothes and I was going to go inside the bathroom, and suddenly I heard the voice of Rong Zhiliang. 

"Are you looking for this?" 

I hesitated and turned around. When I saw something that Rong Zhiliang was holding on my hand, my face burned fiercely. 

He only stretched out one index finger, his palms up, his pink underwear straps on his index finger, and his smile was not good. 

"You give it back to me!" I almost rushed up without hesitation. 

He raised his hand and lifted my underwear into the air. I couldn’t jump up. I suddenly got a tight waist. When I hadn’t reacted, I sat in Rong Zhiliang after a spin. On the lap. 

My gaze jerked and moved from my underwear to his face. 

And his gaze is looking at my chest. 

I subconsciously bowed. 

I don't know when the loose gray T -shirt neckline is pulled down tightly, and I don't hang it inside. In this position, he is condescending, just to see the inside clearly. 

"Rogue!" I snorted and began to struggle desperately. 

His hand slammed tightly on my waist, pulling me to the man and rushing into his arms. 

My hands touched his strong chest and two elastic muscles. 

"Rogue? This is what you show me. Since you have said this, I should always do something that I should do." 

"You let me go." 

"Well? This sentence, should I tell you?" 

As soon as I looked up, Rong Zhiliang’s eyes were resting on my hands, and my hands were touching his chest. 

At the time, my face burned again. I don’t have to think about it. It must be red at the moment. 

"How, sorry?" Rong Zhiliang joked. "Are you not very arrogant before? I like to be unrestrained." 

Before listening to him, my heart sank. 

When he humiliated me in front of so many people, he was still in the ear. After so many years, I could not forget even one word. 

"What, is it really embarrassing?" Rong Zhiliang leaned down slightly and spit out a warm breath in my ear. 

I struggled twice, but he bit my ear. 

"Lin Wan, I used to, I really looked down on you. For so many years, you have impressed me more than anyone else." 

I am stunned in my heart. 

"Before, I just looked away. Although you are pretty, but you are very tall, you can hide it." 

When one hand reached into my wide T -shirt, I suddenly responded to what he was doing. 

My hands tightly holding down the Rong Zhiliang arm, shortness of breath, "You ...... . You let me go ...... . " 

"Veterans General Hospital ...... .. " to move things along with two men's voices sounded at the door, but they only shouted an abrupt end after the word Veterans General Hospital. 

Rong Zhiliang's face was obviously unpleasant, and his hand was loose. I took the opportunity to push him away from him and picked up his clothes and ran into the bathroom. 

It seems that I heard the outside door Rong Zhiliang said coldly to the two men, "The eyes are getting worse and worse, how can Li Rui find you." 

I looked at myself in the mirror, my face was burning with clouds, the wide T -shirt was messy, and the neckline was wide open, revealing half of the thin shoulders and looming gullies. 

Rong Zhiliang just said that my body is very good. 

This may be my proud capital now, but it was a big worry for me when I was in school. 

At that time, because I was in school, because my body developed very well, I was laughed at by my classmates from middle school. I gave me various nicknames, what "big cows", and what "wave tyrants" are, how hard it is to hear. 

Later, after I was in high school, I started to wear a chest. Every time I wore very tight sports underwear, this habit continued until I graduated from college. After I got married with Xu Jialu, I began to wear normal underwear. 

Later I learned that things that were once ridiculed can also be proud capital. 

I touched my chest and suddenly there was a hint of happiness in my heart. 

After changing clothes, I slowly walked out of the bathroom. 

There was only one suitcase left, and I was holding the unbroken underwear hanging in the bathroom, hiding behind me and slowly approaching the suitcase, trying to smother when Rong Zhiliang was not paying attention. 

Just walking to the suitcase, Rong Zhiliang looked up and looked at me. 

"what is that?" 

I am scalping, "underwear." 

Rong Zhiliang suddenly came to me and took my long legs and crossed my shoulders and directly took away the underwear in my hand. 

"Hey." He looked at my underwear in disdain. "Lin Wan, are you still a woman?" 

This is very unconvincing in my heart, and I have blurted out my mind without saying a word. "So, have you slept before a man?" 

Rong Zhiliang was obviously stunned, his eyes jerked and looked at me. 

I realized what I said and then suddenly lowered my head. 

By the way, I am sick. 

“砰” whispered, I looked up and saw Rong Zhiliang reaching out and throwing the underwear into the trash can. 

"What are you doing?" I tried to rescue my underwear in the trash can, but my wrist was pulled by Rong Zhiliang. 

"I do not like!" 

I frowned and raised my head and met his gaze. I didn't understand what he meant. "What do you dislike?" 

"Your underwear." 

"My underwear with you ...... .. " I was about to say has anything to do with you, say half, the voice inside voice suddenly disappeared. 

Oh, yes, I was taken care of by him in his eyes. My underwear is really related to him. 

"Then what do you like." Hesitated for a long while, I asked for a thick face. 

Rong Zhiliang can help me revenge. I need to know his preferences. I do it once and do it twice. In order to get rid of the pair of dogs and men, I am not hesitating. 

Rong Zhiliang looked at me with a slightly deep gaze. He let go of his hand and touched his clean chin. The other hand picked up the sunglasses on the table. "You will know later." 

After saying this, he left me directly and walked toward the door. 

When he walked to the door, he turned and saw that I was still in the same place, frowning. "Put it up, go, and, the pile of your hand is broken, throw it at me, and look upset." 

In addition to the underwear that has just been thrown by Rong Zhiliang, I have replaced T -shirts and sweatpants on my hands . 

Thinking about his disgusted eyes, I hid the pile of clothes behind me and threw them into the trunk as he turned. 

"I'm packing it up, let's go." 


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