Live happily ever after

"Let's get divorced!" A phrase opened the beginning of black humour. My marriage was terminated by a fake divorce. I was also deceived by a cheating husband. A depravity, even with the male god at university again entangled, I am determined to take revenge on the man. It's just that I didn't want to start a night of marriage. I went to the irretrievable wedding day secretly.


1. Divorce?

I didn't catch up with the subway after work today, and even the dishes were almost sold out. I could not help sighing for a few potatoes on my hand. The light is on, and the husband should be home early.

I changed my slippers and said weakly, "husband, we eat at night..."

"Let's get divorced."

'thump!' My head was muddled, and potatoes on my hands fell heavily on the ground.

It's not the fool's day today, is it?

I looked at the people in front of me unbelievably, and saw that he was very dignified and not joking. After a few seconds of reaction, I immediately picked up the potato and threw it to him and said, "Xu Jiayi!" You are a negative man! " Think of two years ago, I was in the company early and black, I had to cook for him when I got home, and my heart began to cool.

"I'm sorry for you!" You have to do this to me! "

I began to associate with Xu Jia Yi University. I got married when I graduated. Although my feelings were not surging, I did not think that after two years, he wanted to divorce me.

I stepped forward and grabbed his collar. My eyes seemed to think of something when I turned around. Then I used the last remaining strength to roar, "are you out there?" I have a sour nose and no tears.

Xu Jia Yi as early as foreseen my reaction, nor struggled, the pacifying hand took my back, soft voice: "Lin Guan, you cool a little, first listen to me."

I loosened my hand, but I could not calm down, sneering, "what to say?" Let him pull me on the sofa.

"Look at you, I will believe anything I say, and I will be willing to divorce you." Xu Jiayi looked at me softly with some reproach. I gradually recovered his mood and motioned for him to go on.

"A few days ago, our unit sent out a message that the area was going to be demolished."

Looking at Xu Jiayi's look, I put his collar straight and asked suspiciously, "and then?"

Xu Jiayi patted his thigh: "this is a house divided by accounts. Once you get divorced, you can share two houses with me."

"And it's all a good house in the center of the city!"

I am a bit confused. The two houses are really a big temptation, but I want to get divorced. I still feel uneasy.

"Is that good?"

Xu Jiayi still hesitated to see me, and put me over, and said, "wife, do we work so hard now, not for our children."

"And we are not really divorced. We immediately remarry when we take the house."

I have a loose eyebrow.

"Once we have these two suites, you don't have to work hard. I am also distressed to see you tired every day. " He stood up and picked up the vegetables scattered on the ground.

"I cook today and make an egg and potato noodle for my wife."

Xu Jiayi smiled at me, and I felt warm in my heart, so I could not help thinking about it.

Xu Jiayi and I have been living a life of plain and full life. This is undoubtedly the explosive point of this period, even at the table. I slowly swallowed noodles, and finally in his sentence: when we settle down, we will have a child. The hesitation of the heart slowly became smaller.

In the evening, Xu Jiayi kissed my neck passionately on the cold day. When my clothes were half gone, my heart gradually cooled down, listening to his whisper in my ear, I immediately stopped the next move: "wait."

Xu Jiayi looked at me puzzled.

I said to my lips: "I am a bit tired today.

As soon as Xu Jiayi listened, he lay dumb with interest and pulled his quilt back to me. Only a few moments snoring.

I looked at the back of his head, holding his hand over him to turn off the lamp. When I think about the evening, I don't know why. When I mention divorce, I have a knot in my heart.

My husband and I knew each other at university. At the beginning, they were all empty windows. When he was chasing me, he agreed. Love three years, we are not like other lovers moving on the quarrel, we are very flat, even now two years of marriage, we are still very plain, I do not know whether it is my illusion, this plain gradually became cold from a year ago.

We perform duties like work and cook meals after work. Their working environment is different. Even the only time that can be said to eat is a few sentences. There is no common topic. Because my company was busy without holidays, gradually, we also cancelled the first weekend activities. Compared with other couples, we are obviously incompetent. I am twenty-five years old. Actually I am thirty-five years old and I am busy and have no rhythm. At this juncture, Xu Jiayi suddenly filed for divorce, though it was for the sake of the house, but my heart was still very uncomfortable.

On the second day, Xu Jiayi got up early to make breakfast, and I sat on the table without knowing anything about it. I watched him talk about the benefits of divorce with interest. I opened my mouth and kept silent, but Xu Jiayi said more and more vigorously.

"Wife, when we get these two houses, one can live on their own and the other can be rented out. When the children are older, they are left to them. " Xu Jiayi came over with an omelette and brushed tomato sauce on the right side. He used to be dissatisfied with this way of eating and I always found it strange. I meekly ate up the dishes, picked up the bag and shut the door, relieved greatly. This atmosphere makes me feel uneasy and depressed, and I have some panic like this tender moment.

On the way, I almost bumped into the car and finally arrived at the company safely. After looking at my watch, I was late in two minutes. I was scared to run straight up and finally caught up with the elevator.

"Bang!" I pressed the hit head and looked at the bag lying on the ground with annoyance. I could not pick up the bag, "can I see the way?" The elevator suddenly rose, I stumbled and almost fell, avoiding the hand stretched out and leaning against the corner.

"Hey, that's your bump." Listening to the laughter coming from my head, I couldn't help but look at it. At this point, my body immediately turned to the foot, and the other side was also stunned and laughed low. I was embarrassed with a smile.

Rong Zhiliang, before I had an ordinary life with Xu Jiayi, I had a great experience. The object is the man at the moment. I was not at all aware of the days when I ran after him without skin and face. At that time I was so unaware that the people of the school, of course, turned a blind eye to my small role, but he not only turned a blind eye, but was even greatly humiliated. I can't get out of it. Since then, I have been far away from him. I have not thought of that for so many years.

He obviously recognized me and waved freely: "old classmates, I haven't seen you for a long time."

Looking at his banter, I glared back, and ran away as the elevator opened.

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