Live happily ever after

"Let's get divorced!" A phrase opened the beginning of black humour. My marriage was terminated by a fake divorce. I was also deceived by a cheating husband. A depravity, even with the male god at university again entangled, I am determined to take revenge on the man. It's just that I didn't want to start a night of marriage. I went to the irretrievable wedding day secretly.


4. Divorce certificate

As soon as I finished Xu Jialu, I changed my face: "I told you in the morning that this was revealed to us by our company. If I had a good relationship with our leadership, he would not tell me."

I still hold the cup or do not believe it.

"How many residential areas are connected to our community? If there is a big move, no one knows how to do it. There is no wind."

Xu Jialu hated the iron and looked at me: "If anyone knows, the Civil Affairs Bureau must not be busy from morning to night."

I thought about it, and this kind of thing took a head start.

Just after the weekend, I packed up the house and Xu Jialu got ready to go all the way with the various documents.

When she locked the door, Wu Xueshan just took her daughter out.

"You are this..."

I smiled and said hello to the spirit: "Is this not going to the house?" Wu Xueshan looked at us with a meaningful look.

I don't know when Xu Jiaxuan and her looked at each other when I bent down and teased the spirit.

I told myself in my heart that when I had these two houses, I and Xu Jialu would have a lovely child, and we wouldn’t have to work so hard and get together.

Although my heart has an inexplicable sense of crisis.

I don't know if I saw Wu Xueshan's sake. I suddenly felt a little scared, even though Xu Jiayu repeatedly promised to remarriage when the house was released. On the way, I suddenly repented: "Husband, or we will not leave."

Xu Jialu is obviously a little angry, and shouted: "Isn't you already said it!"

I stopped my footsteps and said: "Since every house is a house after demolition, we don't suffer, why should we divorce a house?"

"I didn't say it, divorce can also be remarried. We can work hard for a few years in a house."


"No, we didn't want children in the past two years. Is it not necessary for the next few years?"

The child is always my weakness, I don't talk without bowing my head.

Xu Jialu saw me silent and softened his tone: "Wife, I am going to the Civil Affairs Bureau. Hungry is really good for us."

The simple love in the university was finally polished into tea and salt. I looked at Xu Jialu’s eager eyes and finally compromised.

The procedure was very quick, and the staff asked me why I was divorced. I couldn’t say it with a mouth open. Xu Jialu crossed me and said: "The feelings are not harmonious."

"It’s not easy for two years, don’t you think about it?”

"No, just like this." Xu Jialu secretly clenched my hand and prevented me from moving forward.

Out of the door, I looked at the divorce certificate that was assigned to my hand, and my heart was inexplicably sour. Unlike me, Xu Jialu is very excited. He put the divorce certificate in the bag and took me to the side: "Lin Wan, we will not meet each other during this time. In order to prevent others from doubting, you better go to rent a house outside."

I looked at him with a shocked look: "But you haven't said that you have to live separately!"

"You don't want to think about it. You see that there are couples who are still married and living together." Xu Jialu put on my back and whispered comfortably: "Trust me, only a few months. We are now with this company." Relatively close, so let you rent a house."

My head was blank and I nodded in a dizzy position.

"Wife, you relax your mind, I have arranged it." Looking at his vowed appearance, I pulled my lips, too.

"That time I didn't see each other, you remember to take care of yourself." I no longer look at the divorce certificate and put it in my pocket. Xu Jialu sent me to the car and took out a hotel room card. I looked at him puzzled.

"I can't find a house for a while. I have booked a hotel for you for a week. This is a room card. You should collect it and be careful when you go out."

Listening to Xu Jialu's gentle embarrassment, I finally left these troubles behind me, no matter what, it will be a few months, and I will endure it.

"Luggage I have already sent you to the hotel in the morning."

I looked at him with amazement and joked: "How do you arrange everything, then hope that I will move out?"

Xu Jialu’s eyes suddenly fluttered: “Think about it, well, let’s go.”

I pulled the window and told the driver to drive. When the car slowly drove away, I kept looking at Xu Jialu at the back. I don't know why, I think he is getting farther and farther away from me.

I have been lying in the hotel on Sunday afternoon, brushing the information on renting a house. This winter came early, and after I put out the clothes in the suitcase, I found out that I had lost a coat and a necklace I bought last year. When the necklace was graduated, I bought it with my first salary, which is very significant. Thinking that it is too late today, I will find time to go back tomorrow.

Although I have been away from Xu Jiayu in the past two years, I still feel a little bit uncomfortable when I think of it for a few months. After jumping the rental room information, I immediately called him.

"Sorry, the user you dialed is temporarily unable to answer..." I was surprised to shut down the mobile phone. In the past few years, Xu Jialu's performance was average, and the working day was not so busy. It is reasonable to say that there is nothing more on Sunday, how to hang up my phone. ”

I have been busy all day, and I don't want to.

When I woke up the next day, I was a little embarrassed. It took a long time to remember that I had already divorced Xu Jialu. I couldn’t help but smile. For the house, we really can do anything.

I remember that today is Monday, and my mood is starting to get worse. From today, Rong Zhiliang has become my top boss. Thinking of what he did two days ago, I always harbored maliciousness against him.

Sure enough, when I entered the door, I was told that the director was summoned.

After pushing the door open, Rong Zhiliang gave me a glass of water in an uncharacteristic manner. I looked at him and took it silently.

"I heard your report at the meeting that day, Lin Wan." He smiled and said: "I appreciate you very much."

"Thank you for the compliment of the director. I have to leave without any other things."

I avoided his deep-eyed gaze, placed the cup on the table and turned around.

"I haven't finished yet, what are you anxious." Rong Zhiliang got up and walked up to me, and found his hand to touch my shoulder. I immediately stepped back, but my hand was caught by him.


"If you are not married, I really want to accept you." He said softly, and when the warm breath hit my face, I finally couldn't bear it. I broke his hand and hit him in the face. Not waiting for me to react, my hand has been held down by her, and he smiles darkly with a dark face. My heart panicked, but I couldn’t get rid of it anymore.

When I pulled it, something fell out.

Worse, it is a divorce certificate! When I was busy yesterday, I forgot to take it out and felt the strength of my hand loose. I quickly bent down. And one hand, I took a step from my finger. I looked at Rong Zhiliang angrily.

"...oh, divorce certificate?"

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